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  1. If some-one wants to insult me, can you please do better than calling me a flat-earther?

    Thanks in advance😂

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    2. sassylittle


      Ditto. Look forward to doing it again.

    3. Chastener


       OK, "fat-earther" is out, but could you provide us with more informatin on how to isult you.  [Smile]

    4. sassylittle


      Now Mister- why would I do that? Don't want to make it easy for some, I like creativity😛

      Now I just have to decide: do I emigrate to North Korea or Zimbabwe? Tough decision seeming as those very lucky citizens have it better than us poor, deprived folk who live in America and I must not forget that N. Korean infrastructure is far superior than ours.

      Being  a flat earther I must have imagined; starvation, poverty, citizens being beaten, tortured and killed, hyper-inflation, lack of freedom of speech, dictatorship and the rest.

      I'm sure Kim-Jung-Un will welcome we open arms and I'll be in awe of the super kingdom!!!

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