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  1. Does anyone provide guidance and direction throughout self spanking? Preferably on skype. I have lots of implements just need someone to help guide me through the spanking.
  2. There are a lot more guys willing to spank guys than women to spank guys. I think women can get spanked by other women more easily than a man trying to get one from a women. If your looking for a spanking in general, spankthishookups has a lot of MALE spankers. A lot who have spanked straight guys.
  3. That is good to know. I guess a lot of others also say making the trip is worth it.
  4. Yeah but it will cost about the same or more and longer with wait time for planes.
  5. How to convince yourself to make the long journey to get a spanking? It is easy to feel like you deserve a spanking. But making a long 400+ mile drive (overall both ways) for a spanking can be difficult to convince yourself to do. Any tips? And I know obviously closer would be better but they might not fit the role quite as well as someone you have already communicated with and are on the same page as.
  6. I myself might even be getting spanked by a man soon..
  7. I have had that thought before myself. From my experience I have seen reactions go both ways. Some say they like to be spanked but they really only enjoy a few smacks and want to progress to other stuff. Some are not sure if they would like it. But have enjoyed some smacks in the past and then they try it and love it.
  8. I agree with you about adult stores. I have gotten a couple things and they are very light. Okay for beginners I guess but not a intense sting. Leather implements mainly and those tend to be less stingy. Pretty funny some you can tell are made with like cardboard or something real thin inside. I have like 4 or 5 bath brushes. 😅 So it is safe to say I can find those well. Just looking to add more variety. Bed Bath and Beyond sells real mean bath brushes but a little pricey.
  9. I have thought about easy but I have seen so many different sellers. Thank you for the references I will have to check them out. Ebay not a bad idea. Kinda funny to think it is possible those antique brushes could have been used the same way that I plan on using them. 😁
  10. What are your favorite places to order spanking implements from? Whether it be for prices or quality, why do you choose them? What about getting old fashion wooden hairbrushes? I have heard antique malls but no luck yet.
  11. That's unfortunate it was not a much as you wanted.
  12. What was your first spanking from a man like?
  13. I have seen so many people who say online there relationships to people are brother/sister or sister/sister. I know they are not real brother/sister or sister/sister. I am curious what that kind of bond or relationship with another individual is about. Are they just close to those people? Do they have spanking roles? Like big brother spanks little sister? Maybe spanked together? I am just fascinated and truly curious what these relationships are like.
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