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  1. Possibly. Also, the intimacy of a daddy daughter bond with a husband sounds so perfect!
  2. lol I’m not sure how you see them as different or wrong to group them so I don’t know what to explain to you.
  3. I have been very intrigued by incorporating these age play tactics into a CDD relationship. definitely interested in chatting about the topic with anyone.
  4. Haha yes, it is, and it was actually given to me by my father. lol thank you everyone about the careful comments. I am very aware of the dangers both from experience and the fact that I’ve only had CDD relationships that didn’t end well. My dog is the smartest doofus I’ve ever met lol
  5. Oh boy, where do I start? i have had some limited experience in the lifestyle. I’ve received a few adult spankings, and some other genuine punishments. I’ve grown accustomed to having rules and I rely on them. Being single, and not having any rules or discipline has made life more difficult than it was before I had experienced those things. I’m a Christian woman that has been seeking a CDD relationship for years. I actually found Christ because I entered into a DD relationship with a Christian man. It’s amazing how life works so strangely that way. anyways, Im not sure how else to introduce myself. Im pretty boring. so yeah, nice to meet everyone lol
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