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  1. Seems to be a lot of members from Ohio but not many are actually active...bum-mer.
  2. Noted and updated. I've mentioned much of this in other posts, but probably more in pm's. Thanks for reminding me to update the profile. ;-) Quiet and Discrete / Executive type. I am from Ohio. I travel for work in OH, WV, MD, PA, KY, & IN. I am 45, a switch (but normally top). I am in great physical shape, a great conversationalist, and thoroughly enjoy the entire aspect of this kink. Drop me a line if you want to chat. Who know, we may click and setup a playdate or simply become good friends. Seems a lot of folks are here for only conversation and that's fine. I have met
  3. I am not a female, but did see you post on a male inquiry. If you are interested in talking further, check my profile and send me a pm. Happy New Year and hope to hear from you.
  4. Not to steal the thunder of the thread originator, but I will be working in the Bowie MD and surrounding area throughout 2020. I am a switch who generally tops more than I bottom and Im darn good at it. :-) I have a few references from this site if you are interested. Is there any interest in this locale? Based on this thread, there seems to be a little... Seems most folks play games and I'm tired of it all. Please read my profile and recent posts and you'll see what I'm about. If interested, please reach out to me as I'll be in the area later this month and would love to meet some l
  5. Madsssxo- send me a pm and we can talk.
  6. I am In Ohio. I am a true spanking top. I sent you a PM a few weeks ago. Are you still looking Or have you left the site?
  7. I will be traveling in the Frankfurt Kentucky area this week. Anyone interested in meeting for coffee or getting together, let me know.
  8. I travel through Columbus & Cinci and am a switch. Anyone interested in speaking further, send me a pm.
  9. Any inquiries yet? I work in WV just north of you..
  10. switch 45 here... You can read my profile/recent posts and gather an opinion. I've sent so many messages and contacted folks with no response that I'm almost tired of wasting my time. I too like proper grammar and have no time for idiots so we have this in common. :-)
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