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  1. Thaaaat is an incredibly wonderful shade of red! I look forward to my Miss making that happen with me... she has made it clear she doesnt neeeeeeed a reason.. smiles
  2. Maybe cuffs aren't what is needed here but maybe a tie or a rope or have you put your hands under your body based on how you are laying it should slow down your desire to cover. for me, I have had to grab hold of a pillow and hold onto that reaaall hard and tight. I have also had a belt tied to my wrists and the other end held tightly in my mouth so if i let go of the belt i am punished with it as well as the implement she is already using.
  3. the whispered words are the ones that send goosebumps all over
  4. welcome to the site Bruisedbubbles. I hope you find someone safe to work with. I have been to 2 parties like what has been mentioned. This site is also a fabulous site for info and good people. The parties, in the beginning, can be very nerve racking but you ( would) be among others that are into similar thoughts and needs. Just take your time and it will happen
  5. I have always thought that if i were to receive more than one punishment in a day I might actually have been a better boy for it. I have a feeling that when this activity arrives is when i will be able to comment on whether or not I am glad to have it happen. at the moment i think i WOULD like to be punished on an already punished bottom
  6. ohhh my a bucket list!!!! I dooo hope that i will be able to get these accomplished sooner than later 1) be spanked (bare bottomed) in public 2) be spanked to TEARS 3) DEFINITELY spanked while wearing drop seat pajamas ( on the bare of course) 4) be spanked before bed and be able to feel it the next day with a mark or two left for me to see in the mirror This is a good start i would love to discuss this more in a more personal setting with ___________________
  7. A WET OR OILED BOTTOM leads me to believe that when i have a spanker, she means to provide me a better way of listening to her. I always wish to have a clear understanding of what she wants me to learn. Hopefully she know i will ( TRY) to listen. *with her help of course
  8. I think for me a thick cane or the bath brush havent had the bath brush used on me in quite some time if i remember correctly it is a little thuddy and packs a mean ( center of gravity) swattttttt ouchie
  9. IN the D I A P E R position with either a cane or a thick leather slapper which should be just long enough to cover both of my cheeks. There is a certain humiliation to this position and it does create a very contrite attitude within me
  10. hearing words like? yup! verbiage of those that know the truth.
  11. This could not be any more fitting for a boy who realizes his reality
  12. being asked to bare my bottom does also create a deeper level of submission for me as well. the vulnerability factor for me is verrrry intense to me.
  13. well i saw a few there anbd it was one like that I saw >>>> http://www.cane-iac.com/items/rattan~bamboo-canes/whopper-detail.htm both of them make me quiver and curious at the same time
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