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  1. I would like it, especially when i'm getting a spanking with a particularly harsh implement, like rubber. Rubber is very hard on bare skin. Even though I might prefer up, my panties are always pulled down.
  2. Totally relate and have worked on this with my partner. Tell him "Sometimes it seems like I want you to stop, but I really don't" Encourage him to ask you a telling question such as "Have you learned your lesson?" If you give the 'incorrect' response, whatever that is, you are indirectly asking him to keep going. If he does get you past your threshold, to your satisfaction- be sure and give positive reinforcement. The change may not stick and sometimes you need to repeat the encouragement
  3. Am I naive? I had no idea that spankee would be a paid pro. I've seen ads on the internet and seemed like the paid pros are lady dominatrix or mommy type spankERS.
  4. Yes, strap is rubber, right? Rubber is OW!
  5. Aurore, please indulge a slightly off-topic comment: You are a very good writer.
  6. If a hand spanking hurts you, a bathbrush is going to have you jumping out of your skin.
  7. 3/8" Delrin is like a switch that never breaks. Did I mention 'ow'?
  8. You were nonchalant about the hub 'mentioning' this to a friend? I'd be upset.
  9. The vast majority of my spankings are without sex after. Not that I'm not keen, I would be, it just doesn't happen that often. The idea of getting a spanking AFTER sex especially AFTER having had an orgasm is VERY unappealing. This may sound a little comic, but it seems like it would hurt ?
  10. Yes, FHL. I would hope that if my H has paddled my bottom for a reason it would give him pause about minding his own behavior.
  11. In DD isn't one person the designated HOH? I've got the one way only and find even the idea of spanking my husband unappealing. Aurore, would spanking him appeal to you?
  12. Have you considered how it might change the nature of your relationship?
  13. I have met my match. A thin 3/8" x 22' Delrin stick. Hurts like a switch that never breaks. Lasting burn after each lick and welts that last for days. Got switched with it this morning about 70 licks. Has become the husbands' favorite because it's an easy implement to use.
  14. I skip sessions in advance of scheduled MD appointments. I have devised a cover story about it being a consensual 'one-time thing' if an unwelcome unscheduled exposure arose.
  15. Hot bath helps clear the bruising away. It will happen less with time and more spankings. Also, watch for too much vitamin E in over the counter pills. That and certain meds thin the blood.
  16. Could she direct someone else to administer discipline under her direction? A week is a long time when you feel 'ready'.
  17. Lots of wisdom there. I hope some readers add their own experiences.
  18. I look forward to it, I'm always ready to be sent to my room and am then filled with a kind of excited anticipation while waiting with bottom bare. But fun? I don't know about that! It is funny, not haha but funny peculiar, I'm sitting here on a sore behind from a very strict bedtime switching (thin Delrin stick). But I would love to be sent back again right now. Does defy explanation
  19. Too scared to participate but I would listen!
  20. Wish I could get there, never happened.
  21. My husband is vanilla, and has warmed to accommodating me but it's not the same as someone who is really in it. We had several fits and starts earlier in our relationship and when I felt dissatisfied with his involvement I did not want/could not submit to him. We are more simpatico now, and I am grateful to be getting some needs met at home, but I still have the desire to get a spanking from someone who really wants to give it. From that standpoint I can understand where your gf might be at. And PS it's no ones fault, certainly not your fault, kudos to you for trying to be understanding.
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