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  1. I prefer different terms at different times. In general ass or butt seems crass to me. When talking in normal company, not that it comes up often, among friends I tend to use rear. When thinking about a spanking I prefer backside or bottom. After a spanking my first thought tends to be 'my tushy hurts'. Different strokes 😥🪕 for different folks.
  2. I've found that when needing a cushioned seat, that the only chairs available are hard.
  3. It can take time to work past the point where it hurts and the natural tendency is to slow down or stop. It also takes time to figure out what position(s), implements(s) work for you to give you the severity of the experience that you want/need. At least for me, that time was well worth. Not every spanking is as good or enjoyable as some others, but overall it is a relaxing and enjoyable experience.
  4. Self spanking can fall flat, I've had disappointing sessions. For the most part it works. I have found implements that can provide anything from a mild spanking to a real hard one. Sometimes it is just a matter of how I feel that day. Not as in I'm extra stressed so I need an extra hard spanking, it is more of a feeling that I want (need) a spanking and I want it to be more mild or harder. Sometimes I start mild and then I don't feel as if I've had enough and want it harder. That is when I have to be careful as it is easy to over do it. I also just plain enjoy a spanking, and at times spank fo
  5. @Chawsee very true. Fortunately for me the direct person to person interaction is less important then the spanking itself. I can spank myself quite hard, and accomplish what I am looking to do, relax, and let go of stress and anxiety. I'm sure having your spanker there giving would be a different experience from at least an emotional perspective, and probably a physical spanking perspective also.
  6. I have always followed a policy in work relationships of not discussing religion or politics. Some people know my religion, but I in general will not engage in discussion much deeper to that. If someone is interested and asks questions, I will answer as openly, honestly, and as briefly as possible. Politics fell in the same category, more so in is these highly polarized times. So I do not discuss it at all, and if questions are asked or opinions offered; I side step quickly and hopefully without that being noticed; especially in these times. In the culture I work in, I have found leading by in
  7. For me the bathbrush, wooden is the go to. The heavy one is thuddy and painful, and the mid-weight is stingy and painful. I could spank for hours, the long handle makes it easy to use. I wouldn't though as I'd like to be able to sit sometime in 2021.
  8. To add to the above, I have a cutting board with a short handle that makes a very effective paddle. it is a good 1/2 in thick, and a heavy wood., fully sealed as a wood cutting board would have to be. It does not seem to impact the skin as much, but with repeated use it still does.
  9. I have the Bed Bath and Beyond version of that. quite effective. of course I paid more then that, but. I don't think it is bare wood, but it definitely impacts the skin. It definitely makes an impact, but is a thoroughly enjoyable, if quite uncomfortable experience. I am wondering if it is the material, weight or just the amount of striking force that causes the texture of the skin to toughen.
  10. I'm looking for some advice on different types, material and head shape, of bath brushes. Several years ago I had a plastic brush, oval head. Not heavy but gave a good stinging spanking with little effect on the skin texture. That broke and over time I replaced it with a similar wood bath brush, and a heavy, solid, round headed brush. The latter really hurts. The past several months these have been my go to's. I spank for stress relief, I guess a sign of the stress of our times. The wood brushes give a great spanking, but do effect the texture of the skin. I'm wondering if the difference
  11. I heard on the news awhile back that some school districts in Texas, I believe, asked parents to sign a permission slip/waiver of some kind allowing the school to discipline their chilren using corporal punishment if needed. From what I read about a 1/3 signed it. Where I am, and the states around me, the school district and people involved would be open to criminal and civil penalties, including prison. The same would be true between adults, if charges were pressed.
  12. I would ignore it. I'm not that trusting a person that I would answer a random sign. Who knows who or what it really is. Safety first. Live to be spanked another day.
  13. Unfortunately Montana is not in my travel plans. But on the other hand every time I look in the mirror I see my spanker looking back.
  14. selfsp12


    I just found this story, and I am glad I did. Excellent writing LOTK, I can feel the emotions in my mind as you described them. D/s in this way it something I do not know to much about, or to be honest understand; but your beautiful description helps me understand the depth and breadth of feeling that is possible and the total, absolute trust you and your Sir have. Thank you for sharing, even if I am late in reading.
  15. I've used it, it is good but for harder sessions the spankings can be long with a few implements. I like the calibration scales for pain and pleasure, but found it hard to quantify the pleasure, so all the implements ended up about the same weight. I have to adjust that but need enough alone time to re-calibrate. It is a good idea though. One note, I think it is geared towards punishment spankings, and I spank for relaxation.
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