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  1. I learned today ...  a wonderful member of our community here, DaddyO-nly, passed away.  Not really sure what happened as he had been very quiet for a several months.
    My heart is broken.

    Rest in peace, DaddyO-nly.

  2. Always sit her down, talk first, lecture, and make sure she understands why she is getting a spanking
  3. Central NC area experienced Dom, Mentor Disciplinarian here. Please leave message if you need safe, sane real discipline.
  4. I care deeply , that is why I have to spank you.
  5. Hi, sane sensible safe Disciplinarian here in NC, near Fayetteville... Feel free to contact me if you like..
  6. I am in Harnett county... leave Me a message ere and we can talk
  7. I am in Harnett county NC. Been in and out of lifestyle over 35 years. Mentored and spanked several but not recently.. Safe, sane, Real, and trustworthy
  8. Hello I am in the Angier area if you still have this need, let Me know young lady?
  9. Here in mid NC, safe sane firm guidance and spankings given as needed...
  10. let Me know if you ever got what you deserve, Jparetto
  11. Yes Rose... How May I help you, little girl?
  12. Hi pattycake, I am in Angier area so fairly close if you would like to talk?
  13. Let Me know if interested in NC here also and very Real

  14. Let Me know where in NC and we can talk,,,, I am in Raleigh area
  15. Welcome to SN!!.. hope we can talk sometime
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