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  1. Shoot me a message and we can talk
  2. Hey man. Message me if you want to talk about a spanking. Strictly do spankings. Nothing sexual. About to be 27 years old and local
  3. Anyone male or female looking for a disciplinary spanking? I know some people are self quarantined but I have tested negative for COVID, Let me know. 26 yo spanker
  4. Can you host? message me and we can discuss more
  5. welcome to the site. I am a spanker in So Cal but it's been awhile since I have given one due to lack of finding a person. good luck to you
  6. Any plans to come to So Cal?
  7. hey man. I would be happy to help out. you can PM me if interested
  8. Available to anyone in the So Cal area, male or female, 30 and under who needs a spanking. Unfortunately cannot host but can travel a reasonable distance. Respond here or message me.
  9. both male and female or just female?
  10. joespanker93


    I have actually done this with someone but unfortunately I am in So Cal ?
  11. Going to be in Las Vegas these days if anyone would like to meet up if you are in need for a spanking.
  12. looking for spanking from male or female?
  13. Any spankee looking for a spanking, family is going out of town for 2 weeks and I can host in the Inland Empire. If you live further, may be able to help with gas if a spanking is really what you need.
  14. joespanker93

    So Cal

    here in so cal as well!
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