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  1. Is there a link to this video in it's entirety?
  2. Hey VanillaProblems, I'm in the same boat. Has not gone well when I've brought the subject up with my spouse. My spanking interest has not gone away for many many years and I'm not sure it will. I actually truly don't want it to go away but having a partner not interested to the point of her being angry and weird'd out by me I need to learn to just let it by my secret you can say. I look for moments to self spank and read this forum to keep me feeling connected with this part of my life. I'm not sure you'll ever be able to eliminate but perhaps? I've told my spouse that I'll just deal w
  3. Help me understand, is watching spanking videos considered watching porn? I'm more focused on the tone/mood of the ee and how they deal with the pain. I want to 'feel' what they are feeling and be drawn in when watching. It is definitely a turn on for me (therefore porn?). Likely b/c I don't have the opportunity to experience the emotions (being in a committed relationship where this is not an option). So hence why I'm really seeking a movie that draws me in. Any one else relate? And thanks sassylittle for those links! Any other long feature favorites for others?
  4. Hello, is there by chance a movie out there that someone is aware of that is strictly about spanking, laying out a story of discipline similar to the stories that people have shared on this forum and other sites? I'm not looking for porn that is about spanking leading to sexual intercourse. I love the stories that are shared but would love to see them unfold on the big screen!
  5. It took years unfortunately from first conversation to first spanking but there were big breaks of no discussing in between. I gave her some FLR literature to read and she was upset so I dropped the topic for months. Then brought it up again and conversation didn't go well. So dropped it for quite some time (this was repeated a few times except some conversations were neutral response from her). Ultimately she knew and knows where I am at as I was/have been truthful with her (except she doesn't know I'm on this website, she would consider this to be porn). She had to think through it all
  6. I've had many conversations with my vanilla wife... She has spanked me twice and both times hurt. She used a spoon for both. The first time she was upset with me (I in a sense bad mouthed her in front of our kid unjustly when she wasn't there, kids ratted me out!) and it gave her a sense of relief (this came after about two years of talking about this). I asked her to stop (it hurt and was my first time!!) and she did, wasn't a great spanking but it was something (her spoon wandered a bit and got too high and landed in exact same spot many times). I was excited we made it thus far and We
  7. Just a thought. I have no experience and am a hopeful spankee thus far (vanilla spouse). Would there be consideration for you to be the spankee in your relationship giving her opportunity to build trust with you being emotionally vulnerable? Perhaps not a good idea.. Other experienced spankee/rs might have input?
  8. Gravano, can you elaborate on how it was a big mistake and what the lasting implications have been to help us that are contemplating this journey?
  9. Perhaps it's population/percentage. In Alberta we have 4.4M individuals and would've thought that there would be quite a few Spanko's within a pop size such as that. But maybe this website has no appeal to others. Personally I have found it to be a wealth of knowledge and experience that I could never find elsewhere. I've just been hoping to connect with someone from my area to share and learn on a more personal level (friendship). Apart from sexual services I don't even know if there are Disciplinary Services available apart from one individual in Lethbridge I believe ( which sexual serv
  10. I am also confused by why there are so few Canduans on here. Are we all keeping it so very private? Are there truly only a few of us? Are we embarrassed to share this desire even online? Thoughts?
  11. Hello, I took a leave for the past two years. Are you still online?
  12. Question for the experienced. Tried some caning on myself, brief, while bent over and was a bit of a different sensation, more intense one might say. When spanking with any implement I am guessing with tight muscle things will be more intense and cause more bruising? Since I only self spank now and then I have pretty much no true experience with implements and positions. Thoughts?
  13. Spectacular! That is only what I can dream about...
  14. Gotcha, no worries. Don't let me force your creative writing!
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