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  1. I just had a wonderful spanking session with a girl in Denver (we met on a different site) and she was very insistent that I spank her until she cried hysterically and then beyond that. I have an advanced spanking skill set along with a vast collection of implements so this was easy for me to perform however it got me wondering... how many of you actually want to be spanked thoroughly up until, and even continuing through, when you are crying and beyond?
  2. I always get my strongest arousal when spanking my spankees and seeing how aroused she gets from her spanking. She may be begging to stop and crying but her arousal is unmistakable by the wet spot visible on her panties (if she is wearing any), the feel of her juices pooling on my lap if she is over it, or the view of her wetness dripping between her legs as the spanking continues. It is especially fun to point out that I can see how aroused she is just to embarrass her while I continue her spanking. I've been known to take a girls wet panties off and stuff them on her mouth while I continue her spanking, making her taste her arousal as her punishment continues. Perhaps slide my fingers up her wet slit and collect her juices only to make her suck them clean.
  3. Hello Denver and Salt Lake City spankos! I'll be spanking in both cities over the next month or so. Looking for female spankees new or experienced. I can host in my suite or come to you. Feel free to message me if interested or curious.
  4. Excited about my most recent purchases this week, a true custom  barber strap, a new tawse, and a custom whip... now I need a lucky lady to try these out on here on the northeast/mid Atlantic this week.  Any volunteers?

  5. I am back in the Northeast.  I'll be available to provide spankings in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania for the next few weeks and then up to Connecticut and Massachusetts.  

  6. Conditioning the leather items and polishing the wood ones as I get the equipment ready... now with COVID is easing up The Spanking Banker is ready and available!

    1. SJE


      Lol ready for what??

  7. I am in Downingtown right now for the next 2 weeks... and I nirmally only live 45 min awayform the area. I am a REAL and EXPERIENCED spanking disciplinarian and tailor my spankings to your needs and desires as I get to know you
  8. I have my girls stand before me nude from the waste down at least, legs, spread, hands behind the head looking down at me as I am face level with her pussy and I lecture her for her wrong doing and explain in great detail how the coming punishment will proceed. If my girl is not satisfactorily groomed in her private area I will lecture her for the infraction while I make her lay back and spread open, totally exposed while I slowly and methodically shave her. Another great humiliation tool is to fig her by taken fresh cut ginger and placing it in her asshole like and anal plug...
  9. Oh. Very nice! I have been a disciplinarian and Dom since 18 as well. I have had many private, one on one spankees who have come to me for spankings on a regular basis. I have also been to a few clubs and parties as I travel. Now kinda looking for a spankee who wants to meet for private sessions but may also be open to attending events together. I have also performed spankings for girls who want to submit "casting" videos and pics to websites for hire. I have even been hired by a local sorority to teach and perform spankings at one of their initiation activities lol. Lately things have been slow but I am anxious to get back into things now that covid is winding down.
  10. Hello there. Thanks for messaging me. Definitely looking for a spankee in the area. Have you been spanked before?
  11. Greetings Chicago area naughty girl! The Spanking Banker will be providing spanking sessions in the Chicago area for May and June. If interested, or even just curious feel free to message me for more info. 100% Covid free and always keeping clean and following protocols.
  12. A pussy spanking is a particular skill of a good spanker that takes practice. Pussy spanking is for pleasure or build up of arousal and then orgasm denial. The tact used should NOT be to inflict pain in her pussy. Rather you want to use a light and controllable spanking implement l. I use my riding crop or my hand which I have become very skilled with. For beginners I advise starting over the panties. I also advice having her on a chair or couch holding her ankles shoulder width above her head while you stand over her from behind looking down or having her fade down ass up legs partially open. The key is to build up arousal first! Do so by either rubbing lightly over her panties or massaging first to get the blood flowing. Then you want to grab the riding crop and begin rhythmically tapping the flat leather tip over her mound using proper wrist movement for control. The Key is to get that rhythm going so that you work in unison with the throbbing that will begin to occur. The timing is of the essence here. You should notice her begin to paint and breathe heavy and start to gyrate her hips to meet the tip of the crop. This is when you stop. Perhaps you tweak her nipples a little as you admonish her for being such a horny naughty girl. By now she should have a wet spot growing on her panties. You now pull them or tear them off. You can study then into her mouth if she is into that. Now her bare puss is exposed and her clit and lips should be engorged and throbbing. You take that crop and you again rhythmically tap on that clit and over those lips. I also like to crop onto her asshole at this point if not sooner. The flat leather tip of my crop tap straight onto her asshole drives her exponentially more wild as she gets even more turned on. Again, it's all in the wrist and the goal is light and rhythmic, not hard and severe. Closely observe her body language listen to her breathing. I've had several girls cum just from this act with no other contact or manipulation. One or two were even from this forum.
  13. All of my spanking implements have been well cleaned, conditioned, and polished with all of my free time...

  14. Hello all, The Spanking Banker will be home and providing spanking sessions in a one on one clean environment to those females who need it over the next few weeks or months. All of this time at home is only going to increase your spanking needs and desires. I am a well experienced disciplinarian who has shared my skills with several girls on this site already. Feel free to message me if you would like to learn more or just chat about the lifestyle -TSB
  15. Thank you for your response! I tailor each spanking and subsequent spankings based on the individual and the wants and needs that you may have as you become comfortable with me. I provide therapeutic, maintenance, role play, and erotic type spanking and punishment. I have been in the lifestyle for a long time. My spankees range from college students, to house wives, to professional business women including some from this very site. I have had 90 lbs Japanese girls who desire a long, thorough and intense caning and I have had girls who desire an old school over the knee spanking with the hand or brush. What is your experience with spanking? Are you new to this? What type of spankings do you seek?
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