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  1. Very interesting I would not have considered that. But I am also worried about people knowing me on those vanilla sites. And then they tell there friends who tells everyone lol. Word spreads like wild fire.
  2. @rubyredd That is interesting. I do not find men attractive at all. I have seen m/m spanking content and I am only interested in the spanking. I am a fan of seeing all butts spanked I guess. It is hard to explain but like seeing a guys butt unspanked is not interesting to me. Now a nicely spanked butt of any gender to me is a good sight. And though I like being a spanker I havent had the desire to spank a guy. I do get what you mean about finding other women attractive but I cannot see a guy and think of him as attractive or not. I dont really have a interest to be honest when it comes to
  3. I am wondering about the thoughts/experiences people have had getting spanked by the same sex while being interested in the opposite (m/m, f/f). It seems women are a bit more comfortable with it. I know I am not the first guy to think about it and I am sure others have tried it. I am completely only interested in women as far as a relationship or sexual activities (other than spanking depending if you consider that) I have considered getting spanked by a guy several times. But part of me feels like I am just feeling it that moment. And that when I ended up there in that position I would j
  4. The ratio of women that like to spank men is so much lower than the amout of women who are spankees. There are a lot of guys but cant find anyone. But the problem can be even harder I feel like for a male switch. Because most women are either submissive and dont want to spank or they do not wanna get spanked. It seems the female switch is harder to find. It can make the hunt for good spanking friends hard because you kind of have to choose which side to appeal to.
  5. I heard that stuff burns a lot haha. That sounds like I would really be igniting a fire.
  6. That is kinda what I was thinking. I have have seen lotion used quite a bit but I have never used it myself. I wasnt sure if it was more for healing or what. Because I have seen it used after a spanking quite often.
  7. I remember giving my ex a spanking when she was in wet bikini.. she told me after it stung twice as bad. She even made me try getting spanked on a wet butt. Hurt pretty bad haha. And it seemed like my butt began to dry out once bare. Then it really started to sting. I have seen spankings on a wet butt online before and they seem just as effective. But would lotions be there better option? It seems like water unless it is constantly being applied will dry out and then the skin becomes dried out.
  8. I can get not liking the abdl and mommy role play. It is not for everyone that is for sure. But then again so are a lot of things. And it could certainly ruin the mindset of a submissive. Just thinking about them in a diaper could probably be enough to kill your mood haha. Not everyone likes the same thing so I guess that important to find the right people you connect with. I appreciate everyones feedback!
  9. I get what your saying. I can see where you would want a top to mainly be dominant. It seems it could be hard to kinda switch out roles. And is probably easier to keep your spanker in your mind as more dominant rather than thinking about them when they were submitting to you. If you are into or curious about spanking a guy then I could see it working as well, as long as it is more of a rare thing. And if it is more casual rather playing into some sort of roleplay. Just kinda spanking lol.
  10. Thanks helpful advise honestly. I never thought about the women telling there friend in the community about meeting me at a munch. Yeah I do get the whole cancelling of things. Sucks because I was starting like a year ago but things began to cancel and many people stopped meeting. And I am not surprised people will judge for only being into spanking mainly. I do get what you mean about proving myself. There are so many creeps on these sites it becomes difficult to actually meet friends through these sites. But all for safety concerns so cant really knock it.
  11. I am curious on womens honest opinion about guys getting spanked. Whether it be getting spanked by a female or even getting spanked by another man. What are your thoughts??
  12. I am from this small state of Maine. Looking for friends close that are into spanking. I am not looking for anything sexual. Just good ol spanking fun and friendship. Let start talking!
  13. Well I think she is interested in more. She agrees we should be friends but she really wants to engage in things often it seems.
  14. There is a female co worker of mine. We have hung out a few times in the past. We kinda have a friendship but have messed around a little in the past. We have not had sex specifically but we have fooled around some. It had been a while since we hung out last until the other day. I would spank her when we would be kissing or something and it progressed a little more each time. Last time (the other day) she let me spank her. She had overdue birthday spankings 😂😂 Ahh I love that tradition. She let me give a spanking (well over her amount since I didnt count). I know she likes spankin
  15. I hate that small states mean small spanking communities. I wish there were a way to improve that. I am not looking to travel out of state just to have fun.. I know there are more spankos out there. How do you meet friends into spanking? I have thought about munches but when I look at who is attending or possibly attending, it is like 90% a combo of women that are taken, Men, or people who are into just different kinks. The internet definitely has helped people meet. I am just trying to learn how!
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