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  1. selfsp12

    The Gift

    The Gift It was a typical Friday, late afternoon. I had time to take a break from work, and realized I had the house to myself, and would for another hour or so. I new exactly how I wanted to spend some of that time. After a little thought I decided that the rubber paddle and bath brush would be appropriate. Fifty, on each side, with the paddle, and 75, on each side, with the bath brush. I knew this would be a stinger, and the butterflies started moving around in my stomach. I knew I would enjoy this, but I also knew what was coming, and I expected it to be memorable, as this was not the first time by any means. I got undressed, applied some lotion, and stood in front of the mirror. Running through my head as in a loop was “this is going to hurt, this is going to feel good”. The rubber paddle was up first. It is a long paddle surface with a handle and covers the whole cheek. The first 10 were slow and easy. The paddle is floppy, so it is hard to get a consistent swat. It takes just the right amount of swing and flick of the wrist at just the right angle of impact. It is usually easier cross side, left hand to right side, right hand to left side. Eleven to twenty were harder, and some were more thud then sting. My bottom was starting to turn a nice shade of pink, but a more colorful tableau was coming. The next 10, I tried to swat harder and the sting increased. The light pink was turning a deeper pink with some slight bruising around the edges. Also a certain indistinct burn was starting to be felt throughout. Thirty one to forty were about the same, but I was starting to swing faster and losing the wrist action. I decided from here on if it did not sting it did not count. I slowed down but still had to redo four. My backside was a deeper pink with light bruising throughout. The final 10 were slow, focusing on the technique, I only had to re do two. Now my bottom stung, was feeling nice and warm, and turning red with mild bruising. The paddle is hard to use, but it has always been a favorite as the stingy and thuddy sensation is kind of unique. I like the sound and feel when it lands the right way, and the deepening color and gradual light bruising. Fifty is usually about the most I can do reliably. At some point in these festivities, my mind was thinking only about the current uncomfortable, i.e. OUCH, feeling pervading the seat of my pants. I went to lay down on my stomach for a few minutes to give my bottom a chance to cool before the bath brush had its turn. This brush has an oval head with a slight curve. It is medium weight, and when landing on to lower part of the curved head, it really stings. I new this would make an impression and the butterflies that had quieted down, took flight again. I always like a bath brush, but the inevitable sharp sensations cause a bit of well deserved trepidation. After about 5 minutes and a little more lotion to keep my skin moist and it was time to start. The first 10 were slow and steady, medium force, and they landed with a solid thwack and sharp sting right in the sit spots. Eleven to twenty were harder but still slow and steady and targeting those poor sit spots. My rear was moving to a solid red, stinging and sore. The bruising left over from the paddle, which had faded a bit, was now deepening. Twenty one to thirty were harder and sharper, and I starting landing swats all around the target area. I was getting quite sore and red throughout. I really only had one set of feelings, “wow this hurts”. For thirty one to forty I decided to increase the speed a bit, knowing each swat would land with a solid thwack that left a burning and sharp stinging sensation.. Ok maybe sensation is downplaying what I was feeling, it just plain hurt. I focused on the sit spots, and just above and below. For the next 10 I started to go full force as I got closer to the allotted 75. Forty one to fifty were hard with only a second or two between. The brush continued it slow walk around the sit spots with a couple or so dead on that sensitive target. My backside was a deep red, with bruising throughout in a seemingly random pattern. It hurt, but in an indescribable way it was a good, satisfying, hurt. I long since had lost any thoughts beyond the immediate sore, burning, sting. Fifty one to sixty were just as hard and fast, each swat landed hard, right on the sit spots, and I had to fight myself to not involuntarily, or swing my hips forward as each was about to land, so I didn’t lessen the effect. With fifteen left I wanted these to be as hard as I could. The next 10 just plain hurt. I was very sore, deep red, with a “stung by a thousand bees” feeling, and a burning bottom. The final five were delivered fast and with everything I had. The pain was incredible and delicious, and incredibly delicious. Now that I was done my rear was a deep red, most sore on the sit spots that got most of the attention, with plenty delivered above and below. There was a nice purple shade throughout and some light black and blue marks that I knew would fade fairly quickly. I walked, quite stiffly, to lay face down on the bed and let my bottom cool and just enjoy that wonderful stinging, burning feeling. I lay there for a few minutes thinking about how I felt in the here and now. Did it hurt, yes, but I also felt very very good, and relaxed. My head was clear of the usual worry and anxiety, especially these days, that can color my thoughts. I realized I had just given myself the best gift I possibly could have at that point in time. The gift of a good hard, sound, spanking. The End. This is my first attempt at a story to describe a self spanking experience. Suggestions, comments, constructive criticism iare welcome. I hope you enjoyed it.
  2. Simple fantasy. My main one is of getting a good belt spanking. I suspect I'd like the real thing less then in my mind, but there you have it. Don't ask why that specifically, no clue.
  3. what things at home depot would make for good simple to make self spankings implements. Wood of course, but I do not have wood working tools. I am looking for a lot of sting with minimal impact to the skin with frequent spankings.
  4. Stress relief takes a few forms for me. Sometimes hard, sometimes mild depending on how I feel mentally. I need to feel the spanking though as the pain is part of the stress reliever for me, but as I said it need not be intense. I also happen to enjoy a spanking so that helps me relax right there. The whole process immerses me in the experience, clearing my mind and allowing me to let go.
  5. This looks interesting, looks like about 1/2 handle and 1/2 paddle so it would be usable for self spanking. Thanks.
  6. I guess the ones we have a small, as I've tried them and get some sting, but not enough to satisfy the need for a hard session. Thanks for the suggestion. What type do you use?
  7. I am looking for ideas of where to get a paddle for self spanking. The requirements I have are; Easy to use - for example a rubber paddle I have is floppy and hard to use to get consistent swats. Light enough not to cause excessive hardening of the skin during the spanking. I have bath brushes, and a cutting board I use as a paddle. All three work well but are heavier and cause the dreaded skin hardening. The cutting board paddle is made from acadia wood (a hard wood) with the paddle area 9 3/4" x 6" with a 3" handle. Less concerned about material, wood is not a requirement, then I am about getting a good hard spanking with minimal skin issues. I'd like a paddle that really stings - what I have tends to be stingy and thuddy partly based on how I swing it and what part of the brush or the paddle makes contact. I cannot buy of Amazon, as the whole family uses the same account so we all see what we buy. Ideally I'd like to order from someplace with quick delivery. Right now school is open so my wife is out during the day, I work from home, so an unexpected package won't raise any questions. I appreciate any and all ideas and suggestions. Thanks.
  8. I might be late to the party, but I had to reply. I self spank for stress relief and relaxation. I agree with what many have said the self spanking can be very effective, but you have to have the will power to keep at it for what ever number of swats, or length of time you pre-decided. You also have to be able to keep going even when it hurts, and it can really hurt. Also you have to invest the time to try various implements and learn how to use them effectively on yourself. experimenting like that can be fun in itself. Sometimes I mild spanking is all I need to relax and clear my mind. Sometimes I need a good long hard spanking. I've had quite a number where sitting was painful hours afterwards, or even into the next day. Sometimes nothing beats a good spanking, not matter how it is delivered.
  9. ER's, EE's, self-spankers; if you want to give/get a spanking that will be felt for a few hours or longer, how do you do it? Is it better to use a heavy implement and a lighter one? Spank fast or slow, hard or moderate force, a long spanking (how long) or shorter or somewhere in between? One spanking or multiple spankings - or what combinations there of? Do certain types of implements lend themselves to leaving that lasting impression. For me it is a Haven Bath Brush from Bed Bath and Beyond. Heavy thick, packs a wallop. Trouble is sometimes I'm sore for hours afterwards and sometimes it wears off in an hour or less. I'd like a figure out a repeatable method to get a longer lasting soreness. I am a self spanker, but all thoughts are welcome. Sometimes I just need to be sore for longer. The pain/discomfort help keep me centered as a reminder of the calmness I felt during and right after the spanking.
  10. I spank for therapeutic reasons, anxiety reduction. What causes the anxiety, is probably a long list. There are things I fell guilty about, sometimes more then others, so maybe a spanking does reduce that but I don't think it absolves it. That has to be done, at least for me, by taking action to make it right - whatever that may be. A spanking is a short term solution, one of the better, best, ones out there for me. But it is not a cure for anxiety. Medication helps, and a good spanking help also. I takes my mind off of whatever is bothering me, which does help me move forward. It is a good coping mechanism, and the fact that I enjoy it, is icing on the cake.
  11. It's funny, I don't find pain at all pleasurable, except that of a spanking. That is a cleansing pain, totally different for me.
  12. I prefer to spank naked, for self spanking it is easier to use the implements if I don't have to deal with holding a shirt up. And shuffling around with pants at my ankles, is just a pain in the butt😁
  13. Lately I've used a rubber paddle for 'warm-up'. Covers one whole side, stinging impact but not very intense. Somewhat fun. Then move on to lighter wooden implements like wood spoon, or a beachwood angled spatula (that gives a real nice sting), then to the heavier wood cutting board paddle or medium weight bath brush, and if needed the final is the heavy Haven bath brush. Straps (single length belt) less often now as the tips are breaking the skin if used too much. The above progression, repeated a few times, gives a real nice spanking. I also have different cords I throw in for extra fun.
  14. True, but unless you can remove ALL the meta-data saved with a picture, it is not truly anonymous.
  15. Given the amount of variation in this life style, there are probably as many answers to this question as there are people in this community. Whether giving or getting, what does a spanking mean to you? To me a spanking means; Relaxation and clarity. As the spanking begins and throughout, my mind is clear of all the other things that occupy my thoughts. Pleasure, since I truly enjoy a good spanking. Perspective, focus. The clarity result in me being able to look at problem and issues with a a new perspective, not burdened by all the other thought. I can see a different approach or just think clearer to find a solution. Did I say pleasure, I really do truly a good sound spanking. What about you?
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