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  1. Lol. I agree! I have had some girls who I spank just 10 times and their ass is already dark red or purple and others who happen to lose their color quickly... this young lady has one of those asses that loses the color very shortly after her spanking.
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  5. Naughty college students second spanking this week. Wet already!
  6. My experience providing figging is that once a female works through that first 10-15 minutes of burn a very pleasurable warmth spreads down there afterwards. Some get very aroused by the feeling.
  7. As a spanker, what I really like is fact that my skills are ultimately providing a desired release for my spankee, whether that release is mental, therapeutic, erotic or all 3. I see my role as the spanker not unlike that of a massage therapist, just more unique and "kinky". I like developing communication and trust with my spankee so that we get that mental connection which frees her to truly enjoy her spanking. I enjoy observing my spankees body language and sounds as I spank her and adjusting my techniques accordingly to give maximum effectiveness. I enjoy providing aftercare and
  8. This is a question many of us have. It's hard to bring this up to those we meet on vanilla dating sites. Yet those we run into here and I other kink networks seem to attract an "only soanking" short term kind of dynamic or they are people already in vanilla relationships and just want this on the side. Perhaps there should be a "dating" or "spanking singles" section here 🤔
  9. My spanking requests have really picked up again since the New Year. 2020 was certainly a lull in spanking activity to say the least 🙄. I spend a lot of time talking and building trust with spankees before we meet anyway so there has to be trust there to begin with. I also have some prior spankees reaching out to me this year and some references through spankees as well. So it's been a decent spanking start to 2021.
  10. I know that whenever I meet with my spankee for the first time and we chat for an hour or so first I say "go ahead and make your safe call if you want or you can do it afterward". I am surprised by how many have said "what do you mean?". I then helpfully explain the importance of a safe call and dangers within this community. Then they get additional swats for not having a safe call scheduled.
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