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  1. I'm banned because I was going to ban AG for banning Zhev about being a stickler but I didn't and SpankeeGal did. If two of us thought of it independently, then it must mean AG needed to be banned. I should have followed my instincts.😞
  2. I have the older-man fantasy, which gets harder and harder as I get older. But age isn't a big deal if I am sure it isn't a problem for the ER. I have been uncomfortable entertaining males who are close to the age of my children (twenties). That just seems wrong to me (for me and them). But this too will get harder and harder as I age. My current mentor is female and more than 20 years my junior.
  3. Then it wasn't punishment. It was play.
  4. This scenario would either be abuse or a-dream-come-true, depending upon the woman. In my opinion, (forced) acts of sexual intimacy are not appropriate as punishment. In fact, the whole punishment-help-to-be-a-better-person dynamic is lost when sex is integrated into it. This is more of power and control role play, or as I said, abuse.
  5. Don't confuse mathematics and arithmetic!!!😎
  6. But sometimes the original poster goes away and doesn't notice.
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