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  1. Hi

    Whats the B mean? Be?

    Do U spank males?

  2. Hey that sounds fun to me!. Even though my team aint doing too great(OSU) lol. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Yeah, true. I was thinking more on the line of games specificaly made for spanking
  4. Ohhh okay. Yeah i was stuck for a minute. That does sound like a fun game. Maybe have to try it out someday
  5. Not to sure how that would be played but sounds interesting enough!
  6. Thanks!. Now that you said the last one i do remember in elementary kids were doing that also. Haha dont know how that slipped my mind. But it wasnt called spanking machine where i was from i think it was called train something, i dont know. Too long ago for me to remember lol
  7. Hi all. This is my first thread, and i was just curious to hear all of yalls different spanking games that you know of and how they're played. I currently dont know of any, at least i don't think lol. Thanks
  8. Of course! Hope you had a wonderful day you(all moms) deserve it:)
  9. Happy mothers day to all the moms:). Hope everyone has a amazing day!
  10. hi!:) welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy it.
  11. Hi! Welcome to the site:) I hope you enjoy it here. I'm sure you'll make plenty of friends
  12. Full Metal spanker Nanny spanks Star wars the last spanker Indiana spanks Bourne spanking Anger spanking or spanking management The last spanking
  13. First letter of my name then discipline. Took FOREVER just to think of something haha
  14. Welcome bud, good to meet you!
  15. Hey bud nice to meet you! I'm sure you'll meet some real nice people on here
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