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  1. Painter

    Packed in tight

    Very nice packing indeed.
  2. Looks good. I would suggest rounded edges and a very thin piece of metal, plastic what have you sandwiched in between. Would be less floppy. Impressive!
  3. Love this thread. I have always tried to challenge the top I am playing with. Saying something and realizing I just got into something over my head. When I top I have been less fortunate to receive a smart comment or challenge. One women had a long inlaid hardwood paddle. After 10 swats, I suggested another 10 (feeling brave) She smiled and responded that's fine...10 on each side and another 10 across both. When she was done, I was shaking uncontrollably from the sting. But was pleased that the challenge was taken by both parties involved.
  4. Frank Zappa “Stevies Spanking”
  5. Excellent writing. Very descriptive I felt like I could have been right there wondering what is going on. thanks.
  6. Thank you for posting. You got you fanny roasted for sure.
  7. Yes you will be a Unicorn...a Snowflake... the rarity... I have been into spanking and playing all my life. I am not single, but have a need to play outside of my very vanilla life... Maybe you have the same situation. Would ideally like to make a friend to occasionally play with. Happy to chat here or by DM . i am older so ideally you would be to. Lets see where this goes- maybe nowhere... perhaps an in person meeting just to talk. I have very specific ideas for this relationship. If I have piqued you’re interest, do get in touch... Safe and sane always. and oh
  8. Nice photo. Finding a really good brush can be hard. I once went on quest while spending time in New York City. I was looking to buy a brush for a spanking friend as a present. Can you imagine traveling around town going into the old fashioned drug stores looking for the perfect brush? Heavy wood, right handle design...Of course there was the thrill of trying them on my hand while the person working there looked on. I ending up buying 2. One was a short handled bath brush, very heavy. The other was made in England. I think the brand was Kent. My friend was surprised when she got them an
  9. Yes Los Angeles is represented here. Best of luck finding what you seek.
  10. A coworker looked at me and she said “ so you are the one who cracks the whip around here.” I paused and took a moment to reply “why yes I am” for the rest of the project I think see knew...
  11. It all depends what you are after. If it is true punishment The Spanker would probably forgo it as it will be way more painful without. However without a warmup you can bruise more. If you seek the endorphin rush, then the slow warm up-gradually increasing force and implements is that way to go. If done right, you can enter subspace and have that feeling of peace and serenity like you are floating. They may be other opinions and your experience may differ. Or you could try it both ways and see for yourself.
  12. The one I really like to give and receive with is an inexpensive unbranded one. It kinda has the shape of the bottom of a shoe. Kinda two ovals. Black with stitching. It has a thin piece of metal stitched in between the layers. I have purchased one for a domme friend and owned one to use on a girlfriend. It is thudding and stinging at the same time. Make a great noise and reddens a bottom throughly. I think it ca be ordered from the leatherman in NYC.
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