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  1. How a spanking feels during or after can depend on you as much as the spanking. Yesterday I gave myself a reasonably hard spanking with a wooden paddle. Really a 15" cutting board, maybe 6" wide with ~3" handle, 1/2" thick purchased at target that I use as a paddle. It is one of my favorite DIY spanking toys. Yesterday was very similar to many previous spankings and hurt about the same during and immediately after. Today however, 36 hours late I still feel that twingy, uncomfortable feeling you get when sitting after a spanking. I have rarely had that type of reaction and never from this paddle. I do not know what was different, other then spanking a little slower and maybe just a bit harder. I'd call that a moderate spanking, which is my goal. I wish I knew however as I really, really want another one.
  2. I can attest to the longer handle. I love my bath brushes, oh so sweet, ouch they hurt.
  3. Id say I first found my interest in being spanked t about age 45 or so. I think I was spanked at like 2 or 3, but I that is what I was told, I have no memory of it. Somewhere along the line I began to notice cute girls bottoms, but had no idea why. As a kid I knew friends were spanked and was curious. I'd look it up in the dictionary, etc. also, but that wss it. In the early 2000's the difficult times created significant stress, and I began to think about being spanked. My wife would 'spank' me as foreplay, but they were light and short. I remember always wanting more. Those fell away; but the want, desire, need just got stronger from there. Early 2010's I needed it so badly I tried to do it myself. I found that self-spanking was my form of meditation. Now, with some things going on, I meditate as much as I can.
  4. I'd liken a heavier hair brush to more like a bath brush, especially if it has a longer handle. It has more mass so develops more energy during the swing, but it has to be swung with purpose.šŸ˜„. I have a solid wood wooden spoon, not light like bamboo. Smaller surface area so with a good swing it hurts. Since the impact area is smaller, it can be used to swat more precise spots on the bottom repeatably for even less, or more, EE enjoyment. I self spank so I use these on myself quite successfully.
  5. Uh. so the middle person can somewhat control there spanking by how frequently they swat their EE. That is an interesting thought. Sort of wish I was in the middle.
  6. The past couple weeks have been really hard. My wife and I have a family health issue that we're dealing with. We've been assured the outcome will be good, but the road to that point will not be easy. I self spank for stress relief and relaxation, but oddly if I am to stressed I don't want a spanking. Yesterday and today that dam broke. I had the opportunity, and the desire and need was really strong. Needless to say between the two days and some sessions with a pickle ball paddle, rubber paddle, and a bath brush the anxiety has been at least partly alleviated. These spanking hurt. However they were such a release and helped me re-focus on what I intellectually know versus emotionally feel. Sometimes a good sound spanking can be almost magical in that regard.
  7. My self spanking 'rituals' are pretty simple, although afterwards, is really part of maintaining the meditative state I am in due to the spanking. Prior; I undress, or at least waist down. I pull out the implement(s) I will use. This is a spur of the moment decision usually. Go into the bathroom with my back to the mirror, and look at the before state of my bottom. After; I look at my bottom in the mirror, and admire my handiwork. Lay down on the bed in my stomach and rub my bottom against the covers. I find it soothing, and in my relaxed state the entire scene felt/feels so wonderful. If it during a break from work I set a timer, as I will soemtimes doze off.
  8. I have a rubber paddle we bought in a 'naughty' store some years back. Floppy, but quite a sting and a nice sound as it lands also. Since it is floppy it is best to use with a partner. For self spanking I duck taped two paint stirrers to it to stiffen it up. Now it is oe of my favorite toys.
  9. Most of my spankings are a few minutes of actual spanking. I've gone as long as 15-30 minutes though. A 30 minute spanking is usually slow becuase that would be a lot of swats at a normal pace.
  10. If you could describe what spanking means to you in ten words or less, what would they be? For me they would be; safe, secure, comforting, clear headed, focused, relaxed, oh so very sore. Opps that more then 10 words, I guess I need a spanking šŸ˜Ŗ
  11. I'm happy to help, or at least make suggestions.
  12. I enjoy the pain also. I find the pain is a enabler for the relaxation I get from self spanking. I hav eon rare occasion had minor beeling, but I think that wass from the implement hitting the same spot too many times. I watch carefully as I do it, so make sure my skin is ok. What is interesting is sometimes a mild spanking is all I need, and other times, long and as hard as possible. Bleeding is a hard stop. I also set a time limit, no where near an hour, or number of swat I may exceed a little but not by much. I do not want to overdue and get either leather butt, or such reduced sensitivity that spanking does not do anything. I hope this help. YMMV
  13. Today, just for fun and relaxation. 65 each side with a fairly rigid faux leather 'riding crop', and 75 with a wood pickle ball paddle. Took about 10 minutes, it hurt but felt wonderful at the same time. Viva-la-spanking.
  14. I suffer from anxiety and periods of depression. I cannot speak, of course, for anything but my own experiences. I am on medications, see a therapist, and self-spank. To me spanking is a way to let go and be in the moment. It is essentially mediation for me. When I am depressed i do NOT want a spanking, and rely on other techniques I have learned. I'll also use calming CBD gummies to help, focus on work, etc. Spanking is not a cure for me, but a very beneficial tool to manage day to days ups and downs. I agree with other comments that depression treatment should start with professional help, and the hard work needed to get relief.
  15. I guess like with a paddle, the holes allow it to swing faster? Even more intimidating.
  16. I gifted myself a "riding crop" from Amazon. It's 2 feet (i think) long with I guess a 6 in handle it a solid piece of reinforced faux leather. it's pretty stiff. Some one else wielding it it could be harsh, myself I'd call it medium harsh but gives a good solid ting and builds up plenty of heat. Jus because I wanted to try a new toy.
  17. My father in law has a saying. There is a direct connection between the tush and the brain. I guess he's right.
  18. For me getting spanked is quite emotional. That is part of the benefit for me and part of why it is such powerful experience. Spankings for me are for stress relief. It helps me get my emotions "in order", and "wrap by head" around what I'm feeling, and I deal with them subconsciously while the spanking is in progress.
  19. I just happened to be coming from the doctor before going home to my fate. The spanking was for a bunch of things, and I'll definitely remember each and every one (of the things, and spanks).
  20. As I left the doctor's office and headed to my car, I felt myself start to walk slower. I knew I had a long and hard spanking coming when I got home. I felt anticipatory dread. As I drove i was unsure if I wanted traffic to push it off, or no traffic to get it started and finished sooner. My stomach had butterflies, and I felt a certain tickle in my tushy, like I was already starting to feel the initial effects. I arrived home, I knew the routine. Right upstairs, get the 'toys' that would be used, and get undressed. In position, and 25 long minutes later, with a break the spanking was over, and I was very sore. Fifteen minutes with a hand paddle with holes and two bath brushes (ow, ooooch) About a 10 minute break and 5 minutes with the belt (really ouch). My bottom was quite warm and was deep red with white splotches on the sit spots, and other splotches elsewhere. Sitting was going to be memorable for a long time to come, even clenching my cheeks hurt. The spanking was over, and no words had been said, none were needed.
  21. To my understanding, if it is not mutually consenting and without any form of coercion, it is assault or abuse and would be illegal (at least in the NE).
  22. I have never been able to spank myself to tears. I'd like to experience it at some point. However, since self-spanking does provide the emotional release I need, a good sound spanking is still quite effective.
  23. I'm late returning to this party. I was spanked as a very young child, at the time i think I acted to be spanked to get attention since I knew (on some level) that I was an unwanted child. By 4 I was adopted, wanted and loved, and never spanked. Much later in life when stress and anxiety become over whelming, this want, desire, need came up. Over time I got good at and found it helpful and pleasurable. My wife knows in some part of her that I like this, but she will not help and does not acknowledge it. After over 30 years of marriage, that is ok.
  24. Even if the EE in question, likes being spanked in general. A hard punishment spanking (with some surrounding formality - as agreed to) may be enjoyed on one level, but still not liked and therefore be the catalyst @EnglishSpanker referred to,
  25. My spanking bucket list; 1. get a good hard real (as versus self) spanking; a long hand more mild hand spanking, like 30 minutes or so A hard belt spanking a nice sound brush spanking. rinse and repeat as often as possible.
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