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  1. My first favorite band as a kid. I can listen to any of the 1970s albums- Aerosmith, Get Your Wings, Toys in the Attic, Rocks, Draw the Line, Bootleg, Night in the Ruts- and it never gets old. After that, eh. But that stuff from back then- immortal. Glad you gave it a spin. I’ve seen moe. 100+ times. Amazing stuff. I’m glad someone can dig it. Thank you
  2. Ok, didn’t embed. Let’s try another show. This time from YouTube.
  3. Been on a 6 month massive moe. kick. Here’s a BLISTERING version of my favorite song by them, Recreational Chemistry. Recreational Chemistry (27:49) • moe. • 2001-02-16 • La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX https://relisten.net/moe/2001/02/16/recreational-chemistry?source=52509
  4. Well, it’s been a while since I checked in w you fine folks. I’m still writing away and doing my thing. All is well. What was that? No, of course I didn’t come empty-handed. But this offering is not mine. It was penned by the spouse of a friend. It is quite superb. I’m jealous, in fact, that I didn’t author (poet?) such a fine piece. In any event, enjoy. Feel free to drop a line, also. I’m here. Again, this piece is NOT my writing. Rubber Nun ———————— It’s not the love I needed It’s not the love I wanted. It’s the love from which I run Rubber Nun! Oh, she was short in stature, But in bed, no one could match her. She brought me to my knees! Rubber Nun. Her habit was slick and shiny, And her voice was shrill and whiney, She loved to smack me on my heinie! Rubber Nun! The sister slyly grins, As I confess to all my sins. Please don’t make me pay your penance! Rubber Nun! The attention that she gave me. Was far too much to save me. And now she has enslaved me! Rubber Nun! Rubber Nun! Rubber Nun! My nightmare has just begun! Rubber Nun! Rubber Nun! We’ll burn in hell for what we’ve done! Rubber Nun! Rubber Nun! Castigate me just for fun! It’s not the love I needed It’s not the love I wanted It’s the love from which I run Rubber Nun! Molly thought that she could fool her Till she caught the sister’s ruler. Her sweet ass is gonna pay for what she’s done! When sister lifted Molly’s skirt, She said, Now, this is gonna hurt. Girl, I’ll teach you not to cross the Rubber Nun! Our unholy fornication Led to our excommunication. We shall be subject to damnation! Rubber Nun! I’ve been traumatized for life, Since I took her for my wife. God have mercy on my soul. Here comes the Nun!!! Rubber Nun! Rubber Nun! My nightmare has just begun! Rubber Nun! Rubber Nun! We’ll burn in hell for what we’ve done! Rubber Nun! Rubber Nun! Castigate me just for fun! It’s not the love I needed. It’s not the love I wanted It’s the love from which I run Rubber Nun!
  5. Behave. Then there is no need to worry about bruising as it becomes a moot point. What? Am I wrong?
  6. And perhaps also a visual reminder of every failure? ?
  7. So my fiancee @PinkytheBrain and Ihave both today and tomorow free. We figured we would enjoy them to the utmost. So we ate, opened a beer, and figured that we would soon begin a lovely session of sub training. Now, don't get me wrong. Pinky is the best sub I've ever had the pleasure to know, let alone practice the craft with. She does anything and everything asked or ordered to do. Hell, she oftentimes takes the initiative to anticipate my desires or ask if I would like X, Y, and/or Z. So not a lot of real training is necessary, but it is still a fun way to relish each other's bodies, minds, company, and (depraved?) desires. I said that since we haven't posted in a while, it would be nice to pop in and say hello to all our fellow spankos and such. So, Hello. Since our last posting, much has happened. Pinky's first real paddle was crafted (by me, of course) and has been implemented (by me, of course) often. Several other varied implements have also been added to our ever-expanding collection. Switches, rods, belts, other paddles, brushes, other miscellaneous implements, and (most special to my heart) a real riding crop that she got me for Christmas. So, here goes another day (and night, tee hee hee) of love, fun, debauchery, exploration, and experimentation. I hope everyone else has so super a day as we have lined up. Until next time, I bid thee (pl) farewell and sincerest hopes that we meet again soon.
  8. Hey all!!! So I’ve been away a while. I have been.... busy. I have met my match. And how! Like me, she writes. But for real. She has multiple works published, including anthropomorphic Germanic god BDSM erotica. Yeah. And a college professor to boot. She is the best sub a man could ask for. Even better than the Italian subs at Vino’s. I’m half-joking. As irony would dictate, she is the teacher, yet I do QUITE a bit of... instructing. For those of you that know me, my lessons are quite, um, thorough. Let’s just say I’ve met my match. But tonight I may be the one getting burned. I was a bad boy. And as fair is fair- I have some penance to pay. So I’ve decided to allow myself to be figged. Don’t worry- it won’t be unsafe. Plus- I’m not the only one who has... atonement to attend. We have both had the flu for the past few weeks, and as a pair of sickies- discipline has had to take a back seat. But fear not- as my handle would imply, a firm, wooden board is certain to be utilized. How? Well, a gentleman never expressly discloses. Good thing I’m not one. Stay tuned. I’m back. And you can be damn sure that if a piece of ginger is getting rammed into my ass, the lass doing the ramming is SURELY bound (heh heh) to feel an equal burn upon (not in) hers. My (her) paddle may not have 12 holes at the current moment- but time is on our side. Oh yeah- I collared her. Yup. She’s mine. And forever will be. So without further ado, I bid you (pl) farewell as I go to face my penance. And warm up my right arm to tan the everloving **** out of her cute little behind. Seasons greetings spankos!!!! Great to be back!!!
  9. so apparently my phone was hacked. but now i have access to a different device. I apologize for being away but will be back. you cant keep a good man down. mark my words. hope all is well w everyone. @AfterGeometry and @redzonedefense_F ive missed you guys. if you can dig it
  10. Hope you enjoyed it’s opposite, too. ?
  11. Sometimes, you know- being one of those spankers, it’s easy to allow the hope to arise that some girls get spanked due to the appeal of seeing it by virtue of their pretty, or shapely (do I need to clarify for anyone that to this humble and empathetic adherent of the craft “shapely” means round and, um, lets say prominent? What I like to dub “ship shape.” Relax, Ol’ Moe will explain- ship shape because she’d have someone STERN and SET to spANCHOR- AFTer BEARING the HULL entirety of the CAN-VASt aMAST with the best paddle available- my STAR BOARD. AYE hear the rePORT of each STROKE LAND HOme, qWHITE CAPtivated by the views/of what ensues/ from paying dues/ “SEA, what aCREWS/ when BOOTYs bruise- MOORE reds and blues- SHORE KNOT the hues/ of rave reviews/ that she eschews/ when describing the shades that enCOMPASS her hindQUARTERS after she decided to WAIVE good choices and earned her butt asSAILed until she got the DRIFT. Talk about a PADDLE BOAT!) And then you hope some girls are based on their actions. But isn’t it at least nice KNOWING that some are? Especially when enjoying a chuckle and while limbering the lyrical lexicon lampoon lance. Come on, P, did you really think there was ANY chance I was gonna let that go with nary a retort? ? And you DID say recently that there was SOME reason you had missed me posting.... But damn it sucks getting old. Memory and all.
  12. You should’ve said switches don’t CUT IT for you. GET IT? Ok had to make those two puns, and had to do it first. I wanted them to STICK. Is this not unbelievable? 6:30 in the AM and The Kid’s out there makin’ puns like it late afternoon! And of all things to joke about- the sanctity of Krampus’s traditional whipping rod. What’s next? Probably some off-color remark correlating Santa’s age to the size of his giant sack. But consider- were the hypothetical to play out, you would find yourself suddenly a being either with, or just about with, the powers of an angel (I’d understand if you may think demon, but the “spare the rod...” spiel is “God’s word,” and I’m just spitballin’ here, But I’ve never known demons to be the ones doing THAT). So I’d assume there existed an option to SWITCH. Every time you think he’s done!
  13. Um, ppl, ppl- you’re all overthinking this one. If he wants to stop and you’re not ready just inform him you’re worried because the price of crack has risen to the degree that you can’t help but wonder how his mom’s various anatomical vessels are gonna handle the extra workload, considering that you can’t foresee the b**** cutting down on smoking ANYTHING. Then for good measure just kinda slap him enough to feel like in the face or towards the junk. If that doesn’t extend the session then simply take a deep breath, put yourself back together and compose yourself. You’re gonna wanna pass it off as a crude attempt at humor so that he is lulled into a false sense of security when you employ.... the nuclear option. That’s right. The upper-decker. And if you’re feeling heify tell him that you were in fact NOT joking before and the apple doesn’t fall far. Say that his mom raised the only p**** bigger than hers and as such you felt free to give him shit when-and where- ever you saw fit. Maybe punctuate it by calling him “Bucko.” Guys hate that.
  14. I’ve found that redheads bruise easier than most. Usually as an aftermath thing. Which is cool. Whatever. They never seem to report that they’re any more sore than the ones whose welts fade w barely a black and blue hue. And while the concern the spankers felt was real- no one wants to actually hurt their spankee- I have never offered such a reason as Jenna got. I do my work on a field of bare cheeks for 3 reasons- her panties did nothing wrong, it makes the spanking sting as much as possible and it’s hot. I’m sure I could have sugar coated it, but why bother? If you’re gonna remove your clothes and allow me to whoop you, I feel that the least I can do is be honest. But I’m kinda weird like that. You know, sincere.
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