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  1. TTWD in Rural Areas

    Hi Jace @Jace1414 and Beast @Werebeast, I am new at this and understand the desire to rush things. I live in a city but still went out of town to meet with someone. One reason was availability but the bigger reason was not wanting to suddenly realize I had been communicating with a colleague and outed myself (yes, still living in a closet). A few things I can think of that might help: 1. Make certain you use a safe person/safe call and make it clear that you are doing it. Have the call happen when you meet in the public place when you can give the name and address of the person you are meeting. If the person objects to that, then run and don't look back. Have the call happen again while you are still at the person's house. Do NOT get in their car. Make your own way to their house. 2. S.A.A except go to a hotel. Do not go to their house. 3. Take a few hours after the public meet. Go your separate ways. Then cyber-stalk them before your meeting. 4. Do an overnight in town. Meet one day and spanking session the next day. There are lots of really good safety tips on this site. I know this doesn't help with finding anyone closer.
  2. Spanking Workshop

    A talk by Vanilla partners of EE's or ER's. (or maybe as a couple). How to bring the subject up and even if the Vanilla side doesn't understand how to help them see the need (not sure if I am wording this correctly) Seeking/giving permission for one partner to find a spanking partner Ways to let the Vanilla be involved in that process (or choose not to) Ways to determine how much the vanilla wants to know, and how much they want to remain blissfully ignorant etc.
  3. Desperately Seeking Mentor

    Hi Beast, If you are a student of the college, and his mentoring you is even closely related to his work as a faculty member, then I think you are wise to be cautious. Red's advice may help bring up something that could help or could lead you to someone else, so I am not saying dismiss it. But spanking is an intimate thing and should it get out that he did that with a student, it could damage his reputation. If you weren't a student, or someday stop being a student, then what goes on between consenting adults is irrelevant to his job. There can be a fit in the Christian lifestyle. But more on that another time. LB
  4. How much is enough

    @selfsp12 I sent you a message. Cheers, LB
  5. How much is enough

    When/if you get an answer to this @selfsp12 let me know! I have wondered this for years.
  6. Spanking Workshop

    Back to the basics such as the language used. What do various words mean? What do the various acronyms mean? I know what TTWD means. BBW? Is that Big Busted Women? Big Bottomed Women? Big B???????? Women? Does it imply more than the physical size? It isn't obvious to us newbies - just saying. What is consent? Implied consent? How does submission and consent go together? Also, what are the responsibilities of the EE and of the ER?
  7. Please explain what you mean by low effort. I'm new to this and am confused.
  8. Hi. New here.

    Welcome @Sevenseven.
  9. Annoyed?

    I agree with most of the others, that it really depends on whom and where. I had a Vice Principal call me that, in front of students, when I was just out of university and doing supply work. Yes, I was young but he knew I was not a student and I made a formal complaint about it and other things he said and did. If anyone ever called me that at work there would be some conversations to follow. But I am older now so it isn't likely to happen. I was called that by someone at church last year. It took me back for a moment until I realized that to his 88ish years (and he had known me for nearly 30), I was a young lady. It felt like someone had asked me for ID to prove I was old enough to drink (which was a good feeling). As far as spanking goes, anyone I have agreed to let spank me, could call me that and it wouldn't bother me. Might even put me in the appropriate head space or make me feel young again. I do sometimes find some of the ways it is used can be a bit pejorative - when older men talk about how many young ladies could "do" with some fatherly discipline. It borders on the implication of 'whether they want it or not', which starts to make the consent lines a little blurred, especially when I am convinced that they actually mean "young" ladies. Now, "Missy" would be a whole other story! I wouldn't let my mother call me that, or rather I wouldn't respond when she did. If my spanker called me that, it might be one of the few times I would purposely give some serious sass.
  10. @CANSPANKER are you still active and in Southern Ontario?


  11. pa

    Welcome @brattysweetlost. Remember to be safe. LB
  12. I am a mature female looking for someone to provide spankings for stress relief and/or for motivation and accountability for making lifestyle changes. I am smart and confident. I am not a brat (no offense to those that are). I have only recently begun to act on the cravings I have had forever. If you think you might be interested in either occasional sessions or being a mentor or if you have any questions, please contact. There are more details on my profile.
  13. Hello / Spanking Therapy in Ontario

    Thanks Somthingrandom. Safety first. LB
  14. Hi Everyone, New to this site, so Hello. I am a mature woman looking for spanking therapy - for stress relief as well as motivation and accountability. Cheers