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  1. Oh my, don't getting me thinking of spanking experiences I know I'll never unfortunately have. You're making me jealous. 😃
  2. That's a double ooch (spanking from MIL)
  3. I get spanked (DIY) for stress relief. I find that rubbing after not only feels good but helps keep me centered and relaxed for longer. Rubbing w/o a spanking can be fun, but after a spanking is great.
  4. I guess I can say my buns burn, but not solely from the spanking. A little dab of Capsaicin cream, can do wonders. I applied about 1 dime sized dab to each cheek and carefully rubbed it in. If you are going to try this PLEASE look at the threads here on SN talking about use of Capsaicin cream and the precautions (keep it away from private areas and the face, use sparingly, wash your hands immediately, water does NOT remove the cream once applied - it can increase the burning sensation). Nonetheless the burning is real and I have felt all the time since about 9 this morning, still going strong. It is not painful, and I can sit, but there is a definite, hard to ignore burn. I wish I could say I did not like it, but I do. I'm sure the cream has an interaction with the skin and the burn related nerve endings so I would not do this all the time, but once in a while - Yes (with care). Maybe at some point I'll try putting on a tiny bit od capsaicin, letting it settle in, and then do a spanking.
  5. I tend to do slower spankings, I'll have to try a fast, heard spanking to see if that adds a burn. I like feeling, remembering, the spanking later. H*ll, I like the spanking too. Thanks @ammon.
  6. I've read in many posts, and read in stories, about a spanking making your bottom hot or burn. When I spank myself, it really hurts, but by bottom never feels warm to the touch. Is saying 'my bottom burns' really a way of saying the spanking hurt or a by product of the pain, or does a spanking delivered by someone else actually heat up your rear?
  7. Only by the person I see in the mirror. it works though.
  8. I do not see being spanked as a sign of submissiveness, at least not for stress relief spankings. To me it is a need being met. I am in a leadership role at work, and my marriage is a true partnership. I am confident about my skills and what I bring to the table. I have no desire to be dominated, but getting spanked is a wonderful feeling.
  9. @LouisvilleSpank I completely agree. Me too. Focuses, clears my head, and relaxes me like nothing else I have found.
  10. What do you think is worse a rubber paddle (floppy but re-enforced to stiffen it) or a wood paddle (Acadia wood about 1 foot long, 9 inch of blade)? Which does less damage to the skin if used more frequently (i.e. the skin feeling thicker, tougher)? Curious what other EE/ER thoughts are on this.
  11. While not trying to go off topic. My spankings are for stress relief, and it is the spanking itself that is important. Generally the severity is less important, but a certain degree of pain is. It this physical part the enables the mindset I need to relax and clear my head.
  12. @Am123 That is a real interesting perspective. At one point I tried self spanking for punishment, and it worked to a point. I realized after a while that the punishment spankings were very similar to stress relief except for sitting on a hard wood chair afterwards. At that point it dwindled away as I couldn't do a punishment that was harder then normal.Do self spank for stress relief at all? How it it different from punishment? @Otkmedicine I agree fully. It's the sore bottom that the other feelings flow from. I watch myself for aim. and yes - I do like to see my rear get redder and redder. Sometimes nothing feels quite as good as a good sound spanking, irrespective of who is delivering it.
  13. I'm sure if I asked what people's perspective on spanking was, I'd get at least as many answers as people on this site, probably more when you add in the different types of spankings. So rather then ask, I thought I would just share my perspective, which as a self spanker may be a bit different. I should also note that I spank for stress relief/relaxation/ enjoyment exclusively. To understand my perspective you have to understand how I view myself as a self spanker (ER or EE). I view myself as an EE. Even though during a spanking a conscious part of my mind is handling the giving (aim, intensity, pace, etc. ), a more sub-consious part is feeling the spanking. It's this part from which my perspective derives. When I first start, the first swat, the ER part is 'in control'. The first couple of swats bring me into the moment, the here and now. At that moment, everything disappears from my mind (except the conscious ER part). During the spanking and for awhile after; my mind is in the moment, my head clears, I feel a sense of peace and security. That's why I spank myself and why it is so good for me especially in these trying times. I know I am giving myself a spanking and watching the delivery of it in the mirror, but it's the feeling associated with receiving the spanking that drive the benefits and enjoyment for me. I have a question for anyone who does or has self spanked. How do you view yourself? As an ER, EE, both, or neither? Thanks, and your perspectives are welcome.
  14. I the other parts I can't speak to, but the clenching makes the spanking worse for me. I'm not understanding why it would be viewed as resistance when, to my experience it only makes things more painful for the EE.
  15. @BrittyH Interesting perspective. I enjoy a good spanking. I do not look to a spanking to change behavior. I have to want to do that myself, and as long as I do a spanking isn't needed. However I do enjoy a good spanking, and it does make me feel relaxed, clears my head, makes me feel safe.
  16. I agree with much of what has been said here. I think for either mental health or physical health challenges, you have to want to get better. You also have to work hard on that goal. You have some control over physical recovery, in some cases, but mental attitude is also extremely important. Mental recovery you do have more control over, but often help is needed, be it conventional therapy, spanking, or other avenues. For me spanking help put me in a space, which I enjoy (the spanking and the head space), where I can think and reflect and hopefully make changes. As my therapist said, if self spanking helps and you're not hurting yourself, then what's wrong with it.
  17. From reading numerous posts and threads, I know that many EE's enjoy a spanking (whatever type or reason for the spanking it is). My question; is there a point where the level of pain makes the spanking no longer enjoyable. Or a duration of the spanking beyond which it is no longer enjoyable? By the same token is there a minimum level of pain and/or duration needed for the spanking to be enjoyable?
  18. How often, probably too often. On average 4-5 days a week, 1-3 spankings a day depending on my schedule. I spank myself, so I only need privacy and a 1/2 hour or so break. I love the feeling of my backside being spanked, and, bonus, it puts in a relaxed space and clears my head.
  19. Interesting topic. I've always been curious about the number of spanko's out there. I also once read an estimate of 10% but I do not remember the source. As far as kink, I do not consider myself into kink at all, very vanilla in that sense. I do self-spank, but I don't consider the kinky. To me it is just a part of who I am that adds value, stress and anxiety relief, to my life. It is however not something I share with anyone, because I realize I am in the vast minority in that perspective.
  20. Here is my take, for what it si worth. I believe to each their own. I don't judge people on anything, we are all to different. My spanko needs are I like, want and need, to be spanked. I am not submissive per se. In fact I could not do my job if I were. I lead by influence, people would not take me seriously if I did not project leadership and confidence, and have great social skills. Which does not in reality suggest dominance or submission, but maybe some of both. For my spanking needs, my wife is vanilla. Love her dearly, but no one is perfect . I self spank. I view my self as a spankee, but I guess the line can be confusing at times. I like to spank myself, I like to get a spanking. I'm not sure it matters, inthe end I have the sore bottom, asnd stress releif that I desire.
  21. Not speaking from experience here, but thinking about it. I agree with @rubyredd that a spanking (for me punishment) would be humbling. I think it would also be embarrassing, having your botttom bared for a punishment spanking. On the other hand, for me I do not think baring my bottom for a stress relief spanking would be embarrassing at all. Same action, but different head space.
  22. Late to the game, but I just read this thread and have a question from a slightly different perspective. Awhile ago I posted a question about how self spankers see themselves - as ER's or EE's. I see myself as an EE in general, but since I do both roles am I a swtich in some ways? I enjoy getting the spanking, but I enjoy giving myself one also.
  23. Acceptance is such a tough word. I accept that I have a need to have my bottom spanked, but it is a private thing that I do not talk about IRL. My wife know I have an interest, not the full extent, but is not comfortable with it. I self spank for stress relief. So I accept as an important part of me and need for me, but do not feel comfortable enough, maybe especially in today's society, to open up about it to anyone else. So I guess that is partial acceptance.
  24. I found a copy of Jessica Burns and John Summers book 'The Art of Self Spanking' online that I could read without subscribing to ScribD. In the section on implements they talk about using a belt to self spank, and the technique the recommended did not work for me a few years ago when I tried it. In their book they say to use it not doubled up, folded to make a handle and make the belt the right length to hit your butt. They say to lie face down and swing the belt up behing you and back down hitting the target area. The times I've tried that I do not get a good sting. For me what works is to stand, hold the belt in by left hand with my hand in front and to my left side, knuckles out. I then swing my hand and turn my wrist to hit my right cheek. The opposite to hit my left cheek. That gives me a good sound and sting, it is best with a stiffer thicker (depth wise) belt. I was wondering who here has used or uses a belt or strap and how do you do it? Do you find it effective? Do you go numb pretty quickly, does the sting last for awhile afterwards? Just curious.
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