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  1. The list goes on and on! I usually get spanked for being sassy and disobedient. But in general, I’ve got recent spankings for: 1. Forgetting to do my homework 2. Coming home late after the time daddy and i agreed, and not texting him while I was out to let him know I was safe. That time I was coming home, ironically from a spanking party, already sore and as soon as I came through that door and I got another hard spanking with the switch I brought home from the hosts backyard? 3. Topping daddy from the bottom (I love this) and sitting in his chair and not moving for him be
  2. You’re bold! Lol , even I do not have those kinds of guts nor the budget to have to replace it all?
  3. Like many of us here, I crave discipline and am generally more well- behaved after a good spanking. Although I get spanked often by my partner and they do hurt a lot, he always seems to stop right before I am pushed past my threshold. This is frustrating because I don’t feel like I am getting the release I need to be the good girl he wants me to be. My style is definitely to brat ( which he also loves) because I really don’t like to ask for a spanking, but rather misbehave and tease until he decides to punish me. When it starts to really hurt and he stops, sometimes I am honestly happy t
  4. I’m not an expert by any means, I’m fairly new to this as well; but I consider that perfectly normal and still happens to me too! I typically moisturize my bum after I take a shower, I have told this helps ( don’t do it right before a spanking though, that hurts like hell) ! If your ER will allow it, rubbing some aloe on that booty after a hard spanking both is soothing and helps prevent/heal bruising . I have been told Arnica cream/gel works well for this purpose as well. I’d say though, your body just needs time to build some resistance and get used to spankings and it’s very normal to mark
  5. Lol ! It was, but I had mixed motivations. I like to keep my spanker on his toes , but I also wanted to avoid the bathbrush bc It’s my least favorite implement. Hiding it accomplished both;)
  6. Update: It didn’t go very well, but my spirit is not broken and the bathbrush is still in it’s hiding place? I did however get a pretty harsh hand spanking, followed by a paddling and the tawse. I’m sure once my boyfriend recovers the bathbrush it will get a whole lot worse for me, but likely that will take a few days? @BathbrushNYC gosh, can’t a girl have a little fun? you mustn’t take life so seriously!
  7. My boyfriend who also happens to be my top told me I was getting the bathbrush next time were alone because I keep blocking his spanks with my hand . While I was helping him clean up his room this evening, I took the opportunity to go into his implements and hide the bathbrush? has anyone else done something like this? Did it end well for you?? *nervous laughter*
  8. I’ve been spanked for skipping class, procrastinating, staying up too late and eating badly. It never helps that my mouth gets going before my brain really thinks about whether I should really argue with a person who has a bunch of scary Implements at their disposal? last time that very stupid mistake got me the bathbrush
  9. I very recently “came out” to a coworker who is also becoming a good friend ( we also workout together) . But to start at the beginning, a month ago I finally decided to fufill my spanking needs and found a disciplinarian I felt I connected well with and we agreed to meet. And Two weeks ago, I recieved my first spanking ever, which was a great experience by the way! So its all happened rather quickly! I was super nervous about meeting a stranger especially being as young as I am, so I decided to have a safe call In place. I tried to be really non-chalant about it and just said that I was meeti
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