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  1. New trying find spanker

    Hi I'm scooby spank I haven't on this site very long I am looking for a male spanker I want and need a disciplinary paddling . I dont know what I'm doing wrong or right there is a slit difference to finding the right spanker. I am psysically challenged and I can't drive I really need my paddling can u guys and gals help me tell me what u think thank u
  2. Find local Spankers

    Hi I'm new to this site I saw that u where in Michigan recently that is close to me I'm looking for a male spanker paddler for a much needed disciplinary spanking one issue though I feel I must say I am physically challenged but I am no stranger to being paddled I need it so badly I dream about it I deserve a paddling and I need to pay for my wrongs it will make me feel forgiven and bring me back to the center of my life
  3. I have the same feeling about my guilt I know what I did was way wrong. And the only way I can pay for it is a heavy handed spanking problem is I don't drive I am physically challenged but I know what I need this site is new for me I'm trying to find a spanker who would be willing to do it. I was chatting with 12holepaddle I don't see him on here
  4. Need to find spanker

    I need to find a spanker I need a disciplinary spanking so bad I think about it every day but I'm a little different I'm disabled I need an open minded male to give me what I need I'm 41i have cp will explain when contacted I got a lot of bare bottom with a paddle spankings some times I'd do stuff on purpose to get spanked positively didn't like it but after I felt like I had been centered again Well I really need someone to do that now and continue periodically the problem is I can't drive and would have to meet someone like at a hotel or something because of current living situation so it would have to be where I can get there by cab I would like someone very experienced. I finally got the courage to come on here I live in Elkhart IN if you think you could help me or know someone who could please respond ( I use electronic wheelchair but can get out of by myself and do walk a short distance )
  5. Spankologist Available

    Is he as professional as u I know I don't know you but from our conversations I don't feel that u would lie is he on here also thank u for trying to help me
  6. Spankologist Available

    Hey I haven't heard from u couple days just wanted to know if u want me to try to get someone closer I know it's a drive I haven't sent pic cause my friend hasn't been able to get here she works late hopefully this weekend. Any suggestions what to do if u can't make it do you know anyone down here that does same thing u do
  7. A spankee poll

    I'm new to this so I don't know
  8. Hey can we continue our conversation I think your the disaplainarion can we make a date and time for my punishment hope to talk soon thank u

  9. Hello, Thought I'd Introduce Myself

    I'm very new to this but know I need it