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  1. Well to the site. I’m a 37 years old man, living down in Southwest Arkansas, but I am up your way quite a bit. If you are interested in talking more drop me a line. 100% discreet. I value my privacy as well.
  2. SouthernArkGentleman

    South Bend

    Going to be heading up to South Bend Aug. 5th if any ladies are looking for a sound spanking. Feel free to send me a message.
  3. SouthernArkGentleman

    Male Spankee

    Welcome aboard. Looks like we are slowly growing the club as word gets out.
  4. SouthernArkGentleman

    Saying hello

    Yes. It was a blistering weekend. Fortunately I stayed in ac for most of it.
  5. SouthernArkGentleman

    Saying hello

    Welcome to the club! I was just down that way last weekend visiting family in Beaumont. It’s already getting ridiculously hot there.
  6. SouthernArkGentleman


    Figure I’ll get this category kicked off! I’m 37, male, and have been actively spanking for about 5 years now. Texas born and bred, but have mad respect for Texas transplants as well. Currently live in a border city, but not on the side I would prefer!
  7. SouthernArkGentleman

    Regards from Tehran,

    Welcome aboard!
  8. SouthernArkGentleman

    DC/MD/VA Spankee

    Welcome aboard and best wishes on your journey!
  9. SouthernArkGentleman

    Down Houston Way!

    I’m going to be in the Houston area over the holiday weekend if anyone wants to meet up. Open to grabbing a cup of coffee and visiting if that’s all you want. Down for a little spanking too if anyone is interested. Feel free to pm me.
  10. SouthernArkGentleman

    Profile Picture

    Mine is just a paddle I made sitting on a paper I wrote for a class I can’t remember. It was a quick pic I snapped at so a point, but I’ve always liked it.
  11. SouthernArkGentleman

    Texan Spankee

    Welcome aboard. I’m out Texarkana way. Feel free to message me anytime, even if it’s just to shoot the breeze. Always up for a good conversation. Spanking or otherwise.
  12. SouthernArkGentleman

    Northeast Texas

    Any spankees/spankers over here in northeast Texas? Looking to maybe get a meet and greet together. Grab a coffee. If you’re interested drop a line, or you are welcome to dm me.
  13. SouthernArkGentleman

    Curiouser and curiouser. . . (MO, NV)

    Welcome aboard. Fun introduction. Thanks for laugh. Good luck on your journey.
  14. SouthernArkGentleman

    Hello from the I.E./SoCal

    Welcome aboard and best wishes on your search.
  15. SouthernArkGentleman

    Hello All!

    Welcome and best of luck in your search.