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  1. I agree with Leafsgirl1! Go Leafs go!
  2. Hey, I was thinking of creating a kik group for respectful and genuine spankos residing in the EU. If this interests you just drop me a line Cheers
  3. Hey, I thought it could be nice to get a introduction thread going to meet our fellow Canadians!! I'm a spanker of 6 years from the GTA and now currently living abroad for a few months in Europe. I am just like a lot of other spankos out there I’ve had an unexplainable interest in all things spanking related since I was a child and as a child I always found myself glued to the screen whenever anything even remotely related to spanking would appear. My ears would perk up whenever I heard the term or any other term in the spanking family for all that matter…Caning, Paddling, Switching, Slip
  4. Hey, I'm an experienced spanker of 6 or so years now studying for my degree in Holland but also frequenting Belgium. Would love to find a spankee with whom I could develop an ongoing spanking relationship with in one of those countries or perhaps even in Germany. I'm an educated, considerate and safe spanker with good experience and an otherwise normal guy outside of this part of me. Ideally I would love to find someone as passionate and enthusiastic in spanking as myself!
  5. Agree with @abelhanded make sure you and your spanker are on the same page and are comfortable with some trust there too. Good luck!
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