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  1. I applaud you, I don't think I could take the type of spankings you get. You are very lucky to have a relationship that meets both your needs. My wife is vanilla, and has zero interest. As far as willpower, yes, but also where there is a will there's a way.
  2. This morning I woke up and the little ER in my mind said "you need a really hard spanking." Sometimes it does that. I don't know why, I didn't sleep well last night, and a small bru-ha-ha at work yesterday did have me quite anxious. Once I had the house to myself, that little ER said, "it's time for your spanking, hard, really hard, with one of the bath brushes." I guess I could over ride that little ER, but instead a stripped, and got the bath brush. Now the question was to use the one that hurt the most. Trouble is that title goes back and forth between the two that I have. Standing back to the mirror, I did 65 (each cheek) with the 'lighter' bath brush with a good swing and wrist flick. It hurt from the first swat. I pushed harder after each set of 10. By the end I really felt it and it burned. little ER, "wait two minutes and use the other bath brush." The other bath brush is a heavy wood round headed brush with weight. I did 35 each cheek. That really hurt. If I wanted a really hard spanking this was it. I knew, hoped, I'd feel this for a while. About 30 minutes later that little ER chimed in again, "capsesiam cream, a little dab will do you.". It did.
  3. @LeighOTK That makes sense to me. I do daily spankings if I can, sometime more then 1. I love a good relaxation spanking. Sometimes, many times, mild is fine. Yesterday and today my body/mind said I need HARD spankings. Thanks.
  4. I SEE THAT YOU'RE 57. I'm 62, and you know that our bottoms can't take as much as when we were kids or young adults. I think maybe, one, you might be starting out too hard and stopping too early, or if the strength of the swats is not the problem, than possibly you need to change the wood  you're using for your paddle. Maybe the paddle you use is too heavy. I FIND THAT A LIGHT-WEIGHT PADDLE WORKS BETTER IN CREATING STING, IF THAT'S THE SENSATION YOU WANT. 

    1. selfsp12


      all my 'toys' create sting. The spanking hurting is not the issue. That hurt and burn lasting is where I wigh I had more. In addition to a heavy wood paddle, I have a pickleball paddle, a rubber paddle, and a light woof paddle with holes. They hurt, this sting does not last beyond a few minutes though.

      By the way I wish I was still 57. I I wish I could go back to the first self spanking that really worked.

    2. DonBarton


      I wish I could go back to when I WAS NINE YEARS OLD AND HAD GIVEN MY "CREATIVE WRITING" TEACHER "THE FINGER". SHE PADDLED ME GOOD AND HARD ON MY BARE BOTTOM AND DID SO SEVERAL TIMES. I had hoped that my quilt over what I HAD DONE WOULD HAVE GONE AWAY AND WOULD GO AWAY. BUT EVEN NOW, MANY YEARS LATER, I STILL CVARRY THAT GUILT. I'm hoping that I CAN FIND A YOUNG WOMAN WHO'S IN THIS ORGANIZATION, AND WHO LIVES IN WISCONSIN, CAN GIVE ME THE HARD, BARE BOTTOM SPANKINGS I NEED. I'm also looking for an, as young as possible, naughty girl, who is beautiful, has a beautiful, shapely bottom, and loves to get hard, bare bottom, disciplinary spankings with a wooden paddle, leather belt, or even a switch. Can you point me in the right direction, or at least tell others on this site, that I want to be heard, listened to, and given some consideration? I don't like the feeling that I'm being ignored, and that's how I feel.

  5. I find after a good self spanking by bottom is sore and quite red. The redness fades quickly however, after several minutes? Do other find that to be the case or is it a sign I am not spanking hard enough?
  6. I love the time leading up to the spanking, the anticipation is almost as delightful as the spanking itself. Oh it hurts, but the sense of peace is totally worth it.
  7. I have noticed that also. But I like a spanking, as much as reasonable. Relaxing and feels oh so good.
  8. I happen to like fast, hard spankings, and wood. A bath brush or wood paddle is my favorite. The wood paddle is about 15 " long, 6 wide and 3/8 tick acadia wood. It is quite memorable as are the bath brushes. The question is that wood, with repeated use, does thicken the skin at point of impact. No iron butt or anything, as the sensation is the same, but I was wondering if in your experience if the skin impact is different for a hard fast spanking, or a hard but slower paced? With a faster pace if I want a few minute spanking it will be more swats in that time period. A reinforced (for DIY use) rubber paddle or belts have a somewhat similar effect, but not to the same degree. I have other 'toys' I use on myself, but we have our favorites...
  9. I've tried several times with a bunch of different cane types. I've never been able to get it to feel like more then a love tap. Honestly I gave up , as I have other things that I can give myself a sound spanking with, so t try to cane myself was not worth the effort. If you find away, let us know.
  10. Ok, you probably think I'm nuts. I might be. I know if I said that IRL, I'd get more then a few odd looks. I might still be getting odd virtual looks. I'll stand by that statement though. You're probably thinking how can anyone 'love' a spanking, 'like' yes but love? Yes spankings hurt, and the ones I receive no less. Of course that is sort of the point. Or as I like to put it, 'if a spanking didn't hurt, it wouldn't be called a spanking.' What ever the reason, they are supposed to hurt. So how can I love a good sound spanking? They hurt, but it is a different kind of hurt to me. I'm no masochist by any stretch, and I try to avoid even minor pain, with one exception. As I said, it is a different hurt, the full physical pain is there, but psychologically I feel something very different. Even as the spanks land, I feel calm, I relax, I feel safe and secure. I feel at peace, and in the moment. I feel good all over, well not in one stop. After the spanking ends and I feel the warmth, tightness in my bottom, I feel even better. Even hours later feeling that stiffness when I sit, I smile and remember how I felt while receiving it. So anyone else truly love a good spanking, no matter why it was given?
  11. I told my therapist because I thought it was central to my going in the first place. If I am going for help reducing stress and anxiety; how I 'meditate' is key to that. My meditation involves a sore bottom. So what..
  12. @ammon I'd be happy to add my personal feeling on why we accept spankings. My spankings are for stress relief, so the end mind set is quite positive. I think the other part of the question why some of us enjoy getting a spanking. I really enjoy getting spanked. Before the first swat I'm feeling anticipation with a voice say 'this is going to really hurt'. during I feel pain and enjoyment. After the last spank I am sore but I feel really good, and often want another spanking. Forgetting the ending mindset, I guess the 'price', pain, is out weighed by the benefit, enjoyment. Risk vs. reward. It may hurt but the enjoyment is better.
  13. I self spank quite frequently for stress relief and relaxation, but I find a hard spanking. Feel free to PM if you advice. I have a variety of purpose and not purpose built 'toys'.
  14. Visual queues are important. I have favorite belt I use for self spanking, that I also frequently wear. Ever time take it off it's hook, I can't help but smile and think about its other use.
  15. These are all great thought's, and I like the thinking behind @TennesseeTop's post. My situation is very different but I think there are some parallels. As a self spanker for stress relief and relaxation, I can in reality, do what I want. The spank could be very light and short, but then it would not accomplish what I want to get out of it. When I started the hardest things were being able to give myself a spanking that really hurts, and being to to keep going despite that pain. To go back to the personnel training analogy, what's keeping the person going is there internal drive to want what is happening, be it exercise or spanking. Spankings, in my view are not passive as it takes effort to keep going to endure for the full session or more. For me I decide on implements, i love a bath brush despite its severity, and a minimum number of spanks or minimum duration. I may go longer but t=never less unless there is an issue. I do it because that is how I meet my needs for relaxation/stress relief.
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