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  1. What about something for the two of you to do together? She can come visit for a weekend wherever you're traveling to (and leave kids with babysitter or relatives) or just a romantic dinner at a really hip place (Michelin star)? For most mothers I know, some time without the kids is what they most value... and a place they can boast about to friends is a nice cherry on top
  2. Works for me if the person is older or the relationship merits it - I'm not typically a humble person and those words tend to humble me a bit which help make me listen to whatever comes after them. I would hate to be called by my first & last name ... that I would find childish. To which it's own?
  3. Still a newbie in all of this, but there have always been some words that got my attention: "young lady" is the classic "good girl" / "naughty girl" "behave" or the nasty cousin "that's not the way to behave" "language" (usually pointing out cursing) "I expect --- (e.g. different behavior, different attitude)" ...and of course "the look" ...
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    Thank you all for the warm welcome Indeed, Switzerland is the place to be if you're into mountains ... and agree Zermatt is beautiful!
  5. This was the thread that made me finally decide to join the forum as a member ... hilarious! (maybe also a bit dangerous...but definitely hilarious :))
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    Hi all, new member here. 37 years old, female, travel(led) extensively, currently living in Switzerland. Been lurking for a while but decided to take the plunge and register. I'm not sure what I'm looking for ... but happy to have found this site.
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