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  1. wow - i got disciplined tonight - on here-  directed self spanking and corner - my butt is worn out - lots of real rules and lots consequences - if you want her to help you too - contact me

  2. Thanks for the message! Be good..

  3. Hi - I'm a switch from Denver and would love to chat. If you chat on yahoo I'm at temc700. I hope you're having a great day.
  4. welcome - where are you from?
  5. try having him stand with his legs about 18 inches apart and bend over the back of a chair - then paddle away
  6. Hi Dawn - Lets chat sometime - im on yahoo at temc700 - have a great day
  7. woodshedboy

    Naughty boys

    Hi, I'm from Littleton - how do I get a hold of you?
  8. You do sound like you need a spanking -and I'm in Littleton
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