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  1. It actually sounds like good fun. I might have shit dancing skills but I have other skills to offer that I excel better in. It's always nice when some-one has the utmost respect for you but who you can completely let go with. Glad you got to have that experience and the fun memories that you have now😀
  2. Thankfully, my dancing skills are terrible so no-one will be asking me to do that🤣 No way, that I'd sign-up for that but I admire your honesty and bet she loved it. Hope that you milked that aftercare big time😛
  3. I' m certainly not denying that it wouldn't be fun but worth it... Hell No😂 You are just being nice by giving your used toys to the less fortunate i.e) the next poor woman, saddled with him🤣
  4. I don't really know. I found just walking away does wonders when men take the piss. No man is worth sitting in a jail cell for decades. Can't see them burning down the jail to get us out😂 Better to teach that we won't tolerate their nonsense and hopefully they will be a better man for the next person... probably wishful thinking🤣
  5. I think counting swats or timed spankings, for a punishment spanking, is a cop out and the best Doms don't use them. For example, I'm going to give you x amount of swats or x amount of time, distracts majorly from the spanking! If I was given either for a punishment, I'd be just looking at it like " oh, this is easy, I only have to tolerate this for so long or so many." I certainly wouldn't be learning anything! If I don't know when it would end, then I'd be concentrating more on the lesson that he's trying to teach me. I have never had a timed spanking but have counted swats. My current
  6. Not sure exactly... probably over 50. Paddles, canes, sjambok, straps, tawses, some rubber implements. You kidding me? Is there such a thing as too many😂 A spanko can never have enough implements. Serious spankos collect implements , like stamp collectors collect stamps... we just have the less boring hobby😛 You can tell a lot about a spanko by the implements they own. I have favourite implements, which luckily are the same as my Dom, so they get used a lot more. There are few, in my implement collection, that get rather neglected but that's their fault for not giving me likeable re
  7. Why not burn down his house whilst you are at it😂
  8. Like I said, it's not my dynamic and that's between you two. I guess people sign-up for different things and have different expectations. It's good that you are both on the same page.
  9. I guess things start to add up, the longer that you go on with that paddle?😂 Talk about the punishment fitting the crime.
  10. I'd find that very hard and I certainly wouldn't choose a HOH who didn't think about my after- care needs. Yes, us ee's can mess up at times but I always thought the idea of accepting punishment was so that we could pay our dues and then be forgiven. How hard would it be to give him a hug afterwards and let him know that you forgive him? To tell him that you love him? None of us are infallible and I'm sure that you mess up too. Yes, he shouldn't have any say in the punishment but he is offering you a gift also, by giving you that power over him. I think discipline should be given out of love
  11. It's whatever works for you both. All my spankings have been bare, other than what I consider playful spanks which I've had some degree of clothing on.
  12. With some people it's not exaggerated but there are variables. Tiny female v's big male ( not big as in massively overweight) the latter is going to be able to swing harder and faster. Fit male v's unfit same as the last. Then you need to add the ee in... if the ee can't withstand a belting like that, the ER is never going to wear out. An unfit ER can wear his arm out with the lightest of ee's. Now, I'm guessing that you are talking about an ER who can give a very hard belting, he's only going to get worn out with an ee who can take more than he can give! Those ee' s are rare but they exist.
  13. Oh boy, I am sure that you just made his day😂 I don't enjoy punishment spankings but the majority of spankings, I get a lot out of them and either enjoy them or get great release. Now, your husband doesn't sound like he ever enjoys them or even has a particularly high pain tolerance so try not to go over-board! I am a great believer of pushing limits, for myself, so maybe push him a little more each time and you never know but you might end up punishing him less. I believe that if some-one is getting properly punished then they shouldn't need punishing more than a few times a year max. Spankin
  14. That depends on who I am doing it with/ done it with. Also the type of spanking. Most of my punishment spankings were with my first Dom and from my ex-husband. Hugs, forgiveness. With my ex-husband after a hug he would tell me that he loved me and then we would just get on with the day! Sometimes he gave me spankings before bed and we would bring me in a cup of cocoa after. With my first Dom, hugs whilst sat on his lap. He'd expect me to eat or drink afterwards and would sit and watch to make sure that I did it. Often we did spankings in the evening and I would stay at his, if there, or vice v
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