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  1. Well, I like it bare because I don't have to worry about it sliding down or coming off while being spanked.
  2. Not first time answering this question.... I like to get spanked because it gives me some relief. Sometimes, I like a to get spanked hard whenever I want to cry. Sometimes I like to get spanked for punishment. Then, after I get spanked, I feel better because it lets me give some attention to things that I have to do.
  3. I do support spanking with hands because it gives a good sting on the bare bottom.
  4. So nice to hear!  I look forward to talking to you (and to getting that bath brush into action, if possible).

  5. Hey there, JeansSmacker! PM me, okay! Love to have your bath brush reddening my bare behind!
  6. Poison is banned for banning woobie for not using period at the end of her sentence.
  7. a nice written story... just thinking about it, why not have an apartment complex where a true spanker lives in each apartment and have a roommate who would follow the rules, in which one of them is to be spanked if a rule is broken.
  8. my hero is my master because he always rescues me when am in trouble
  9. 1. A month ago.... 2. Breaking rules.... 3. About 45 minutes to an hour.... 4. Hand, wooden bathbrush, wooden paddle, leather belt and, cane.... 5. One hundred each.... 6. A 5 - it really hurt.... 7. A 5.... 8. Intense but enjoyable.... 9. Extremely effective.... 10. A partner....
  10. I need to be spanked as soon as possible, sir
  11. I guess that many ladies don't agree that the could be spanked.
  12. someone tells me that I have a very sexy spankable bum.

    1. Fltaz


      I'm sure you do!

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