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  1. I feel ya. This year has hit hard I'm feeling a lot of the same. Hang in there!
  2. Feeling so lost😥

    1. AfterGeometry


      It's an upside down crazy world.  

    2. Jaded


      If you ever need someone to chat with, you can message me on here.  I usually check my messages twice a day.  I’ve felt the same way many times. Hope you feel better soon. Tomorrow is a new day 

    3. braatman


      hey Bflogirl, you ok?  been awhile since we talked...

  3. LTR he's not vanilla but not a spanko either...we are working on it!
  4. There is a club for the area feel free to join but no one really is active
  5. Yes definitely! And I think there'd be a lot less infractions if that was the punishment! Would you ever get a spanking in the presence of your kids?
  6. I've been spanked by 5 people. I've been the -er only two times 2 people both as "favors" for switches
  7. Crying is more an emotional response than physical pain so it really depends on you, your ER and what kind of connection you have. I have never cried but that doesn't mean it didn't hurt. I'd say don't be nervous but I know you probably will be. Just remember punishment is given for a reason with a purpose from someone who wants you to make better choices/decisions. Also the best part to remember for the -ee is your aftercare and knowing you are forgiven and cared for.
  8. I am not in a committed relationship at this time so I have formed several friendships with fellow spankos from this site and a few others. It's great to have those people to talk about this with. I understand it'd be different if I was still in a committed vanilla relationship. I also have committed to not getting into a pure vanilla relationship again so I plan on this being a part of my life in the future because I would definitely feel lonely without being able to discuss the one thing I'm truly passionate about lol.
  9. Happy New Year to all! 2018 wasnt so bad I finally embraced my desires and started getting spanked! 

    1. MisterVince


      Happy 2019!! 

    2. BlackSATX


      Sometimes things have a way of working out!  Hope 2019 is just as satisfying...

  10. Day or night? Makes a big difference trust me!
  11. I know right!? How old is too old to still get spankings? I don't want to be that!
  12. Silly question maybe but do non spankos/kinksters know what "vanilla" is? Or do you not know that term until you are no longer vanilla? Lol just curious as I might want more like minded friends in the future and not sure how to pick one out without outing myself in the process!
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