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  1. Ineedspankedbadly

    EE's vs ER's

  2. Ineedspankedbadly

    M Spanker 24 Tampa, Fl

    Welcome and good luck! Tampa is a great place.
  3. Ineedspankedbadly


    Shygirl has it so right! 😊.
  4. That moment when you know something is going to get you into trouble, but you just can’t stop yourself from saying it....

  5. Why do people ghost?  Like you are talking and things are going great and then nothing just poof.   They are totally gone. Why can’t people just be real and say “hey, I am done talking to you and I am going to move on.”  Ugh. 

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    2. Accountability


      I've found this to be the case of either the person has been dishonest and doesn't want to be found out, or that person has gotten what they want out of the conversation(s) and ghosting is their cowardly, inconsiderate way of saying goodbye. 

    3. DaChief


      Ghosting's been going on in spanking communities since before that term was coined. I always wrote it up to people getting cold feet over the notion of actually getting out of their house, going somewhere and meeting with a living, breathing person with whom they'd actually turn this from fantasy to reality. 

    4. AfterGeometry


      NEVER let their ghosting be a reflection on you.  It is ALWAYS a lack of integrity and guts on their part.   It is -always- on them.  

  6. Ineedspankedbadly

    Spanking causing low grade fever?

    Ya, a flair is definitely something way different with very different symptoms.
  7. Ineedspankedbadly

    Spanking causing low grade fever?

    I get the same thing after I get spanked especially if it’s an intense spanking. I do have autoimmune issues. It goes away pretty quickly afterwards so I really never thought anything about it. It’s probably just the body’s response to something happening that is heating everything up and getting your heart rate up etc. As soon as my body calms down it goes away.
  8. Ineedspankedbadly

    Breaking Spankings Into Multiple Sessions

    I have never had a session broken up like that, but I think it would totally stress me out. I am one that if I’m in trouble, I want to get it dealt with and have a clean slate to start over with and then I try really hard to keep it clean. Getting a really intense spanking and then knowing that was only half of it and I still had it hanging over my head, would probably really bother me a lot. But I deal with things a lot differently than most do. I am a big time people pleaser and I never want anyone upset with me. I lose sleep if I think some random person that I don’t even know may be upset with me. Lol.
  9. Ineedspankedbadly

    Update on Site [Change of Ownership]

    I’m so glad everything worked out! This community is amazing and I would have been so sad to lose it. Thank you to everyone who helps to keep it running!
  10. I can log into my account again!!!   

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    2. spanking lady

      spanking lady

      ok ' because I think every member here has limited space on this page. I'm always deleting old messages to make room for new ones.

    3. Ineedspankedbadly


      Yep, I’m totally ok with that. 😊.  

    4. spanking lady

      spanking lady

      I'm ready


  11. Ineedspankedbadly


    I am a bbw in tampa who has been in the lifestyle long enough to know a few things. I am not looking for sex at all. I am looking to receive spankings and possibly give a spanking to the right guy. I am only interested in guys around my age and not married (do not lie to me about your marriage). I’m a pretty laid back girl who likes to laugh, so if you have a good sense of humor and a dominant not over domineering personality, we would get along. Lol. Am I asking too much?
  12. Ineedspankedbadly

    Good girl spankings - how hard??

    With me, if I’m not in trouble and I could have a say in it...lol. I’d like there to be more of a warm up so I could take more and then honestly sometimes I want it harder and longer when I’m not in trouble. When I’m in trouble for something it’s all a mental thing and my brain kicks in. When it’s a good girl thing or a stress relief or whatever, I don’t get that panicked feeling and I relax and I can take way more and I want it/need it. But it’s all in who the spankee is. Some may just want a playful spanking, some may be like me. Hope you have fun though.
  13. Ineedspankedbadly

    Few Days Off

  14. Sometimes life feels like it is spinning out of control, but a good spanking tends to get it all to come back into perspective. I still don’t understand it, but I definitely need it. 

    1. JeansSmacker


      A good spanking can definitely help!

  15. Ineedspankedbadly

    its hard to find in Wisconsin

    Try looking on fet life as well. I used to live in northern Illinois and there are actually quite a few spankos up your way. There is the Crimson Moon spanking group down in Illinois, but I know there are a bunch up near Milwaukee as well. Good luck.