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  1. I learned today ...  a wonderful member of our community here, DaddyO-nly, passed away.  Not really sure what happened as he had been very quiet for a several months.
    My heart is broken.

    Rest in peace, DaddyO-nly.

  2. I am a ‘little. I met someone, someone who identifies as a Daddy, online and we spoke on the phone and communicated for a long time ... I’m talking years. He always told me I was exactly the one he had been searching for and I have always felt likewise. We live three thousand miles apart but I went to his part of the world so that we could meet in person several times. I had never felt more comfortable to be ‘me’ anywhere else, ever, in my whole entire life. We both agreed there was a magical click. He told me he wanted to adopt me and he would be my Daddy forever, and I, his ‘little girl’. I was open to his idea of raising me as his ‘little’, and his ‘little-izing me further. He spoke of feeding me with a bottle and giving me a pacifier ... so that indicated to me just how ‘little’ I would become. He would ‘raise’ me and nurture me in all ways. He would be my very own Daddy who would protect me and keep me safe from others as well as from myself, I suppose, in that he would be vigilant with my safety ... and because I happen to be a bit haphazard in the way I do things on my own. As I stated earlier this has been over a long course of time, by now it’s been more than ten years. I occurred to me a few years in that it was unlikely to happen unless I settled everything in my life three thousand miles away. So, I made a plan; I paid off my home, settled all of my financial obligations, tied up all of my loose ends so that I would not leave anyone in my previous life in the lurch. A very clean break. I did all of this in the following few years. Well ... while I thought this would make my Daddy happy, I don’t know if it took me too long or if he never really was on board and didn’t tell me, but apparently it didn’t make him happy, at all. He stopped communicating with me all together. From time to time during that past few years, I would find him somewhere online or he would actually respond to an email I sent but for the most part he just simply ignored any effort I put out. I know for a fact, he still lives and breathes. I know he still visits this site. I don’t understand how somebody can talk the talk, and then vanish. I saddens me to think I am that gullible or just plain stupid. I wonder now if my loyalty is a fault. So, past experiences and the effects it has had and will have for the future ... I’m still in the process of figuring out how to uproot the loyalty, and how to learn to not love my Daddy anymore. I have to think going forward, I will not hand my heart (provided I can get the pieces to stick together and not be broken anymore) over to somebody who tells me he loves me, that he loves the ‘little’ in me and wants that special kind of relationship just for fear my heart will be crushed again. I’m out. I quit.
  3. My Daddy spanks me in the backseat of the car. When I tell him people are around who can see and hear, he says he doesn’t care what people will think if they see or hear him spanking me ... and if I cared then I should not have chosen to be naughty. He keeps a tool kit of a hairbrush and a long handled paddle in the car too, and what’s even worse is that he takes my pants and panties down for it.
  4. What was the most embarrassing spanking you ever received. Age: 52 Who spanked you: Daddy Why: disobedience and breaking a rule. He was holding my hand as we were walking in a nature park and I saw something that I just had to investigate so I shook his hand away and ran ahead. He caught up with me and I just knew I was in big trouble. Don’t ever pull away from Daddy holding my hand. Where: outdoors at a nature park Did anyone see it: yes, a few people on the trail passing by What was most embarrassing: From the loud scolding as he physically took me over to a fallen log, sat down, pulled down my pants and panties, put me across his lap ... to the spanking he administered to my bare bottom. Outside. In public. How was the spanking done: across his knees Was it on the bare bottom: yes ... spankings are always on the bare bottom. How long did the soreness last: not too long but the spanking I got once we returned home lasted for two days Any cornertime: absolutely ... pants and panties remained at half mast the whole time
  5. Thank you for your response. I appreciate finding out how others navigated this sort of uncharted territory.
  6. Hello peoples ... It’s a conundrum trying to figure this stuff out. It’s a collection of thoughts, as well as a search of the heart and the mind in attempting to understand the whys of it all. The honesty with self reveals aspects of personality and character ... some of which can be easily accepted while the rest is simply easier to deny. There is discovery which can be enlightening, and revelation that is confusing. Thus far, I have determined that I am a ‘little’. I’m thoroughly convinced that I am a divided person. The ‘little’ me is real ... more real that the rest of me. The rest of me is required to function in this world without revealing the ‘little’. It’s quite a task. A struggle that goes on beneath the surface; that wages a war within. The balancing act between the two of me sometimes feels like an accomplishment while at other times is exhausting. I’m required to be the ‘other’ me, constantly while the ‘little’ remains in seclusion. Isolated. Lost. I’m convinced there can be a rare moment when the ‘little’ can come out to explore, giggle and play safely ... once the ‘little’ finds the other half in the person who is split in like ways. That person is one who functions within this world while the hidden ‘Daddy’ stays beneath his surface. He is searching the world over for the ‘little’ he can care for, and raise in her ‘little-ness’. Once he finds his ‘little’ and convinces her that this can be a good thing, she will feel safe and secure enough to be her true self. He might be here ... it’s worth a look because it starting somewhere. Curious to know if anybody else’s mind and heart knows of their own division. To know that one is grown in expected and normal ways yet at the very same time kind of growing backward? Backward in the direction of reverting to re-grow ... or something like that. See! I told you it’s confusing!
  7. I would leave you a message because I need my very own Daddy ... but you don’t like me anymore. i hope you find whatever you’re looking for.
  8. Having my panties pulled down isn’t an option. Spankings are always and only ever on my bare bottom. It’s far from any favorite thing to do because getting my panties pulled down is either the next to last moment before I am turned for the spanking to begin, or having to get my temp taken the accurate way ... both of which I find humiliating. Humiliating but necessary; you see, the ‘little’ within needs that kind of care and discipline. It’s the way by which she learns to be obedient and respectful. The ‘little’ within must have consequences both rewards and punishments to help her be the best she can be. Punishments in the form of a bare bottom spanking will make the ‘little’ attempt to retreat to back within, while leaving the other me, the ‘host’ me, to endure the processes of having my panties tugged down, my bottom bared and exposed, subjected and targeted for the spanking. Its when that spanking takes place, the ‘little’ can’t hide anymore. The bare bottom placed over the knee belongs to the ‘little’, the wiggling and kicking feet belong to the ‘little’ , the pleas to stop and the tear flow all belong to the ‘little’, and it’s then, at that time that the ‘little’ gets her comeuppance, the spanking she deserves, the lessons to be taken from it, the talking to received by Daddy’s stern voice. All of the experience belongs to the ‘little’ while the other me, the usual ‘host’ me retreats to within.
  9. West Coast USA. The part where the sun shines all of the time.
  10. I’ve been flipped over while with my pants up to start and ended up with my pants and panties pulled down all in an instant. I’m still wondering how my Daddy manages to do all of that in one smooth rapid action. That’s when I know I did something completely unacceptable because there are no words till later.
  11. Hi. Deep within me there is a ‘little’ that struggles to surface and explore, to discover and have adventures but I am reluctant to release her into this world without first finding that ‘Daddy’ she needs. She can be quite a handful and needs rules to follow, structure and discipline. A spanking works wonders in reeling her in if a stern look and a firm voice doesn’t do the trick. She is a ‘little’ and can be quite determined, a bit of a brat, and has some real learning to do with regards to listening skills and obedience. Example: she sneaks out to play in the rain and stomp in all the puddles until she is soaking wet without regards to potentially catching the sniffles. Her temp taken from her bottom might serve as a reminder kind of punishment because it’s an unpleasant enough of an experience to avoid. The ‘little’ isnt all bad. Together, we are fun, and caring. We like the great outdoors, we love to read, and watch cartoons, and listen to music. Would there happen to be a loving, genuinely caring older gentleman who might be interested in a challenge of this sort?
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