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  1. I like your name.  I bet you have more fun than those not being wilder.

    1. HeartnBottomWarmer


      Um, oldspanker, I think that she means "Bewildered" flower. As in "Befundled" flower. Not "Be wilder."

  2. Great screen name btw, love it !  Lol

  3. Welcome to the site, Nina! I’ll echo the others - be careful and stay safe. Best of luck to you :-)
  4. I completely disagree. There are plenty of people who aren't ok with being spanked that way. Different things work for different people, and I feel that it's very close-minded to say that it's not a spanking unless it's on the bare.
  5. That sounds like a great way to approach it. Again, best wishes! I don't think you'll be disappointed by the site ?
  6. Yes I've definitely had some great experiences here. I agree, Just be safe and don't rush into anything :-)
  7. Welcome, and best of luck; hope you are able to get to know some nice people!
  8. I see what you are saying - letting go of control is absolutely important. However, boundaries/limits have to be set ahead of time, and those will be different for everyone. Some won't be ok with what others assume is necessary. In my opinion, setting personal limits and boundaries is a totally different category. I would dare to say that most of us have some sort of personal boundaries relating to spanking, and IMO anything is valid - you just have to find the right person who will respect your desire and be ok with staying within that limit.
  9. Yes!! This is such great advice!! Don't ever, ever let yourself feel pressured into something that you are uncomfortable with, along these lines. Your mentor refusing to listen to your concerns is a huge red flag. The two of you may not be the right fit, and that would be a better thing to discuss... rather than him just trying to force his ideal on you. You absolutely have the right to set your personal limits in this kind of situation and if your mentor doesn't pay attention to that, please get out of there quickly and find someone who will respect you!
  10. Welcome to the site, and good luck with your search!! :-)
  11. Welcome back to the site! Not sure if you are talking about a different chat feature, but there is still an up and running chat here :-).
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