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  1. to bad you are not in arkansas. while i am not a woman i do give non sexual spankings for most any legitimate reasons. if you ever get out this way and are interested give me a hollar. :-)
  2. north central arkansas. male or female.
  3. i, too am unable to get this site to load. some girl page keeps coming up. i've tried every "address" listed in this thread and nothing. i sounds like it would be fun to play with.
  4. while i readily admit to having very little experience: the above site has a wealth of "good stuff". now how to put all the learning into "play".
  5. i was naughty, mommy found out, mommy spanked me hard.
  6. still wait to hear from this person. about a year now. me thinks he is just another "come on"
  7. and there in lies the problem. finding someone you can trust to give you the spanking needed. so many want some sort of sexual component attached. not cool.
  8. i learned early in life if the questions were not phrased exactly right i could answer without being caught in a lie. but i was also taught that i was responsible for my actions, so lo these many years later i find the guilt of lying and avoiding a spanking back then, brings a need for a spanking today. odd?
  9. did bad, panties down, got spanked, in the corner crying.
  10. hi flipmtx. if you are still looking, i'd be glad to role play and give you a whipping. i have changed my profile since i have gained some experience. you would have to travel.
  11. over in arkansas near jonesboro if you are still interested.
  12. what about north central arkansas? give or get
  13. i did not expressly ask for permission to use his name but then i am not sure X X X X is his given name. and i probably should not have used his name but the frustration and wasted time sometimes over comes common sense. so i apologize to those whom i offended by using his name, or come spank me for my transgression. :-) :-)
  14. how many others have been disappointed but an alleged partner not showing up or providing poor service? i spent 2-3 months cultivating a partner(spankerson) thru this site only to have the big day come and go with out a word from spankerson. so fellow arkansans don't not be surprised if you do not get what you thought you would get if you use (name removed) from mayfair arkansas.' just a word to the wise. since this is such a controversial topic and there seem to be so many fakers out there maybe some one should compile a listing of bad players and publish it so others won't get "burned". so the search starts anew.
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