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  1. Hopefully tomorrow. Probably wooden spoon and wood bath brush, maybe 75 (each side) with each toy. Well maybe toy is not the right word. Toys generally don't leave you very red and sore with a preference for standing, but it is fun so maybe toy does apply.
  2. For me spanking is a mindfulness experience. Usually by number of swats with each implement, but many times I go for more, or another spanking later. I self spank for stress relief and relaxation. The spanking brings me out of the headspace induced by stress and brings me into the moment, all that exists is the here and now. That and the feelings, physical and emotional, cleanse my mind and allow me to reset. Spanking is highly emotional, in a good way, and quite enjoyable overall.
  3. Was on a large conference call for work. The moderator was talking about something being done by a certain date or your being sent to the principals office. Some one, who I don't know, asked is the principal had a paddle. My ears did perk up at that one.
  4. a few minutes ago. 25 mild swats each side with a wood paddle and 25 in the middle. A prolog to a longer harder spanking later. I can't wait.
  5. My spankings help keep me calm, and help clear my head. For better or worse they have become the major coping mechanism with the constant stress these days. I don't know where I would be without that outlet. I've been doing this steadily for about 4 years. I can honestly say they are incredibly valuable and often quite enjoyable. A good sound spanking cures a lot of ills, I also do not know where I would be with them.
  6. I don't know about you, but for me the work day starts and no matter how I feel I have to put a smile on my face, kick in the cheery disposition, and do what needs to get done. Colleagues, managers, subordinates all expect a certain way of acting (whether on Zoom or whatever, or in person) irrespective of how you really feel. At times I can almost lose track of where the façade ends and my real feelings begin. This morning I had the opportunity to stand bare butt in front of the mirror and let a bath brush do the talking. Maybe for the first time in a couple of days what I felt was real. The grimacing, and involuntary ouch, the increasing soreness were (are) all real, no facade, no 'false' smile just real spanks and real soreness. I feel so much better. I don't know what you'd call it; it's not a punishment spanking or even stress relief/relaxation. Maybe the best name is a 'reality check' spanking. I have a conference call to get on to in a bit, I'll smile and be upbeat; but I'll also be sitting on a sore bottom. No one else but me will know, and this time the smile will be real because the soreness will help keep me anchored. I hope you all have a good day.
  7. Mine was DIY for relaxation 125 each side with a rubber paddle. quite stingy and sore, but feeling great.
  8. Folks here and my therapist. no one else IRL. My wife knows I am interested she is not a spanko however. She doesn't know that I've adopted a DIY approach, at least she's never said anything so I assume not. If she suspected she'd ask.
  9. If posting pictures, don't forget the meta data embedded in the pictures which could well have location and other information that could make you traceable if some one wanted to.
  10. I think each case is different. I was only spanked as a very young child and after that not at all, never even threatened. Decades later I found I was suddenly fascinated with the idea of being spanked, and longer still to put that together with spanking as a form of stress relief. With no one to help I went the DIY route and have not looked back. What that means in terms of nurture versus nature I do not know. The childhood spankings I remember nothing about except, on looking back, because of the home situation they were a way to get basic psychological needs met, in some fashion, that did not happen any other way. By age 4 I was no longer in that house, and I had a normal healthy loving childhood from there.
  11. This is sort of geared towards self spankers, or folks who have self spanked in the past, or just during covid; however anyone's thoughts are welcome. As a frequent self spanker for stress reduction, relaxation, and yes just enjoyment; by definition there is the dichotomy between the part of me giving the spanking and the part on the receiving end (pun intended). At least to my experience; the giving takes up more mental and physical bandwidth then receiving. There is watching to make sure everything is ok, aiming, the strength of the swat, how many, what implements, etc. On the receiving side I stand there and let the toy fall and count the swats. The mental energy is in taking the swats without breaking position, and without encouraging the "spanking half of me" to alter or lessen the intensity. My benefit comes from receiving the spanking. In my mind, the positive emotions and feelings comes from being the recipient of the spanking. So as a self spanker do you consider yourself an ER, EE or both at the same time? I consider myself an EE. During a spanking I "partition off" the ER part as the benefit comes from getting spanked. It is possible to be both at the same time? Could a self spanker really derive benefit from both parts, even if they're not able to separate out what benefit comes from ER or EE sides, or does it even matter? This came up as I gave myself one real good long hard spanking this morning. The ER part felt tired, but I think enjoyed it also. The EE part is still quite sore, but relaxed, feeling calm, and thoroughly enjoyed it, and enjoying the "after effects".
  12. Hello Mike. In the beginning it was not easy and quite unsatisfactory. For me it took practice and the right implement. I found a bath brush works better starting out as it is easier to aim and use. Some hairbrushes the handle is too short. Another trick I read on SN was to use a short swing and flick the wrist. You get more umph for less effort. It took practice to get past the point of stopping when it hurts. I'd also suggest looking in a mirror and going slowly. You can see where your swats are landing to get your aim how you want it. Set a small number do that and slowly increase strength and length. I find a slower pace gives me more sting and my arm does not get tired. Rigid implements are easiest for self spanking. If you'd like more info reply, or feel free to PM me. Selfsp.
  13. Just thought I would comment on how wonderful a spanking can be. I am just in the period following a good sound spanking and the feeling of euphoria, peace, calmness is still there. So is the discomfort, but I don't mind that. Had an intense morning work wise. My wife is out, and after a call ended I felt like I needed a spanking so badly I could taste it. The meeting was intense, but in the back of my mind was "please honey don't get home till after my spanking". She didn't. She does not know I do this. Nonetheless after the call and a couple of housekeeping (from work) items I pulled out the rubber paddle and wood bath brush. 75 on each side with each, bare bottom, left me deep red, lightly bruised, and sore. I also feel happy and content. I feel so good, even the discomfort as I sit here is good. That too helps keep me centered. I guess I'm fortunate that self spanking does work well for me, otherwise I don't know what I would do. As it is, I enjoy my spankings, they help me handle the stress (especially these days), and I feel at peace after one.
  14. I can vouch first hand for the message that bath brush can impart. I have the same one. Very clear, no ambiguity at all, and no way to sit with any comfort afterwards it's message is delivered. It is one of my favorites though.
  15. Speaking of which I have a bath brush that I've had for 2 1/2 years or so. Never used the bristle side until this past week when I used it for it's alternate purpose (washing my back). who've have thought that bath brushes can do that to. Will wonders never cease.
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