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  1. Yep. The "choice" should be just like Nikki says... equally harsh and mind spinning as the spankee thinks about her options. I also like strict gents idea 😈
  2. I use drilled paddles regularly and I can tell you that no level of pre-spanking prep will ease the pain if it's been so long since your last. Pain tolerance is developed directly by spanking frequency. The good thing is that "woods" will give you quite the thump and sting upfront and appear rather harsh visually. but 48-72 hours later won't feel so bad whereas the leathers such as straps and belts may not look or feel so bad immediately after your session, but the pain may last much longer. Either way it sounds like you are looong overdue for a good spanking so hopefully you will get what you deserve!
  3. I find that nearly every female I have spanked ends up very visibly aroused and anxious for release whether she requests it from me or takes care of herself afterward.
  4. Just received my newest leather strap and tawse.  Looking forward to breaking them in..  I'll be available for private spanking sessions in the NJ/Philly/NYC area through August 21st.  Then heading to the Boston area and available for spankings there through September 10th.

  5. I will be there! Looking very forward to it!
  6. Well I have met with 2 spanking "newbies" here in Dallas already and NEITHER of them had arranged a safe call or told anyone where they were going!... Girls, I know this thread has been ongoing and it may be embarrassing to discuss with a friend where you are going and what you are up to but please, please, PLEASE arrange a safe call or at least say you are going on date or something to a trusted person. You don't have to get into the specifics of your activities.
  7. TheSpankingBanker will be providing spankings in the DFW area now through June 18th. Spanking options include discipline, maintenance, therapeutic, and role play or any combination thereof. I have access to a local school classroom setting if you are looking for a realistic school punishment role play. I currently have only have 2 remaining time slots available for my school classroom spankings but the remainder of my calendar is otherwise pretty flexible. All sessions are private and one on one unless you request a spanking mate or photos.
  8. I will be spanking in the DFW area now through June 18th.
  9. I purchased this bench at extreme restraints website. I also have a more heavy duty custom made wood bench that looks beautiful and certainly serves its purpose well but it is not as light and portable as this one is.
  10. Any naughty (or nice) girls in Austin, Texas... I will be providing spankings April 21st through May 11th. I will also be attending and performing at a small party in Austin during this time if anyone wants to attend as my "plus 1".
  11. TheSpankingBanker will be spanking in Austin, Texas April 21st through May 11th.  Any naughty or nice Texas girls needing some discipline feel free to message me.  

  12. Lol. I agree! I have had some girls who I spank just 10 times and their ass is already dark red or purple and others who happen to lose their color quickly... this young lady has one of those asses that loses the color very shortly after her spanking.
  13. My experience providing figging is that once a female works through that first 10-15 minutes of burn a very pleasurable warmth spreads down there afterwards. Some get very aroused by the feeling.
  14. As a spanker, what I really like is fact that my skills are ultimately providing a desired release for my spankee, whether that release is mental, therapeutic, erotic or all 3. I see my role as the spanker not unlike that of a massage therapist, just more unique and "kinky". I like developing communication and trust with my spankee so that we get that mental connection which frees her to truly enjoy her spanking. I enjoy observing my spankees body language and sounds as I spank her and adjusting my techniques accordingly to give maximum effectiveness. I enjoy providing aftercare and the look of bliss and satisfaction on my spankees face as she tells me "Wow, I've never felt like this before".
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