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  1. I've used line-writing on spankees with me, in between seeing them. Found them somewhat effective, and they came with reminder rules. With one, as she was repeating past behavior, I had her write lines expressing regret several hundred times in the week before seeing me next, and instructed her to write them bare bottomed, with a picture showing that. When she erred in whining about it, the next time I saw her, instead of sending her to the corner after her 1st of several spankings, I pulled a folding chair out, gave her orders to write a line until I told her to return to my knee, and she wou
  2. Like the quarter idea. I do the "no air in between" rule, and check on spankee from inches away to insure the tip touches. One millisecond of failing to touch = 50 more with the thick wooden hairbrush.
  3. I am a firm believer in spending considerable time on sit spots. In your case, based on your moniker, your bottom and top should match, after all. I also like right down the middle spanks, many in succession, as when you get a simultaneous 2 leg kick, that's the red flag of surrender by a spankee.
  4. Gave an ex, who was a spankee, a birthday spanking, as a prelude to a later in day, traditional bare bottomed otk. I suspect she was thinking it would be less than firm, but truthfully, despite being over jeans, it was a very effective, full force, open palm 52 spanks. She couldn't stay fully stoic even with jeans protecting her. She looked spooked when we returned to the living room, knowing she just got the appetizer of what would occur within the next few hours.
  5. Yes but we spankers go for the sit spots, as you'll remember our work a bit longer, and you can't avoid utilizing those sit spots.
  6. I'd make you buy a new one, somewhat bigger and thicker, tell him to deliver twice the spanks of the one you broke, each of the next 4 weekends. I'd also have you write out, directly after your next spanking, 500 lines that say "I will never again harm an implement I am punished with, and if I break that promise, I will then be writing this sentence 500 times each of 4 straight weeks". I always require punishment lines for being bratty to be written with a spankee bare bottomed, on a folding chair in front of me, to remind her it is still another punishment.
  7. One day, after a vigorous morning spanking session, my ex and I met my sister at Cracker Barrel, then strolled a beach as my sister walked her dog up the road, and I led her to a bench where we just sat holding hands. When she got up, she winced, and annoyingly told me "You pick spots with wooden chairs all day for me to sit on". I stifled a laugh, as it was inadvertent (the sitting options). Its always a pleasure to elicit a reaction, as a spanker.
  8. Correct. An ex, the first day we met, left a rented house 10 minutes before I did, and told me later that night, she caught herself rubbing her butt outside pumping gas 5 minutes later. She also did so at work, at a bank, carefully, each of next 2 days.
  9. I'm a fan of old Ed Lee otk videos, whether by hand or hairbrush. He was an excellent scolder.
  10. I did spank an ex, long ago, on the side of an open restaurant a few different nights. The first time, ten minutes later, we went to eat at a nearby place. It was over jeans, likely around one hundred spanks or so each time, as there was the staff door nearby. No one came out as expected as it was 90 minutes before closing.
  11. Age is not an issue. My last 2 spankees (one current) were both 56, when last across my knee. The current one shows no sign she will ever not want to be otk.
  12. Many in stores are flimsy, as they want to sell them for a cheap price. I looked quite a bit, found a nice, solid, large and thick wooden one at a Walgreens in NYC that was a Duane Reade store before Walgreens bought them. Got it 5 years ago, and many thousands of spanks later, it still is perfectly solid, still looks good, and still gets the desired job done. I did look at Walgreens online, and saw nothing nearly so solid. That is what leads me to think its still a Duane Reade carryover product, most likely just in this region.
  13. First, welcome. I am about 60 miles west of NYC, but could host and fairly closely fit your requirements.
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