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  1. Thank you @Anna2594! I think quite a few people here would have as well
  2. If the mods find an image to be outside of the site guidelines, they will remove it. If they don't, then it was within those guidelines. If anyone wants to avoid those images, my suggestion would be to avoid the "Gallery" section entirely as well as any parent discussion categories that say photo in them. That should weed out 95% of all photos on the site.
  3. Whatever I'm wearing when it's decided a spanking is needed. Although if time wasn't a factor I'd definitely throw a suit on like the one I'm wearing in my pic.
  4. Anddddddd your inbox is now full. Just kidding! I have no doubt you'll have many interested though. Good luck in the search
  5. Part 2 of the Dan and Alice saga. It had been six months since Alice and I took our trip to paradise and I had administered that first dose of discipline. In that time, our relationship had grown exponentially. We fell deeper in love, grew as a couple, and went on several more adventures together. We’ve also become accustomed to each other's wants and needs. For example, a few months back I learned that Alice really had no interest in sex. We still have it of course, but it’s for my benefit. She says she gets her needs met from the now frequent spankings that occur. Due to that fact, we implemented good girl spankings on top of the discipline. Alice says she’s never been happier and while I’m still learning and getting used to a few things, I would have to agree with her. Although there had been a few minor discipline worthy incidents in the past six months, nothing serious had really come up. Until last weekend that is. See, a while back we had designated Fridays as date night. No matter how much time we got to spend together during the week, we would always make Friday night available - barring any real emergencies. This ensured we would have at least one full night a week together. Usually date nights were pretty casual but we would splurge every once and while and get out our Sunday best. Last weekend was one of those nights. We had decided to go to Fuego - an upscale Latin restaurant touted as “the most expensive restaurant” in our city. “Oh my god!” Alice exclaimed as we entered Fuego. “This is the nicest restaurant I have ever seen!” “Yeah...me too.” I stated blankly as I stared at the Rolex covering the host’s left wrist. “Let’s watch what we order tonight. I’m not sure we can afford this place.” “Agreed!” We were seated not too long after and as Alice glanced over the menu with a giddy complexion, I couldn’t help but notice how happy she was. It was something I absolutely adored about her - the fact she could find pleasure in the simplest things like a restaurant menu. “Good evening” the waiter said as he approached our table. “Welcome to Fuego. My name is Luke and I’ll be your server for the evening. Is there anything I can get started for you?” Alice replied quickly, “I’ll have the Salmorejo and a glass of your cheapest red wine please” “Excellent. And for you sir?” “I’ll have the same actually” I replied. As we waited for our food we talked about work and politics and all that was happening in the world. Politics was one thing Alice and I didn’t always agree on but neither of us minded much. We were both open to civilized discussion and found it interesting to look at things from someone else's perspective. The food arrived quickly and we were eager to see what a $25 soup tasted like. “So, what do you think of the soup?” I asked. “It’s good.” Alice stated. “But I don’t think it’s $25 good. What about you?” “Well, it’s better than a mediocre $80 steak.” As Alice went to spoon her next bite her head darted quickly up towards me. “This can’t be real.” She asserted. I gave her a quizzical look as I asked, “What?” “There’s a fricken hair in my soup!” “So? It’s just a hair. It won’t kill you.” “It might!” She exclaimed as she scanned for the waiter. “I’m going to ask for a new one.” After explaining the situation, Luke was happy to oblige the request and brought out a new dish for Alice. The rest of the dinner was uneventful as we continued our earlier discussions. As we were getting ready to leave, one of the wait staff brought our check to us. “What’s the damage?” Alice asked with a slightly concerned look on her face. “It’s not too bad for a nice night out.” I replied. “It was $140 plus the tip.” “Oh yeah that’s not terrible. Can I see the check?” I handed Alice the check as I reached for my wallet. “Are you fucking kidding me?” She griped. “They actually charged us for 2 soups?” “Yeah I guess.” “That’s not okay. We should have only been charged for one. I’ll get them to remove it.” I didn’t think much of it as Alice motioned for the waiter. “Yes ma’am?” Luke asked upon reaching our table. “Sorry but there’s a problem with our check. We were charged for both soups and as you know, one of them got sent back due to there being a hair in it.” “Yes ma’am but we brought you a new soup and there were no issues with that one. If it helps, I can add a 10% discount to one of the soups for the trouble.” “No, it doesn’t help. I would like you to remove 1 of them off the check. That would help.” Alice responded with a sarcastic smile on her face. “Alice.” I said. “It’s not that big of a deal, let’s just pay and go home.” “It is a big deal Dan.” Alice’s volume began to rise as she got more and more flustered over the situation. “We’re not paying $25 for some shitty ass soup that wasn’t prepared properly just because the wait staff wear fancy tuxedos!” The restaurant got silent and all eyes were on our table as Alice continued her rant. “Get me your manager right now!” She yelled. The manager, having overheard the dispute already, was well on his way. After hearing the full situation, he agreed to refund the soup in question. The car ride home was silent. Alice was still pissed off by the time we arrived at her place. “You and I need to talk about what happened back there, Alice.” I remarked. “There’s nothing to talk about. There was a situation and I handled it” “You handled it?” I gasped. “You made a scene in front of the whole restaurant over nothing!” “Maybe it was nothing to you, Dan. It was a big deal to me.” “Be that as it may, we don’t treat people like that. And we sure as hell don’t make our business the business of fifty other people. Would you agree?” “I guess.” She groaned. “You guess? Well I guess you need a lesson in manners. Why don’t you go get the hairbrush we got last month.” “No Dan. Please.” She begged. “You haven’t spanked me with that before and I don’t think this warrants it.” “Too bad!” I exclaimed. “You’ve had an attitude all week and after that display tonight, I think this most definitely warrants it. Now are you going to go get the brush or do I have to ask you twice?” Alice hunched over as she begrudgingly sauntered out of the room. She returned a few moments later with a defeated look in her eyes over her looming fate. As Alice handed the brush to me, I started to realize what a terrifying thing it actually was. We had bought the brush off Ebay last month as a disciplinary implement for more severe infractions. Made of thick, dark Ebony, this brush was truly the stuff of nightmares. On the front, it had fine horse hair bristles that were yellowed from years of negligence. The otherwise beautiful wood showed signs of wear, with scuff marks scattering the back side of the brush. No doubt from other wrong doers that found themselves on the receiving end of justice. “Lift your dress.” I calmly stated as I pulled the desk chair behind me. Alice sheepishly obliged as I swiftly slid her panties to her ankles. “Over my lap.” I insisted. Without hesitation, Alice moved into position. Her body flinched as the cold wood maneuvered in circles over her exposed bottom. CRACKKKK! The sound of the wood hitting flesh echoed off the walls as Alice jolted off my lap and onto the floor. “Dan I can’t.” she pleaded. “It hurts too much. I swear to you I won’t do it again. Spank me with anything else just please, not with that thing.” “Apparently we made a good choice in which implement to get.” I speculated. “I’ll forgive what just happened as this is the first time I’m spanking you with this but you are not getting out of this. Now, I want you to stand up and get over my left knee. I’m going to make sure I’m not interrupted again.” Alice sniffled as she laid herself over my knee. I moved my right leg over both her legs and hooked my right foot behind the wooden crossbar that formed below the chair that was supporting us. “Give me your right hand.” I insisted. Alice complied as she surrendered her hand to the small of her back. “Actually hold my hand.” I stated as Alice’s fingers interlocked with mine. As I tapped the backside of the brush against her bottom, Alice’s body clenched in nervousness of what was to come. CRACKKKKKKK! Alice let out a loud yelp as the first of many swats sent shock waves through her. She instinctively tried to wriggle out of position, unable to do so. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The harsh reality of the brush on bare skin began to emanate immediately as pink, oval shaped marks started appearing at each point of impact. “Pl….please” Alice gasped as I could tell she was on the verge of tears. I stopped for a brief second as I contemplated switching to a lesser form of punishment. Alice always cried from a spanking. Never this early though and definitely not in this much distress. No. She asked me to do this. How would I look to her if I don't follow through on my word? I shook off any thoughts of stopping as I continued the flurry of swats. I made sure to never develop a pattern she could get used too. I would alternate cheeks on each swing and then switch to spanking the same spot for an elongated period before switching the pattern again. Alice was now openly sobbing, unable to utter any pleas for mercy between gasping breaths as I continued the wooden onslaught. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Tiny splotches of blue began to appear on Alice’s now feverishly reddened bottom as her body came to rest fully on the support of my knee. After a full minute of the hairbrush bearing down on the soft skin of her exposed bottom, Alice had lost the will to fight any longer. With four emphasized smacks for good measure, I sat the hairbrush down on the floor beside her feet. Alice stayed in position as she continued to weep. I released her hand and rubbed her back to let her know the spanking was over. After a few moments, she slowly got up and sat on my knee, draping her arms around my neck as she buried her head into my shoulder. “I’m sorry I had to do that.” I whispered. “But we both know you deserved it and I would never forgive myself if not taking action caused a rift in our relationship.” As Alice wiped the tears from her eyes as she lifted her head and kissed me as if to say I understand. With that, we sat in silence as we held one another in reassurance.
  6. Zero. Wait...AG had me 😕. It's actually 114
  7. Kce89

    DFW spanko

    Welcome and good luck!
  8. Kce89

    New to Ohio

    Welcome and best of luck in your search.
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    Welcome back!
  10. Kce89


    Welcome and best of your luck in your search!
  11. I've used a blind wand before. That was the most interesting for sure but it worked better than I thought it would. Flip flops/sandals can also be quite effective.
  12. I personally wouldn't ever use one but not because it's too erotic. As far as implements go, I just feel it's the worst in the control department. With other implements, where you aim is where it will go. With all the tails on a flogger, I can't see that being the case. Of course...I have been wrong before so there's that.
  13. Kce89

    This or That

    Umm. You'll take the bus obviously because you won't find gas for $1.59/gallon.
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