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  1. Ten years old, by my father with a short length of PVC pipe. It was brutal, the last spanking I took from anyone.
  2. Rhageon


    A scene very close to this happened an hour ago. Amazing.
  3. Hey Dez, welcome to the jungle. ☺ There's good, bad and the rest of us.
  4. Rhageon

    I can help

    I'll be in AZ through the end of the week, near Tucson. If any ee wanted to talk.
  5. Rhageon

    I can help

    Hi, I would love to help any spankee as a one off or on a regular basis. Utah, Idaho and Arizona, although the last two will require some coordination with my work trips. Respond here or message me and let's see how I can help.
  6. Welcome! You'll find some great people here.
  7. I'm back and hoping to talk with some old friends again. I'm an experienced disciplinarian irl or online. Or if you just want to chat, I love discussing all things spanking ☺
  8. I'm interested in helping with discipline as a one off or ongoing basis. Let me know.
  9. Completely agree with every word here.
  10. Rhageon

    Spanked in OKC

    I'll be in OKC starting tomorrow night and flying out late Friday if any spankees need a session.
  11. Rhageon

    Boise for one night

    Oh how I wish ag, I have hours to use though so I could blister a lot of bums in my night here.
  12. Rhageon

    Boise for one night

    I'll be in Boise tomorrow night, Apr 19th if any spankees need some discipline. Probably a crazy idea with the short notice but I thought, why not.
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