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  1. COL asked me to post a link to BDSMLR, in here, for everyone. The spanking and BDSM blogs moved here after Tumblr banned NSFW stuff. https://bdsmlr.com/dashboard Enjoy!!!!
  2. You can't block them from viewing your profile but you can block them from sending messages to your inbox. Go to your profile name, click on account settings then ignored users- put their username in there. Hope that helps😀
  3. Consensual non consent. AG needs to read up a bit😛
  4. I have never used a safe word. I only play hard with people I trust so I have never felt a need for one. I like "CNC" and a safeword would render that arrangement meaningless. It's upto every individual to decide if they want a safe word and there is no right or wrong answer...
  5. Always, always trust your gut instincts. It can be very hard to work out some-one' s real intentions fast enough not to get hurt. If they have more than one account, you know that they are hiding something. Watch their online activity, to see if what they say and what they do matches up. Google them and if you can't find them you will know something isn't right. If they give you a phone n.o do a reverse check- as longer as it isn't a burner cell, you will get their real details ( you will be surprised how much info you can get from doing that! Believe me, if they knew what you have learnt about them, they will wish they had given you real personal details!) If you can't find anything about them, just stay away. Pay for a criminal records check once you have their real details ( always best to be safe than sorry.) If you have a good memory, remember what they told you, if they are lying to you their story will always be changing. But honestly, if something doesn't feel right just run!!! Our instincts are there to protect us and if they are screaming at you that something is wrong, ignore them at your peril.
  6. You clearly don't know what you are talking about. The most experienced ER' s can leave impressive bruising. Some of us like extensive bruising, marks and blood- believe me, to play at that level requires a lot of experience. Save the "amateur stuff" for somewhere else.
  7. Hi sassylittle,

    I hope you're doing fine (and having better luck with prospective Daddies lately).


    1. sassylittle



      Sorry, only just saw this. I' m fine thanks. As with better luck with Daddies, I'm trying lol. Will let you know:-) Hope all's well with you.

    2. JeansSmacker


      Thanks . :)


  8. @AfterGeometry I need to find one that isn't an emotionally stunted robot then🤣 Where do you go to find a Daddy that has the emotional intelligence of a grown-assed man? You seem to be the expert on the subject😛 Sorry I was half asleep when I got your message and forgot to reply. Answer- I think something isn't quite right- what exactly who knows? Not me😂
  9. Yeah, that applies for some and not others! You can tell them how you feel and it goes in one ear and out the other. I just had a Daddy who said he was complicated- believe me there' s a difference between complicated and bloody impossible😂 I like men a bit more straight forward , who say what they mean. This one told me he wasn't going to disappear and guess what? He disappeared! Also told me he liked and cared for me- yeah, you don't do that to people you like and care about. Just an example of men not saying what they mean. I' m not saying us women are perfect either. We say what we don't always mean but usually because a man hurt us badly. "fine" and " go ahead" are women' s terms for I' m pissed off with you! Being a man of your age I' m sure you have worked out what they mean😀 We all need to get better at communication but sometimes there are reasons that people can't communicate. For example, again the ex Daddy, he would always run away like a 5 yro so guess what? I was scared to say something, at an earlier stage, and let things get to the stage where things became too much and I reacted in a way I wouldn't have if I had felt safe communicating with him. So nothing is ever black and white.
  10. Didn't you see the use of the word "sometimes". I didn' t say all men plus she was referring to a man so talking about a woman would have confusing the issue, somewhat! Sorry if it offended you but it was meant as a reply the lady who asked the question.
  11. Also sounds like he' s trying to make you jealous too. I have no idea why thou. I am learning that men can be pretty damn complicated! I have a feeling that he wants you back but instead of just saying that he' s playing games with you. Men can go about things in a fucked up way sometimes and instead of getting them the result they want, they just end up pushing you away more. I suggest just ignoring him until he can use his " big boy" words! I think you are either a "spanko" or not ( it' s hard-wired in us) and if he isn' t I don' t see that changing. You have to decide whether a relationship with a non- spanko would work for you. He should have enough respect, for you, not to judge you for that regardless. Maybe time apart will give him the wake up call he needs- if he cares for you he might change some of the ways he has treated you. If you do decide to get back together you really need to talk about all this without blame or judgement. Have some boundaries and make sure that he respects them! Don't chase him thou, let him come to you- men are the ones who are supposed to do the chasing!!!
  12. I have had it happen lots recently ( never a problem before). I have very good spyware on my computer and it doesn' t happen with any other site I use. My spyware actually prevents me from clicking on anything that can cause a problem. Runs every day and actually scans sites, links etc before you use them. @Kce89 Going onto the 2nd or 3rd link worked up until a few days ago- now actually all of them are doing the same thing. Once I found a way to get on I bookmarked this site so if you all do that you won' t have this problem again.
  13. Thanks ammon for requesting that I reply to this post ( you couldn' t have made it any longer!!!) It' s seems to be a complicated mixture of things for myself. Spanking is sexual for me, mostly. Sometimes things get on top of me or my mood is low and a good beating helps me recalibrate, so to speak. The domination and handing over full control, to another person, creates a unique bond and trust. I prefer CNC and having no control or say whatsoever ( wouldn't suggest that to some-one just starting out.) The forgiveness at the end of a punishment spanking is soul cleansing. I hate feeling that I have done wrong and let someone down but knowing I have paid my dues lets me forgive myself. The challenge of taking more and more is like how mountain climbers feel taking bigger challenges- to me at least. I love the marks, the bruises and the pain- the longer they last the better for me. I sleep better, my mind is quiet. Admiring the marks and the gifts some-one bestows on me is just very special. The closer the bond, the more special they are to me. This is such a complicated subject and I doubt we have covered it all but those are a few of my thoughts regarding it. I am basically a hardcore masochist who gets a sexual kick from it, depending who is spanking me. With the right person it becomes orgasmic!!! Well done for starting this subject, ammon, and I hope more people delve deep and try and answer small facets of it...
  14. My wife and I, long term spankers, just moved to Mo from Texas. We greatly enjoyed our spankings /paddlings in the Hill Country...lol

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    2. sassylittle


      No I am not in a regular spanking relationship. I did have a Daddy but he lied, to me, about everything. Had other people on the go between his 2 plus accounts! Maybe one day I will find a real and genuine Daddy but for now i' m just content without one. I like being spanked for lots of reasons too.

    3. sassylittle


      I have been here for a couple of years. wouldn't say that I was a legend! Welcome and I hope you both enjoy it here- most people are okay.

    4. KurtS


      Thanks! I look forward to sharing more with you as time goes on!

      Take Care,


      P.S. I’ll check with you on who’s “:good” and who’s not! Lol

  15. Your city and Mr Floyd are in my thoughts and I hope things get better soon. What that cop did to that guy was unacceptable but that is no reason for thugs to loot and set fire to buildings etc. I hope the officer who killed him and the thugs are bought to swift justice...
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