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  1. Hey there. 😊 I can spank or be spanked. Male or female. Let's have a chat!
  2. I sent you a message. I'm maybe like an hour or so, from State College!
  3. @BDISCIPLINE Great! Nice to meet you too!
  4. @debspanker I'd be interested! Do you mind if I send you a message?
  5. Hey! Im a switch a couple hours from Pittsburgh, and looking to connect with both EEs and ERs! Both males and females welcome, willing to travel.
  6. @sweetpea That's what I'm hoping for! Thanks!
  7. Hey! Nice to meet you too, Jenna!
  8. Nice to meet everyone! Im from central Pennsylvania, and looking to meet new people. I first started out as a spanker, but after a experience with a past partner, I found that I love being spanked as well! Unfortunately, I haven't had much experience with the lifestyle. Would love for someone to take me under their wing! Feel free to send me a message, I'd love to get to know you all.
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