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  1. He was pushing them and it was between us so I don't get why you need to stick your noses into it. There's nothing wrong with politely asking some-one to not push their views on others. @Rand E is a big boy and doesn't need some-one else advocating for him- we sorted it out respectfully between ourselves(I thought.) It's blatantly clear that @chawsee comment was directed at me and if she had read my original comment she would have seen that I don't think that safe-words are just for beginners. You might both enjoy shit-stirring on this site but smart people can see your game. I'm not gett
  2. Thank-you😀 It takes more to bruise and mark me these days but where there's a will, there's a way! I'm lucky that I have a Dom, to play with, who loves marking me as much as I love being marked. He does what has to be done to make my bottom a pretty masterpiece! Not everyone is in the position to be able to get away with being marked. And you are right, your spankings are a gift to yourself and if you are anything like me... that's the best gift that you or anyone can give you. Not everyone understands this so it's always nice when some-one else gets it too.
  3. The rattan cane and sjambok. I love the types of pain I get from them but I also love the marks that they produce. For me, there's nothing more pleasurable than having deep purple bruising and welts from the sjambok. I love the lines which the cane produces... having bloody lines that develop into pretty bruises is just beautiful, for me. It's like a caterpillar developing into a butterfly... that metamorphosis just turns me on big time. Knowing that I can admire these marks for days/weeks afterwards is thrilling. Those beautiful marks are a gift, to me, a gift that 2 people can share... there
  4. Each spanko is an individual hence the different responses. I knew a girl who could take harsh spankings with a paddle but couldn't tolerate 2 mins with a leather implement. Different implements have different sensations. some are thuddy, others stingy and produce a sharper pain and then you have others that have a mix of both. Plus, even with one implement, say the cane for example, there are a variety of materials used and different diameters. The thicker the diameter, the less stingy it is. Also, synthetic canes have different sensations. Rattan has a bite and it's more stingy but delrin do
  5. No-one here actually gave any opposition about other people's rights to use a safe-word... actually quite the opposite. @Rand E was trying to push safe-words on to some-one else and I just asked him, nicely, to respect other's choices like we were respecting his. It was no big deal. Also, no-one said about safe-words being "training wheels" just for beginners... you just chose to take it that way, to fit your agenda. Yes, newbies should be encouraged to use safe-words until they feel safe and have experience. Even then, they don't have to forgo safe-words. This site is for all kind
  6. Yeah, it can. I don't know which one you have but the one I have is thick and plaited which bruises and cuts the skin nicely. I did have another one but my lovely Dom broke the damn thing over my ass 😂Sorry, that yours seems defective. You can buy " ethically sourced" of the real deal but those are harder to find these days. This is the one I have:
  7. No, but that sure sounds hot😂 Underpants pants or panties down would certainly enhance the experience😝
  8. Thank-you and you have a good head, on your shoulders, too. I always have and always will, advise new-comers to use safe-words. CNC isn't for beginners. When I was a new-comer, no-one told me about safe-words... I never even knew there was such a thing! I'm glad that new-comers, these days, have a lot of internet sources to help them navigate the spanking and BDSM scene. I, for one, am always happy to help some new to the scene and the first thing that I advise them on is safety. I made a lot of mistakes and reckless errors when I started so I hope that they can learn from my experiences so th
  9. sassylittle


    Welcome to the site and Good luck with finding some-one. Like @shy_girl said keep yourself safe and there are plenty of good safety threads on this site😀
  10. Thanks. I sure appreciate that😂
  11. It was working a lot better last night and this morning so you caught it just at the right time. Poor FF thought that I fell asleep on him, the other night, cause I didn't get his pm's until the morning😂
  12. Also a couple of nights ago, pm's weren't going through and some of us didn't see them until the next morning. I have seen people mentioning that problem, in main chat, so still happening for some.
  13. It's been like it most of the day today... we get the odd 5-10 mins when it's not. Yesterday it was just in the morning and got better late in the day. Everyone's been commenting about it in chat so either @Bramblewinehas been here when it's been good or the only person not effected!
  14. Some people don't understand what consent is. Glad, the venue acted.
  15. Sounds like that really got your attention😂
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