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  1. Bravo or Brava which ever you like. I enjoyed reading this very much.
  2. To me labels are not easy to apply in this context. For me, there is an intersection between dominant and spanker. And there will be varying degrees of both attributes within a top. Me, I am a spanker first, dominant second. Its just the way I think of my personality and interests.
  3. Thanks for the book recommendation , Madeline. Seems interesting.
  4. Painter


    Some new photos from a recent session with a naughty girl.
  5. Painter


    A fun evening...
  6. Painter

    From the album: Painted....

  7. Yay and many thanks for keeping this place running.
  8. Great Idea! It’s not that easy to decide what to share…. 1. I enjoy meeting new people but I don’t suffer fools. 2. I have a great admiration for things British. 3. I love my job. I work in the entertainment industry. 4. I enjoy intellectual and cultural pursuits…books..music..films. 5. My perfect day is going for a long bike ride and having a great coffee.
  9. Americano always in a real cup, never paper as it ruins the taste. Sometimes regular coffee brewed with freshly ground beans. If you enjoy coffee ,I recommend purchasing a burr grinder. Makes a real difference. I am a coffee nerd if you haven't noticed.
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