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  1. I decided to make a Wordpress blog just to have a journal for spanking thoughts, and hopefully, one day, to record my experience with my first adult spanking.  I really wish this site had a journal for this, but that ok. I hope that my recent email to a disciplinarian pans out. I just want to know for sure if spanking is right for me. 

  2. TTWD in Rural Areas

    @LateBloomer This is very good advice and I really appreciate it! While I'm not in a big hurry personally, I do hope to find someone this year, but won't get too upset if it takes me longer though. Thank you!
  3. TTWD in Rural Areas

    I am wondering the same thing. I'm new to this site though, so just starting out. I live near a city but it's not a very big one. Wondering how other people find someone considering those factors you've mentioned above.
  4. Good morning

    70?!?! I wish it were like that here in Michigan right now. 26 here. yikes
  5. By Way of an Introduction...

    Hi! I hope you are able to find who you are looking for!
  6. Desperately Seeking Mentor

    Thank you for your input on this! Yes, his mentoring me happens on campus. I look up to him as an excellent male role model as well, but that's something I haven't told him. I think I'm gonna keep being cautious out of respect for him and all that he's worked so hard. I might still put some feelers out there on the topic in general outside of his work, but nothing more than that.
  7. Desperately Seeking Mentor

    Thank you for the advice! I appreciate it.
  8. Desperately Seeking Mentor

    He's a faculty member at the college I attend and that is where he mentors me. It would not only jeopardize my having him as my mentor there (and I really need him for this), it could put him in a position that could compromise his job. I really admire and respect him and could never put him in that position. Plus, he's a good straight Christian man and might feel like that would be too intimate of a thing. He has very strong feelings about what is and isn't considered cheating on his wife. I wouldn't want to make him uncomfortable especially since I have the utmost respect for him. If I knew how to bring it up inadvertently, maybe...but really I don't want to risk it at this time. Thank you for responding!
  9. Desperately Seeking Mentor

    OK...not desperate but I couldn't help but sort-of reference (and tweak the name of) an old Madonna movie. Hello, I'm Werebeast, but you can just call me Beast if you'd like. I'm a thirty-nine-year-old guy living in Flint, Michigan. I'm going to be honest in that I'm nervous to be here. I've never received a disciplinary spanking in my adult life. I did get a few spankings as a child, and I absolutely hated them. A lot of the time I was wrongly disciplined and therefore just left me confused and angry. While I do have a genuine interest in erotic spankings, I'm not here for that. I'd like to find an older male mentor to help keep me in line...or rather I'd like to think that I do. It's a bit confusing, but I'd like to explore this avenue and maybe if someone is willing down the road, see about a bit of a chat...perhaps a spanking and see where things go. I can't guarantee anything really other than I'd like to chat with interested people sometime and go from there. The truth is I'm really nervous. I'm scared of getting a real spanking and I have a low pain tolerance. I need a good guy to mentor me and who can help me in areas where I fail because of my lack of willpower and accountability. I must say that I do have a mentor right now for a certain part of my life (who has also become my friend), and I wish he could take on the role of administering me a spanking if it was necessary, but even asking him would be inappropriate of me. In fact, I wouldn't even know how to inadvertently bring up the topic, in general, to see what he thinks of things like that. But really, I think it would be out of the question to even ask and so here I am. I think I'll stop before I write a novel. If anyone is interested in learning a bit more about me, and also if you are interested in possibly mentoring me in the future, please feel free to check out my profile. I have filled out the About Me section with a bit more about myself. Thank you.
  10. Here's a silly, but maybe fun question:

    If ever I found a mentor to dish out spankings to keep me in line, and I felt like I required a safe word, I would want it to be 'Poodle'. I've wanted to use it ever since I read "Choke" by Chuck Palahniuk.
  11. Spanking Therapy on Buzzfeed

    That was actually a pretty cool video. I felt a bit bad for the one woman who started crying before she even received a smack!
  12. I know this has already been said, but I think it's important to note that "punishing" an involuntary response isn't really a good idea ever. It would be just like punishing her if she started her period mid spanking session. Nothing she did or can do to stop nature from taking place. Also, while one might become aroused during a spanking, lubrication down there isn't always a sign of arousal. It's a natural response to stimuli in which her body is preparing to protect itself. I think you and everyone are right in that ignoring it is the best thing for both of you.