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  1. I remember asking to have a belt used on me when I was four or five. Didn’t work. I think I said I wanted to know what it was like or something. I can only imagine what my parents thought was wrong with me. 😅
  2. I have a variety of thoughts on this topic that aren't necessarily tied together. But here goes. - I have known of people who weren't into spanking until someone spanked them, and then they liked it. But those people seem to be at a level of interest that wouldn't quite be the same as someone who has been into it all their life. They are more a take-it-or-leave-it level, whereas the level of most of the people on here I think are we think about it every day. My sense is that someone who's into this enough to go online to a site like this and make a profile, or go to a spanking party or ot
  3. I have been in this situation for the better part of 15 years. Personally I have no qualms about doing it, partially because of the circumstances that led to the current state of things, but mostly because the alternative is getting a divorce because of it and breaking up my family, which to me would be much worse for everyone involved. However, I have had increasing difficulty over the past five years or so with finding a willing partner that sees the situation the way I do.
  4. For me in the few times it’s happened it’s just been a series of online communication lasting for varied amounts of time depending on the circumstances, and then meeting in a public place. A couple times that public meeting has then immediately been followed by a session, and a couple others it was almost like a job interview and then we got together a few days or weeks later. Bottom line is just be careful and trust your spidey sense if you think anything at all might be risky.
  5. Last week I tried self spanking for the first time in a long time, and after my last and hardest round I was somewhat surprised to find that I needed to catch my breath. I don’t recall that having happened before. Unfortunately I can count on one hand the number of spankings I have had that have been hard enough to maybe make this happen. But I’ll have to pay more attention in the future.
  6. I have never had a same-sex spanking encounter as an adult. I had extensive ones with a male neighborhood friend from the age of 10-15. When I was in elementary school I would try to make games competitive and suggest the loser get a spanking. I did that with this individual and it just clicked. Although we never really talked about it much, it is obvious to me now that he had at least some interest. Early in that period of time we would play video games or pool or whatever to see who got spanked. It wasn’t long before that evolved into seeing who got spanked first, as we both would want a
  7. I am also in this club. I don’t recall a specific moment, but I recall it always being there. I can only date it because I moved when I was six years old, and I can remember two specific occasions in the first house where I would try to dodge playful spankings (one was a birthday) but not really. My earliest memories of trying to engage in play spankings with neighborhood friends was right after that move. Then I have concrete memories of spanking events in every grade starting with grade 1, but none of those incidents were like the lightbulb - in every case I remember them being things tha
  8. They used wood. It happened. The episode is called Ladies Night at the Lodge, from Season 4, Episode 22. Seems someone still has a need to make money off Flintstones so the clip isn't available for free on YouTube anymore, but you can buy the episode on Apple or Google Play for a dollar I think. This episode was part of my childhood highlight reel.
  9. If you’re able to come to Aston I might be able to help
  10. I can relate in that I’ve found I really enjoy fulfilling an “older brother” type of role. I haven’t done it in the spanking community before but I’ve done it at work. If you’d like to chat about your situation I’d be happy to.
  11. also in regards to your flogger, you can always practice on a pillow or even the "bottom" of a stuffed bear or something if you have one that's big enough. Otherwise just have him lay flat and put a folded blanket or a pillow both above and below his butt and you should be OK.
  12. I think different people like different things but for me it's crucial to have a good thorough warmup. If I receive too hard too fast, I can't take as much and it's disappointing. Personally I also benefit from a short break after the warmup before getting more intense. Once I get past that point, I can take just about anything. Past that it probably just centers on communication and doing what he wants, which would include if he tells you to not ask him what he wants and for you to be fully in control, if that makes sense. :)
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