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  1. If you find yourself landing on my page, click on 'About Me' above and give it a read. If you'd like to know more or want to say hi, send me a message. I'll be stepping away from the site for a bit.

  2. Krissy(looks like she)needs it!
  3. Any of you in the Austin area that are struggling with class and need some motivation? I have a few different implements that can be used. Let me know, Spanking_ATX
  4. Spanking_ATX


    Of course. Likewise. Looking forward to many more.
  5. Spanking_ATX


    That was a fun session. Good girl.
  6. I think it really just depends on what the situation is. In my sessions as a Spanker, the spankee is RARELY in a position to be able to stimulate themselves. It is normally discussed before hand where spankings can land and the topic of stimulation normally presents itself. I'm usually able to tell when a spankee is getting aroused by the session, so I welcome the topic for discussion. I never want to assume that because a spankee has agreed to put themselves in the situation of the session, that they want for the Spanker to stimulate them. Most of the time, I've been told that if any stimulat
  7. I'm way late on this victory for the ERs... #dontjudgeme
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