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  1. Yes Nikki! You and that bench paired perfectly together I must say 😉
  2. 🤗  Hello Sir!!!

    I finally joined the site after you recommendations!

    I'm sooo happy you have agreed to see me again after my "break" from spanking.  My ass STILL stings deliciously since our Saturday session.  I will text you a photo.  And that spanking bench 🤩  OH MY GOSHNESS!!!  I can't get that bench and your strap out of my mind!  Your spankings have been "sorely missing" from my life 😜... corny pun intended!

    Girls, if you are looking for a safe bona-fide expert disciplinarian this is the one!!!  Just don't dare take my time slot.

    1. SpankingBanker


      Well its about time you joined young lady... I've only been recommending for 4 years now lol.  

      I am very glad you reached back out to me and we could arrange a session so soon.  Also happy to hear you still have your stinging and marks as a "souvenir"😉.  Looking forward to our next session!

      Ladies, if you need a female disciplinarian and are anywhere near the Philadelphia area then you must contact MissNikki.

    2. MissNikki


      Thank you for your endorsement Sir!

      I am available to spank girls who are in search of a female disciplinarian.  I am ER to females and EE to the SpankingBanker only. 

      I'll text you later Sir with my availability once I find out this afternoon.  I can't wait to be on that bench again 🤩


  3. I have had spankees wear special lingerie like cute panties with knee high socks, and others do a schoolgirl uniform or something along that line. I even have one wonderful spankee from this site who likes to call me daddy and wear a skimpy "I love Daddy" onesie, and she wears it well I might add 😉. That said I don't require these things but it appears to benefit my spankees by getting them into the proper spankee mindset.
  4. This room has the perfect area for my spanking bench. The mirror is perfect for you to watch as I punish you 😉

    © TheSpankingBanker

  5. It's in the flick of the wrist. Also make sure you are hitting that lower half of the cheeks and where the butt muscle meets the back of the leg. Get a good consistent tempo going back and forth or 5 on one side, then 5 on the other at a pretty quick pace.
  6. I have met several girls from this site. I gave had some good and great experiences. COVID and my fav girl disappearing after 2 years made 2020 pretty lame though. Before covid I was averaging 1 to 2 spanking sessions a month and sometimes as many as 1 per week. Talking to others now for future meeting plans so here's to better 2021! Some tips: - don't come off too hungry and creepy - be honest about your experience and skill. - communicate well as a spanko and spankee. Build trust. If you're married and hiding this lifestyle, tell the person you are meeting upfron
  7. A good scolding makes all the differences in setting the tone and getting her into her spankee mindset... "Get over here right now!" And "Hands and feet on the ground and don't you move young lady or I will just add more" And "Go ahead and cry all you want, I'm just going to keep on spanking young lady" Also, a grab of the ponytail and pulling her head up so you can scold right into her ear works wonders 😉
  8. My best fantasies are the memories of my real experiences with my current and past spankees, some even from this site, followed by some scenarios I see on certain videos or read in stories.
  9. It's interesting the paradox I run into with my spankees vs. What we run into in the dating scene... so many spankees from this site are in relationships or marriages in which they cannot get their spanking desires fulfilled while many others of us are not able to find a spankee in the vanilla dating world. Some of us have determined that we will pursue our spanking desires at the expense of getting into a relationship otherwise and thus feel "lonely" while others are in relationships or marriages yet are so empty they need to peruse sites such as this secretly on their phone while their part
  10. Happy New Year!

  11. I second this question!.... I KNOW there is a need for a group in this area and the interest is certainly out there. Let's get one started 🙂 I also recall there being a yearly gathering in Atlantic City as well as the Pocono Spanking Party. Hopefully those start up again as covid winds down.
  12. Yeah I have been wanting to attend this and the Pocono spanking retreat as well... would love to know when they are back on. I imagine it might not be until late 2021 at earliest at this point.
  13. You certainly want to cut the ginger into a anal plug shape and make sure it is a firm, thick cut so it does not break. I am a big proponent of trying a second or 3rd time of you feel nothing the first time... reason being that many have said they feel nothing and this can depend on the freshness of the ginger, how long ago it was cut, and if it was left in water too long. One piece can be "bland" but the next can be perfect. You also want to keep in mind that the point is to work through the intensity for a few minutes, it WILL, die down and as it does is the most rewarding part a
  14. I have performed figging several times on my spankees. I find it to be quite an effective punishment. My spankees often describe a growing warmth and then burning for about 20 minutes that then results in warmth spreading to their pussy resulting in extreme intense arousal. Its during this time that you can really deliver a strong and thorough spanking with optimum results.
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