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  1. Hello! I am a 42 year-old male in South Florida who has been involved with spanking last 20 years I'm a pretty down to earth guy, humorous, professionally employed and have lots of interests which I would be glad to share with you once we communicate. I am available to assist women who have a need for real discipline and feel that it's needed to improve certain aspects of their lives. I've been very successful with helping others this way over the years and am looking to continue that. Feel free to reach out to me if interested.
  2. Dragged otk paddle thunders crack crack heat grimace squirms tears
  3. Recently moved to south florida. Looking to make friends in the community and for a safe sane consensual disciplinarian to spank me
  4. New to south Florida, from Texas. Not new to domestic discipline and spanking. Giving and taking. Been in the lifestyle over twenty years. Looking to find other like minded people.
  5. I mentor but I do see a disciplinarian now and then when needed. You need to lead by example. Don’t set a standard you won’t live up too
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