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  1. I used to be a neat freak. Living with men, that concept was a losing battle🤣 Men are so messy and collect absolute junk too. It's just easier to keep the peace and lower my standards a bit. "pick your battles" as they say😀
  2. Saw this quote so true. Women, if a man genuinely likes you he won't let any other woman get in the way. If he puts another woman above you, he doesn't really like you:
  3. I'm in. Sign the adoption papers and you got yourself a sassy little😂
  4. @michgal.kLooks like we've gone and found ourselves a feisty Grand-ma here. If she bakes good cookies, we've found ourselves a winner. She said she might adopt me and I could do with a sister- you in, if she can come up with the goods?😂
  5. LOL... I put some bruised pics up and had this guy message me giving me a list of abuse helplines. He told me that I was being abused. I sent him a fairly polite reply and he blocked me. Why go on a kink site if you think it equates to abuse?
  6. Then find another Dr! There are ways to phrase things that will get you the answers that you are looking for without going into too much detail. I highly doubt that the police, legal system are going to take things further, if you tell them that it's consensual and don't ever give them the name of the person who spanked you. Sure if the Dr is very kink friendly and you want to discuss things in further detail, go for it when you feel safe to open up but for just finding answers to physical problems/kink, you don't have to. When I was at Uni, I went to a Christian Dr and he kicked me out o
  7. I have never had a broken tail bone so can't really comment on that. Seeming as that's so close to the bottom, you are going to have be careful and probably best to get a Dr's opinion first. I was diagnosed with spinal arthritis in my early 20's and seeming as that is close to degenerative disc disease, I think that I can comment on that. I have to be careful with positions, restraints and can't afford for some-one to miss and hit my spine. After my spinal surgery, I asked the Neuro-surgeon about sexual activity etc. He told me that I could do anything that I wanted, other than extreme sp
  8. @Rand EA lot of us do it. I only do it if some-one starts first but it doesn't make me any better. I need to learn not to react because the people who start then play the victim when you retaliate, hence our reactions, to them, are just giving them what they want. I usually regret it too and like you say it's usually not productive. Some people are just not worth us lowering our usual standards for😀
  9. That was my issue. I couldn't care less what people do in groups designed for that purpose but it shouldn't be spread around the site. It should be kept out of people's feeds. The people that were liking any of the political posts were just as bad because they were encouraging it. Leave the politics out of people's feeds and if they want to rant in groups then they can join them. Some of us only want to see BDSM and I was under the belief that was the site's real purpose.
  10. It takes a good man to aplogise. I have a lot of respect for you and I hope others will accept that apology. You represent @Chawsee well.
  11. I can thing of better ways to entertain myself but I'll remember that concept if I get real bored😂
  12. Don't tell me that I am being a bully again😂
  13. He'll never find another like me so I hope he's happy with her😀
  14. I was thinking kindergarten but you are clearly more generous than me😂 I want to hang out with adults, not kids.
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