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  1. Also agree with Davyd. Tennis is a perfect sport in my opinion. Sometimes they will blame the racket but you need to truly have incredible physical and mental prowess to succeed at that game. Boston fan here- haven’t had a parade since February 2019. Almost 13 months now, paradeless, such a drought, it’s been tough on us. Sox will stink this year, no question. Which is unfortunate because the rivalry with the Yankees was starting to get good again. You guys should win this year but I’m hopeful the 2020s will be just as kind to you as the 2010s lol.
  2. This is a great post and something that I’ve struggled with for a long time, but that has become even more of a focus for me very recently. There’s been some mention in the replies of Jillian’s Keenan’s book, but I’ve very much enjoyed her recent videos on YouTube as well. Particularly her video relating to spanking being a sexual orientation and what she dubbed the Keenan Scale (posted on 11/14 start the video at 7:30). The scale is Numbered 0-6, 0 would be someone who's sexuality is sex oriented (the majority) and 6 would be someone who’s sexuality is entirely Fetish Oriented without sex (for her spanking). The ranges in between would be the ranges of kinky people, people that like a fetish but also like sex. She states that she is a 6, completely fetish oriented. It was very interesting for me to hear someone actually admit this. I’ve had trouble with a vanilla relationships because as a life long spanko, spanking has been the biggest turn on for me. While I consider myself entirely heterosexual, and am absolutely attracted to women, something always got lost in the translation with just a vanilla partner in the bedroom. I enjoy pleasuring my partner and being pleasured but sexual intercourse was always challenging to keep the focus and keep the arousal. Even getting pleasured it’s been difficult to finish without thinking about spanking in some regard. I assumed in a DD relationship all of this would be solved but there has been challenges there as well. Even with two hard wired spankos there may still be differences between us and maybe we fall on different aspects of this Keenan scale. While the spanking dynamic has been great (first time in my life I’m truly happy in a dynamic), some aspects of having intercourse have still been difficult. My partner is left unsatisfied and confused by this and it’s difficult to explain, and it kills me. She may be a 3 on this Keenan scale, someone who equally loves sex and spanking, and needs both. I am starting to wonder if I am more of a 4, or even more unfortunately, possibly a 5. Maybe issues with this in past vanilla interactions has messed with my psyche and this can by fixed in other ways, that’s to be determined. Either way, this video of hers and her honesty has been very helpful in trying to figure this out. I truly appreciate her talking about it and doing it with a smile, helps not feeling so unique or alone with what I am going through, maybe even optimistic. PJC
  3. I’m sure most people have heard the term First World Problems to describe an annoyance that in the grand scheme of things is not all that important. There are people with much greater problems in the world relating to basic survival such as hunger for example. A week or so ago a spankee of mine wore short shorts to meet a friend the day after a rather hard spanking (she asked for it this time) and when she got home she noticed while looking in the mirror that you could see some markings pretty visibly. I got one of these emojis when she told the story 🙈 lol. It occurred to me how often this must impact female spankee’s lives especially in the summer or in warm climates where it’s bathing suit weather year round. And that this was very much a Spanko World Problem. Any other Spanko World Problems that impact us specifically and things non spankos never have to worry about?
  4. (this does not apply to masochists)- cracked up at this 😂
  5. Raised Christian but no religious affiliation anymore. To me religion has always seemed a man-made creation to alleviate some of the fear of death- why many religions in all parts of the world have similar principles and almost all of them have an afterlife. Afterlife is reserved for humans yet we’re the only species actively destroying our World (all invasive species were put where they are accidentally or voluntarily by us). I could go all day... That said, I do agree with and try to live my life by many of the principles of religion, be a good person, respect your family, don’t lie, cheat, steal, kill etc. So I completely respect everyone else’s perspectives and beliefs, and everyone should be entitled to them. If we were all a bit more respectful and tolerant of each other’s beliefs and not so petrified to be around others that think a little differently than us, we’d all be better for it imho. I put agnostic because I have no clue what’s out there or how this universe was created which is terrifying but honest and humbling to me And lastly, religion has never come up in spanking for me.
  6. Agoodspankin is another good one. His posts have been a bit more infrequent but as his name indicates, a good spanker.
  7. You have every right. Every aspect should be consensual and hopefully you use safewords. What I've done in the past with someone who I didn't know too well was to adjust their underwear so it's mostly in the crack. This way your not exposed but your cheeks are still bared.
  8. As an ER (spanker Laura ?) I don't have as much to add here, but I think I can say with some confidence unless it is a very emotional experience you will not cry. I've spanked 10 women, lets say more than 50 spankings and only 1 time was there real tears (it was a very emotional spanking). While I do agree it was special and she really enjoyed the release you can't go into it with any expectations to cry, it just seems too rare to me. If it happens great but don't be too hard on yourself. Because of these experiecnes I've even questioned in recent years if tears in childhood spankings are pain vs emotion. I won't talk too much about it since I know anything outside of your own experiences is not allowed here. But I was the type of kid who would fall down the stairs (at least twice lol), fall off my bike and scrape my entire leg and not cry. Yet I always cried when i was spanked. Without any really vivid memory I wonder if it was more disappointment in myself and knowing I messed up that caused the tears. I'm positive it hurt less than a bike fall.
  9. The switching given in the tv show "Community" was a really good and funny scene as well.
  10. This weekend I set up a Bumble date for Wednesday. Just realizing (thanks to this thread honestly) that it's Valentine's Day. Girls out there, keep in mind that this is a first date and we've never met, would it being Valentine's Day impact it in any way for you? What I mean is would you act or approach it differently? Personally It's like any other day to me, just a Hallmark holiday, but I'd be surprised if she wasn't well aware its Valentine's Day, but maybe that's a gender bias.
  11. Any big game of thrones fans out there? I'm personally obsessed. Anywho, I have a EE who has a paddle that says "Oathkeeper". Not as cute as the other ones but I love it.
  12. Great question and I think my answer has been echoed in many other responses. To me it comes down to the ER's rules vs the EE's goals and the type of dynamic you have. If I was in a DD and I made rules I would 100% expect myself to follow the same rules. If someone wanted discipline from me to say eat more healthily, do better at work/school, etc. While I'm still trying to be my best self, I would not hold myself to the same requirements so breaking her rules here would be moot. But it's an interesting question of what happens in a DD if the ER breaks the rules. Lets say just for example the ER has a no F word policy. The EE is spanked soundly every time she/he says it. Well what if the ER says it. Would you EE's be happy if they just said sorry, it's a minor infraction but how is the power exchange affected? I personally think the ER needs to be careful in making rules to avoid this, or clearly state that it's more of a as you said "do as I say not as I do" relationship. Me personally I would prefer rules I know I would never break, and would communicate my rules upfront and would be willing to add any additional ones my EE wants to be held accountable for but clearly state that these are for her only. I personally swear quite a bit, so it be unfair to punish someone for that unless they wanted to be.
  13. Couldn't find a picture of an eagle getting a spanking. So I settled for this....LFG!!!!!


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      Eagles played great on offense. We couldn't stop em. What a game. This one will sting, Pats should've won but didn't execute in the first half.

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      It really was an awesome game and wild. I can't believe both kickers missed an extra point. I do think Brady could have hustled a bit more to catch that ball. I am very glad for Foles. He threaded the needle time and time again. Pjc, you are being very gracious so I won't give you ? about the game.

      And yeah, Brandon Cook to huge hit. It looked to me like he was out for about 4 seconds. Hope he is ok.

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