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  1. Valentine's Day

    This weekend I set up a Bumble date for Wednesday. Just realizing (thanks to this thread honestly) that it's Valentine's Day. Girls out there, keep in mind that this is a first date and we've never met, would it being Valentine's Day impact it in any way for you? What I mean is would you act or approach it differently? Personally It's like any other day to me, just a Hallmark holiday, but I'd be surprised if she wasn't well aware its Valentine's Day, but maybe that's a gender bias.
  2. Sayings for implements

    Any big game of thrones fans out there? I'm personally obsessed. Anywho, I have a EE who has a paddle that says "Oathkeeper". Not as cute as the other ones but I love it.
  3. Disciplinarians- do you behave well yourselves?

    Great question and I think my answer has been echoed in many other responses. To me it comes down to the ER's rules vs the EE's goals and the type of dynamic you have. If I was in a DD and I made rules I would 100% expect myself to follow the same rules. If someone wanted discipline from me to say eat more healthily, do better at work/school, etc. While I'm still trying to be my best self, I would not hold myself to the same requirements so breaking her rules here would be moot. But it's an interesting question of what happens in a DD if the ER breaks the rules. Lets say just for example the ER has a no F word policy. The EE is spanked soundly every time she/he says it. Well what if the ER says it. Would you EE's be happy if they just said sorry, it's a minor infraction but how is the power exchange affected? I personally think the ER needs to be careful in making rules to avoid this, or clearly state that it's more of a as you said "do as I say not as I do" relationship. Me personally I would prefer rules I know I would never break, and would communicate my rules upfront and would be willing to add any additional ones my EE wants to be held accountable for but clearly state that these are for her only. I personally swear quite a bit, so it be unfair to punish someone for that unless they wanted to be.
  4. Couldn't find a picture of an eagle getting a spanking. So I settled for this....LFG!!!!!


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    2. Pjc20021986


      Eagles played great on offense. We couldn't stop em. What a game. This one will sting, Pats should've won but didn't execute in the first half.

    3. Release10001


      Heck of a game pjc. Could have gone either way. Much more competitive Super Bowl than I expected. 

    4. AnnieMia


      It really was an awesome game and wild. I can't believe both kickers missed an extra point. I do think Brady could have hustled a bit more to catch that ball. I am very glad for Foles. He threaded the needle time and time again. Pjc, you are being very gracious so I won't give you 💩 about the game.

      And yeah, Brandon Cook to huge hit. It looked to me like he was out for about 4 seconds. Hope he is ok.

  5. Hello from Boston

    Nice To hear from you swimmer, I'm from Boston, not an easy city in terms of meeting spankos, but good luck. I recommend fet life, I've only met 5 spankees from the Boston area, 3 from that site and 2 from Spanking Flirt.
  6. Is spanking the most harmless thing?

    Lesson of the day!
  7. Go Patriots!!!


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    2. AnnieMia


      Me too! Watching the Pats vs Jags game today brought back nightmares.

    3. Pjc20021986


      Lions fan and a spankee, lot of painful experiences haha.

      First time I ever gave up on the Pats was the TD to make it 28-3. That'll also be the last time. 

    4. AnnieMia


      Yeah! Just rub it in. That loss was much more painful than a severe spanking.

  8. Spanking stages

    Definitely not the only one, although raspberry jam on white bread would be a good one too. I sent these to someone on Thansgiving, a before and after. I was a little tipsy so not by best work.
  9. This Boot Was Made For Spanking

    Almost more of a slipper, but to answer your question, no i haven't. Interested though.
  10. BREAKING NEWS: Trump is a Spankee !

    I don't know I've read articles from dominatrices that claim to have powerful business men all the time. Chance to relax and lose their control a bit maybe: So this wouldn't surprise me. Completely agree about your congress comment. There are things about both parties that I cannot stand. All for bi-partisanship.
  11. BREAKING NEWS: Trump is a Spankee !

    If he was a spankee he would be the best spankee of all time. I mean he would take one hell of a spanking, it be Yuge! CNN would try to say it was a light spanking, no implements, just hand, but that would be fake news, simply not true. Trump took the hardest spanking of all time, press secretary says he still cannot sit down, and he's tried. The republicans wanted him to have a warmup, they insisted, but he said no, bare bottom all the way. Couldn't resist
  12. Friends, spankos, countrymen...

    Thinking the same @Rhageon If not classically educated, at least apparently fun!
  13. Poll

    I said staying inside, but I should add the inside activity: making a cup of hot chocolate, curling up on the couch and binging netflix or watching a movie 😊
  14. It's hard to find a S.O. who JUST spanks!

    Even for someone like me, who is turned on by giving a spanking, I'd have absolutely no problem having a platonic spanking relationship (and I've had a couple). I am sure you will find someone willing to have a strictly spanking relationship assuming there are spankers near you in KY. As mentioned by others though I would clearly state that ahead of time and then just make sure the spanker seems to understand and doesn't appear to be an asshole. From talking to some girls with bad experiences over the years, there appear to be guys sometimes that call themselves spankers but really just enjoy complete domination and that can be a problem. Now a long term relationship where your not looking to have sex before marriage will definitely be a no go for some guys. I'm sure it'll be okay for others though, just be upfront about it at the jump and make it very clear. This way you'll have a better chance to find someone with similar values and hopefully will be able to weed out those that might pressure you or end the relationship if they weren't actually okay with it. Just my two cents, Good Luck!
  15. Buying a Hairbrush for Spanking

    Ive got bamboo wooden hairbrush that I had gotten off of Amazon for $12. I attached an image below. I hear it stings quite a bit I agree that even in a budget it's well worth $12 for a good one if you plan on using it more than a couple times and I've had no problems with mine.