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  1. Drying Your Tears 

    Tear drops fall from your brown eyes
     and my heart stops a beat at their sight.
     I pull you close to me,
     try to take the pain from you,
     make it my own.
     My cheek lays against yours
     and your tears burn my face
     as I whisper,
     "Darling, it will be all right."
    My tears blend with your own,
     your pain now mine,
     and our tears become one
     as they fall in rivers on the sheets.
    I dry your tears with kisses,
     soft upon your face,
     shelter you from pain
     in the recesses of my love.
     Our bed becomes a chalice
     and we drink in each others sorrow,
     finding salvation in each other's arms;
     pain washed away giving rise to passion
     'till we forget there ever were tears. 
    Its okay to let go now the angles are waiting for you 

  2. The Secrets We Hide

     we struggle to have meaning 
    in this world which we all know
     we try but yet we wonder 
    where we all should go
     hidden in the questions 
    which we can not find
     the answers are all hidden
     deep inside our minds
     hidden in our soul
     is the life we try to hide
     but in time it will find you
     and it will release 
    all of its secrets hidden beneath 
    so before it ruins the life you have made
     release those dark secrets 
    and the memories will fade
     hidden in our lives are stories left untold
     of the things we didn’t want them to know
     but once you tell somebody
     and make your feelings known
     the struggle will be over

  3. Thought of the day 

    "true friends"
    You came like spring
     and lit my soul on fire
     when the birds began to sing
     you came and inspired
    When the flowers began to bloom
     with the smell of spring in the air
     you took away the gloom
     and taught me how to care
    I'll never be the same
     you breathed new life into me
     I'm so glad you came
     A true friend you'll always be

    1. Jenna1220


      Hang onto them :).

  4. "There's so much more to a person than what's on the outside. Don't get me wrong, looks are important but getting to know the heart and soul of someone means so much more. I am here because I want to find someone who compliments my strengths, politely points out my weaknesses and all around helps me to be a better person. I have survived a great deal and in the end I wouldn't change a thing for it has made me the person I am today...not perfect, but learning a little something i didn't know yesterday!"

    1. Jenna1220


      Very nice sentiment.  Life is a work in progress :).  

    2. Connie53
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