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  1. If it's only your balls, try hair removal cream. Give it a trial run and see if it does the job... works well on my legs and underarms😂
  2. @Marysboy I think that we all screw things up! C'est la vie! The important thing is that we recognise when we do and try to correct things.
  3. @MarysboyI don't misunderstand, I see your side very clearly. And please never see yourself as below any other spankee or sub. I have a good amount of self-respect and as long as the Dom/ Daddy respects my initial terms and doesn't break them, then like you I want to hand over complete control. Some people have made some very good and valid reasons for having a safe word and I just don't want to minimise their opinions either😀
  4. I don't think that we can judge the ones who do use a safe-word- it's real to them. I don't know how a punishment spanking works with a safe-word but it's not my problem so I'm not going to give it too much thought! If both the Dom and sub are happy with that agreement then it's their relationship and we don't have to understand it and they don't have to explain it to us either.
  5. Thanks😀 I'm interested in "consensual non-consent" so safe-words don't work for me! People have good arguments for either approach and at the end of the day it's down to personal choice. My opinion, for myself, is that I don't consider it a real spanking if there is one. I'd never advise it for some-one who is new to spanking. I have my ways of testing people out, like I will set a limit for the first meet and if they break it I know that they can't be trusted and stay away. The people who I would need a safe-word with probably wouldn't stop if I used one anyway! This is why developing complet
  6. I love that idea too. Long- distance is harder but there are ways to make it less so with just a little thought. Set us written tasks or something similar- it makes us feel closer and connected to you, when you aren't around, but also shows us that you care and are making effort with us. Us littles are very rewarding if you make the effort with us. We don't ask for a whole lot and you get so much more out of us for it😀
  7. Ughhh... never agree to things that you don't want to do. I would make a shit slave- I know my limitations lol. Mutual respect is so important, along with trust. I can work with a lot of things as long as the person is honest and open with me. I wouldn't want some-one who randomly slaps me or spits in my mouth either- some do thou. I think that we set our terms at the beginning of a Dom/sub relationship and after that they get full control, as long as they don't break our terms. I've always liked this BDSM quote and, to me, this is what it should be about:
  8. Looks like I still have a few more years to go then😂 Sorry, that you feel like you are on a desert Island- not all of us are ageist😀
  9. Yeah, that's always been my biggest problem too😂 I hate people lying to me; unfair or unjust treatment of me or others and hypocrisy. I will call it out and sometimes ( well, most of the time!) I'm not very diplomatic about it and just say things as they are🤣 I do try to keep my mouth shut but I will only put up with so much. Then people get upset about it- like what the f*** did they expect? lol. Treat me with respect and don't lie to me and I'll be the sweetest person, on the planet, to you but keep lying to me etc and then I will call you out. I think that's fair but some other people clea
  10. @MarysboyKeep up the good work and you'll get more cookies😛
  11. @TimidMouse makes an excellent point. "Running a couple miles was something I had to do as a kid too lol that didn't feel like a punishment to me though, you have to be aware of I guess what is uncomfortable to your person because while running may have not been a punishment for me, maybe for someone else or extending the run. " What one person considers as a punishment, another person might not. When I was at school my Religious studies teacher loathed me with a passion! She was one of those religious zealots who believed that the world was flat and hers was the only right way
  12. Seems like she' s got @Marysboybetter trained than you. He kisses ass perfectly😂
  13. Congratulations to badboy and his beautiful wife. Hope you are both very happy. That's one way to make sure you both get lots of spanking activity during a pandemic😂

    1. Child of Light
    2. Wifey


      What, what? Boy, don’t check in for a few days and look what happens! Mazel tov 

  14. Pity she's not busy using that arm to bake my batch of cookies😂
  15. Thanks... that makes me feel better😂
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