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  1. If you are with a girlfriend/wife/partner and get a spanking by someone from which gender you are not sexually attracted to is it cheating? I have considered gettting spanked by a guy but I am in a relationship with a women. I have heard stories of guys telling their wives and it going negatively. Is it better to just not say anything?
  2. I am wondering what people think about getting spanked by men and women. I am mainly wondering about people who have been spanked by BOTH. Do you prefer one over the other? Who typically spanks harder? Just curious what everyone thinks.
  3. I have been very curious about being spanked by a guy. I would just try with a women but not easy to find in Maine.. I have been interested in being spanked by another guy anyways just nothing sexually interest me with a guy so just a spanking is what I want. Has anyone done this before?
  4. Hello I am a straight male curious about getting spanked by another guy. Wondering what other thoughts and feeling were who have gone through a same sex spanking as a adult. If not either way was was it like meeting up with someone for a spanking?
  5. I have numerous different implements and a solid hand as well. Message me if you are interested in receiving a spanking.
  6. Clips4sale has some and amateur spankings they might not be real but they claim to be.. You can pay on those or do some digging and can find some free on some sites.
  7. If you are looking for a spanking in Maine or possibly even New Hampshire or Massachusetts then I can absolutely help out. I respect limits so it does not have to be that hard of a spanking if you do not want it to be. We can talk more about what type of spanking you prefer or maybe you are just curious. We can chat before and get to know each other better as well as meet before whatever you may be comfortable with.
  8. Amateur spankings has some videos and I have seen some done with stevie rose (Not sure the company) but there is some with her mom,sisters, and aunt. Now obviously I cannot tell if these people are related for sure but they are doing roleplay videos (as far as I know)
  9. So many shows have spanking involded in it for humour. Makes you wonder. For example Family guy has a scene where lois stand up drops her pants and brian spanks her on her butt. There is also a scene where stewie gets hit and begins to like it. There is a scene where Tom tucker becomes peters dad.. LOL and spanks him. There is one where stewie spanks chris in the back seat of the car. There is a scene where donna (clevelands wife) puts chris over her knee and spanks him. There is a scene where lois telld peter to deal with chris but he is busy and tells chris to do it himself so he spanks himself. There is another scene where Tom Tuckers paddles Diane Simmons when the think the news is not airing. All Family guy. Then made by the same people American Dad has a scene where steve is spanked. Then francine gets spanked and in another one she gets spanked numerous times on the softball team and enjoys it. Maybe they are trying yo make spanking more mainstream and normalized. There is many other shows and movies that have stuff like that in it. It just surprises me how often I will have various random shows/movies on and something about spanking comes on.
  10. Spank Leah Remini. Spanked by Sandra Bullock
  11. This could backfire asking. If you did try to actually do it though it might be best to leave her a note. Take time, think about it very clearly. Be clear and explain why you feel how you do. I know your thought it can be hard. Much safer to find someone else. However if you do end up doing the letter should help. Trying to talk in person may become extremely difficult from the combination of nervousness and not knowing how to approach it. Also it might come off as confusing to her and trying to explain it on spot could be hard if you are not completely clear headed. Your best bet is making sure she gets why that is for discipline not a thrill. But again it could go quite bad.
  12. I have seen videos online of people getting spanked as a adult by a real family member. I have seen a few of daughters getting spanked by their Real mom. I have also seen real sisters spank, a few of aunts and even one with a real father. It all makes me curious how many people have considered seeing if someone they knew in their family would spank them. And if they did and they said yes would they be willing to film it?
  13. Very fascinating! That is unfortunate that it shunned you away for so long. I think it is beneficial because of how you view the discipline itself. I am not surprised he did not respond well to it. I think it is that just kinda old school belief that he has learned.
  14. I am from Maine so not too far but perhaps after communicating we can figure out something involving spanking.
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