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  1. I like a paring of a rubber and medium weight wood paddle, or a plastic bath brush and a wood (medium or heavy) bath brush. The feeling of each is different, but all are effective. The rubber paddle is more for warm-up though.
  2. If I'm not busy I'm thinking about spanking, and if I'm not think about spanking directly I'm wishing for one. Spanking anchors me in an important way, plus it is good cardio exercise. Good cardio and a sore bottom, what could be better.
  3. Spanking is definitely a strong need for me. It brings me a sense of security, peace, calmness. I self spank so nothing sexual, just plain spanking. A spanking helps me start the day calm and with a clear head. When I'm not busy and my mind starts worrying at things, I try to re-focus my thoughts on to spanking to clear my head and bring me back into the moment. It is really my form of meditation, but the physical spanking component is critical to that. I to lead all day by direct authority and influence. Spanking gives me a much needed release from all the stress.
  4. Breathing does sort of equal wanted to be spanked. If I've had a spanking today already, and I'm busy it is much less on my mind. I find though if I've had a spanking, I'm not busy and my backside is still sore then I want another spanking really badly. Stress = wanting a spanking. A sore bottom = wanting a spanking. Since I am usually stressed and at least a bit sore I guess that means I always want a spanking, even if I've already had one that day. Viva la spanking.
  5. Very good point, and something to keep in mind. Once it is out, you cannot control where it goes.
  6. This forum not withstanding, only two people know of my interest in being spanked. My wife know I'd like to be spanked, when ever I try to talk about it with her I find it embarrassing. She does not know that I self spank. There is a part of me that wants her to know, and a part that i think would be mortified. My therapist knows I self spank, which we've talked about quite a bit. I had decided before finding someone that I would tell them about this part of me. I specifically choose a women therapist as I thought that would be less embarrassing and less judgey then another male. Embarrassing
  7. I'm interested in what other people have to say also. For me, since I self spank; it is the spanking itself that is the most impactful (pun intended). The preparation starts to get me in the headset to let go of my worries, etc. The spanking itself clear my head completely. Post spanking It is just enjoying a clear worry free state for a few minutes, and the feeling of a thoroughly spanked bottom. It's essentially my form of meditation Focusing on a physical sensation as part of relaxing mind and body. These meditation sessions just leave a reminder, which is calming in itself.
  8. The first few times I travelled for work, I would be almost paranoid about someone in the hall or room next door in the hotel hearing my spanking.TV on, shower running, etc. Eventually I figured out, that if the walls were that thin I'd hear the goings on in the rooms next to me. Also hotel bathrooms are always near front of the room. So even with the shower on the tile will amplify the sound, you're right next to the hallway, and the TV is behind you in the room. If some one goes by in the hallway they might just hear something. Question is 'do I care?', and even if they did hear would they r
  9. Do you hold the belt with the knuckles of you hand facing outward and just swing with your arm, or knuckles facing inward and swing your arm and flick your wrist around? Thanks.
  10. Despite never having been spanked with a belt, for some reason I view a belt spanking as the quintessential spanking, and something I have always wanted to experience for real. I have tried many times to achieve what I think a real belt spanking would feel like through self spanking. I have a few belts I have tried; some stiffer some more floppy, all abut 1 1/4 or and 1 3/4 in width. I hold the belt doubled over in front of me in my left hand, knuckles toward me and swing around my left side to the right cheek. I do the opposite for the left cheek. I get some mild sting, but not the hard sting
  11. Just saw this thread. Had to comment on the BB&B teak bath brushes. They are amazing. Sharp sting and thud. They hurt. They are wonderful.
  12. Ok. So I have to admit when I look at kitchen utensils, hair brushes, bath brushes, etc. my first thought is NOT how well they would do in the kitchen or bath. I definitely have other 'applications' in mind. 😁😂
  13. I spank myself before work. Not punishment, just relaxation (and enjoyment), and all the positive emotions tied into spanking for me. When I can start the day with a sore bottom, it really is nice and I start working much more relaxed.
  14. I had one, till it was adopted, with the other three from the set for use for a game at the beach. Until co-opted for that crazy use I would use it on myself. good for warm-up, it stung but the sting did not last. Could be an example of you just can't spank yourself fast and hard enough, as a partner can.
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