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  1. Well I'm 78 and feel like I'm on a desert island all by myself. So I guess at that age you're pretty safe.
  2. I'm near Boise and would love to have some spanking friends, even if spanking didn't happen. So please feel free to reach out for any reason.
  3. I have known quite a few women tops, and what I found interesting was that most of them started out as bottoms.
  4. I've been to parties where we switched freely, one minute you're getting spanked and another one you're giving a spanking. Worked for me. I will say it took a while to get comfortable with that. The first time I got publicly spanked was kind of hard.
  5. I married my wife because we were dating and one evening when we were making out she laid across my lap bare bottom didn't mention that sometimes she just felt like she needed a spanking. Three months later we were married. Unfortunately spanking was about all we had in common, and towards the end that and the kids was about all they kept us together. Fast forward to when I was 50 and met a woman who believed in spanking. She she spanked her teenage son's although it was rare. What fascinated me or interested me was that they were okay with it. My mother had zero self-esteem and spank me to ma
  6. Hello folks, I was born in 1942 and was spanked until I was 15. I don't know when I wasn't interested in this but I was primarily a top until I was 50 when I met the right woman. Then I was a well spank man for the next seven years but have been largely inactive since. While I do switch I am primarily a spankkee.
  7. Hi everybody, I just read about this group in a discussion in the spanking Library I decided to come check it out and found out that I was already a member. I guess I didn't post much. Anyway I'm back and hope to be more active and even older than I was before. I was once told by no less than Eve Howard that I am a true switch, although I definitely tend towards the sub side. As I think I said in my other intro in the 90s when I was a couple I was very active in the party scene with Shadow Lane and private parties. Anybody remember the "Jim and Sandi" crowd? If so we may know each other.
  8. It's been said before, it's the technique not the toy. I don't like anything that leaves heavy bruises or severe welts, but both of those implements can be fun.
  9. I just found this. I'm a lifelong spanking fan, I don't know when I wasn't interested. I have a lot of experience and several long-term relationships that involved it. I have also attended a lot of Shadow Lane parties in the 90s. At my age however my spanking days are probably behind me. I'm happy to answer questions if anybody has any.
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