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  1. I was wondering what it is like getting spanked by multiple people (same time/event) I was considering getting spanked by a guy for while (I am straight.) Well now I got a offer to be spanked by a women who also wants her husband to spank me as well. A double spanking would be pretty intense I can only imagine. I feel like I would be more comfortable there with a women as well than just alone with another man.
  2. That is pretty interesting! But I feel like players would probably fear even telling their story. If they found out any professional player was getting spanked/paddled/caned that news would be huge. So would you really want the whole world to know you got spanked by the coach.. I could see it being something they would not want to publically share.
  3. You make some good points. I wont know until I try. And then I would know for sure. I do get nervous about things so that may make me nauseous. I feel like it could be beneficial from a punishment side but I wouldnt like it I do not think.
  4. I just feel like the whole thing would end up being upcomfortable/awkward. Something about women I just feel more comfortable around in general. I think it might just be the willingness to submit. As a man I think we naturally try to always be tough. We try not show a weak side. We are very competitive whether it be who is faster,stronger,bigger,tougher, etc. We are always competing almost like who is top dog. I use do some boxing and MMA when I was younger. I feel like naturally as a guy you always size up your opponents. Nothing against women as fighters I just would never hurt
  5. That is why I have passed in the past. But I think its the spanking itself that intrigues me. But it might just be the thought of being spanked. I am a switch but have no desire to spank men just women.
  6. I do worry that I might end up not liking it all. Its hard for me to see myself comfortably with a guy doing anything.
  7. Thanks for all that. You make good points. He is not the closest. And I dont know him great but we have talked quite a few times and I have talked to others who have met him. They say he gives out a real father like spanking. I would rather meet with women but cannot find any women spanker around my area.
  8. This is more intended for guys. As I am a man. Straight so I do not want anything sexual. But I have considered getting spanked by a guy. And I know a guy who is willing to do it. What should I know before hand? I know about discussing limits. Just not exactly sure how I feel about getting spanked by another man... I have thought about it many times. But often feel like I might regret it for some reason.
  9. I am sure a lot of people feel that way about their coaches.
  10. https://columbiafederalist.com/home/2017/11/27/columbia-football-credits-success-to-coach-bagnolis-spanking-tent I am not sure how true this or not but certainly interesting.. I have always wondered if any professional coaches used old school methods (even though this is college I believe.)
  11. When was your last birthday spanking? And who did you receive it from? I am a bit embarrassed to admit but mine was by my mother on my last birthday (25).. I hadnt gotten them in years so it was surprise for sure.
  12. That is a unique fantasy. But to be honest I think that sound like a fun role play fantasy.
  13. It can be difficult to find a women. I have thought about trying it with another guy buy then it end up also having to travel a decent distance. There arent a whole lot of local in general. Maine is lacking spankos. Or at least lacking spankos who dont already have someone. It usually comes to traveling out of state. And then again its like maybe I should be looking for women at that distance.
  14. I know mainly is spelt wrong but is intentional. I am from Maine. Central Maine to be a bit more specific near Waterville. I love spankings! Giving and receiving. I would love to meet a female who is interested in having some fun with spankings 😛 Whether it be just receiving, dishing it out, or both. If you are interested we should get to know each other a bit.
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