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  1. I did a nice hard stress relief spanking last week then went v back to work sitting on hard wood bench.not even the wood chair at home felt anything like that. I could barely sit. it was quite uncomfortable and quite nice at the same time.
  2. I love a bedtime spanking, so very relaxing and I fall asleep easily and stay asleep. I just only get them rarely. Going into the bathroom to self spank right before bed, with my wife - who does not about this side of me - right outside would lead to awkward questions. Oh well, sometimes thinking about a bedtime spanking helps me fall asleep.
  3. I once dabbled in punishment self spankings, and afterward sitting on a hard chair was part of the session. Quite uncomfortable, I agree. But trying to focus on a point on the wall was really hard and made me lose track of the discomfort. may be for fun I should try and spanking and then sit on the chair for several minutes, not focusing on anything.
  4. Zhal, help me understand. To me it seems like not being able to sit for a week would have to a quite severe spanking. I am spanked frequently, for stress relief, I typically feel the spankings, as aftereffects overlap a bit, for a couple of days or so. less frequent spankings I typically feel for a few hours. They are hard but not severe in any way. Jusr curious.
  5. I never did understand why hair brushes, especially wooden ones, have those pesky bristles on one side. Just seems to get in the way of the brushes true purpose.
  6. Thank you for all the hard work on this issue and all the hard work maintaining this site. It is truly unique, and your efforts are appreciated.
  7. No one knows, which is mostly fine. However I do miss being able to talk to someone about it, like an especially good spanking.
  8. I agree that a spanking can influence behavior, however for me it is in the opposite direction. I do not use self spanking as a deterrent for a bad behavior, but as a reward for certain good behaviors. For example getting an onerous task at work done by a certain time, I will reward myself with a good sound spanking. It helps to have something to look forward to at times. Maybe an extra dose of the bath brush for meeting my internal deadline, works great. Even the things I don't want to do get done quickly, especially since 95% of me likes the bath brush. One part is a bit less sure.
  9. I've used a bamboo back scratcher for self spanking. It gives a decent sting, but something a bit heavier used a few seconds between swats I find to be more effective. I do find a back scratcher good when I want the feeling of a mild spanking without the problems sitting later.
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