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  1. From western Ct. I am a male switch. Willing to be the top or the bottom. Particularly interested in finding a male who needs to be spanked. Butt I am open to and have spanked and been spanked by women. Not interested in anything beyond spanking fun. Not seeking a relationship per se.
  2. I am in western ct. A small town, I can remember when I could say you never heard of it. Sadly that is no longer true.
  3. I am definitely a switch, but clearly prefer to be the spankee. Mainly seeking role play/age play scenes.
  4. Seriously, how could I answer question 2 any other way.
  5. Hello everyone, I am amature professional male, in need of discipline by a strict parent, male of female. Giving me what I deserve. Role play, age play. not interested in sex.
  6. Not picky at all. I've given spanking only punishments to women and would do it again. Definitely also interested in receiving. Waiting with a hard hand near Buffalo.
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