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  1. I have a feeling some-one's trying to tell me that I need to quit porn. BDSMLR has gone to pot and newtumblr is pure torture. Sign up for a STRAIGHT BDSM blog and 50% of my feed is leather clad, hirsute "men" doing unspeakable things to "p" boys ( yes, big sis I used the p word!) If that's not enough, after complaining, now I have 100 yro, naked Great-GrandDaddies nailed to a cross, chained up to pony traps and other nonsense. They have the audacity to tell me that 2 videos, I liked are out of the wow range. To me, the shit they are filling my feed with is out of the wow range! What's a girl got to do to see some hot men, who actually look like men and not 100 yro's, engaging in BDSM acts with women? Some nice straight caning videos and the such doesn't sound too much to ask for. I never thought the day would come when I'm turned-off from porn😂

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    2. Zhal


      Yes, but I've been advised that women don't like it when you get bartenders involved in your romantic pursuits. I do know one of her interests, motocross, and I did buy a motocross magazine so I could learn more about her interest. Additionally, I looked at local motocross schedules, and while I did intend to go to one event I later realized it was a practice not a race.

    3. sassylittle


      You are supposed to ask her to go to the event with you. Let her share her passion and you learn through her... win-win😀

    4. Zhal


      Still need to see her or have her contact information to do that.

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