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  1. I usually have been instructed to.
  2. I relate to this topic a lot. I have wrestled with the questions of can I be a Christian and get this inner desire for discipline and spankings met. If I were to marry a Christian man who was a disciplinarian, yes, that could work. At this time, I am not seeking a relationship because I have a lot of work to do on myself. So, I have dealt with this by having female disciplinarians. No sexual context is brought into it.
  3. Slowly realizing that I'm not a quick fix, or a problem to be solved. I'm just a person to be loved. I'm sarcastic, and silly, try to be sweet. I'm full of flaws. But if I love you, I love you fiercely and with everything I have. My life has been rather lonely. I value meaningful connections. Not just being around people, but deep conversations, deep connections. Feeling seen and heard. I've always been drawn to spanking. I got away with everything most of my life. More than just someone spanking me, I long to feel safe and cared for. Like I'm someone's precious little girl. I raised myself in a lot of ways. I want to surrender control and have the guidance and support to not have to face life alone. Just emotional tonight and sharing what's on my heart.

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      As I read your post I see that I am so much like you and seek the same as you…thank you for sharing….keep looking and take your time doing so .. I’m sure you will find that person to fulfill your need..

    4. candyapplered
  4. Thanks for your input @Melanie00. I agree. We all have reasons why we feel we need spankings. Sometimes they can relieve stress or just help us focus when we are overwhelmed with emotions. My answer was just my humble opinion. Some people may not need maintenance or frequent spankings, so I can only speak for myself.
  5. I think maintenance can be good. Obviously, people are in this because they feel the need for spankings. If the spankee goes a long time between them, it may cause them to feel the need to act out in order to get one. Also, maybe someone hasn't behaved badly enough to receive a disciplinary spanking, but they may just be slipping a little and maintenance is a way to reign them back in so to speak, before the behavior gets worse. When a mentor spanks their mentee, it can be a time of bonding. Many crave that. If someone is offering to be a mentor, this needs to be a priority.
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