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  1. I agree with embarrassment/shame...NEVER humiliation! If you look up the definitions of the two words, you'll find them to be very different... And in answer to the questions here...I believe that embarrassment needs to be a huge part of the experience! The embarrassment will be remembered LONG after the sting and burn of the spanking has faded! How I employ that embarrassment, what methods do I use...that depends on the girl being spanked. I would need to get to know her and what embarrasses her the most. What might embarrass one girl to tears is meaningless to another and vice vers
  2. There must be SOMETHING spanking going on in Pennsylvania! Anybody know where or when???
  3. (LOL!) You're not tingling...YET, young lady!!! But that can be arranged...???
  4. (LOL!) You're very welcome!!! But...(...there's always a butt!) Am I to consider your last post a confession...or a request??? Curious minds want to know...(hehehe!)
  5. See? I told you you're never too old! (lol!) Besides, if you don't stay focused at work...well...you know what has to happen then, right??? (hehehe!)
  6. Hummm...first, you need to forget this "I'm too old" attitude, young lady! We're never too old! Maybe I should just come up there and spank your little butt!!! I'm not that far from central NY! (hehehe!) (FYI: I grew up in Schenectady...I'm near Harrisburg, PA now, for the last 40 years. We're not neighbors, but...not that far either...)
  7. Snow, please check your private email, here, on this site...
  8. Hello, Julie! Maybe we could talk...???
  9. Thank you, Lizzy! I hope I can find the right lady here...
  10. Thank you for the welcome! I don't get my hopes up but I keep an open mind...
  11. Thank you...I'm looking forward to it!
  12. I've been seeking a lady for an HOH/DD type of relationship...forever! Even though I thought I had found her...I hadn't! I don't know if this is the right place to look but...you don't know until you try...so here goes... Anything you want to know, please feel free to ask. I probably won't approach many ladies, unless your profile definitely states that you're seeking the same type of relationship. A side note...age doesn't matter to me... Lastly...I'm VERY real and more than willing to prove it...but not to the whole world, so I won't be posting any pictures on here. Cam
  13. For what it's worth, she has a bunch of videos posted on Spanking Tube...she goes by maciesmom on there...
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