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  1. It says my inbox is full. Let me clear this out.....
  2. Ive met a couple people from here over the past 5 years. I feel like most people on here aren't serious about meeting up though.
  3. Oh ok haha mines just basic spanking porn with some light ddlg so I guess I fly under the radar
  4. Your entire blog got completely banned?
  5. I just reblog posts, I havent been posting many of my own. For that it works fine, I have 0 vanilla stuff on my feed lol. I doubt they are taking that many posts down, when I log in its nothing but spanking porn and people post daily
  6. Tumblr works fine. I attempted to switch everything over to BDSMLR but its just not as good and the community isnt that good. I think everyone left Tumblr prematurely my feed on tumblr is just as good as BDSMLR
  7. I am disciplinarian in Atlanta, GA, Id love to help you out
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