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  1. I did spank an ex, long ago, on the side of an open restaurant a few different nights. The first time, ten minutes later, we went to eat at a nearby place. It was over jeans, likely around one hundred spanks or so each time, as there was the staff door nearby. No one came out as expected as it was 90 minutes before closing.
  2. Age is not an issue. My last 2 spankees (one current) were both 56, when last across my knee. The current one shows no sign she will ever not want to be otk.
  3. Many in stores are flimsy, as they want to sell them for a cheap price. I looked quite a bit, found a nice, solid, large and thick wooden one at a Walgreens in NYC that was a Duane Reade store before Walgreens bought them. Got it 5 years ago, and many thousands of spanks later, it still is perfectly solid, still looks good, and still gets the desired job done. I did look at Walgreens online, and saw nothing nearly so solid. That is what leads me to think its still a Duane Reade carryover product, most likely just in this region.
  4. First, welcome. I am about 60 miles west of NYC, but could host and fairly closely fit your requirements.
  5. Thought of doing that to ex spankee, but regrettably, didn't. There was a NYC restaurant , now closed, where birthday spankings, otk, were commonly given.
  6. I gave a girl (when we were both about age 21) about a hundred otk spanks over jeans one night on the side of an Italian restaurant in an otherwise closed strip mall, in the back of my car at the time. Part way through I saw light of side door open (kid tossing trash), he did not see us, and the spankee did not notice. I paused, just in case he was looking. All cars around us were staff, and since they were open another 60 plus minutes, no one would be leaving (or so I thought).
  7. she lives 2 hours away, too cheeky, so stays overnight. Even o/s the spanking, fun to be with.
  8. Nothing nuts, Christie. Just spend the last 33 hours with my latest terrific spankee. Many share your interest in every state. Strongly enough, that my hand will likely be sore many hours, as she just left an hour ago. Welcome!
  9. I love to watch my spankee kick and squirm. Its part of the enjoyment for the spanker, as long as it does not prevent me from hitting my next targeted spot.
  10. what part of ct are you in? Yes, it will hurt-and it is supposed to.
  11. my profile was incorrect, and I edited it. I am 57. Live in eastern Fairfield County, C
  12. I am in southern Ct. would like to discuss it with you more. Just old fashioned, traditional otk kind of guy. Last spankee was a Ma gal.
  13. cuddlesally, Though not as obvious, an ex gf/spankee stepped out of our room after a lengthy spanking by both hand and hairbrush and knew hotel cleaning lady's smirk at her was due to her hearing some of the spanking. Even in a hotel, I never held back, and while we would play the tv, it could not be very loud, as Sunday morning was our spanking time.
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