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  1. We're here, we just all seem to take sabbatical from the site at bad times 😉
  2. Yes, I just met and spanked @Sagegreenly at the end of October. She was the latest but not my only meeting.
  3. Bag Balm, my grandfather had a dairy and it's all we used for the livestock and every cut or scrape. If it can keep cow udders from cracking while they're milked five times a day, it will work wonders on your bottom.
  4. @sassylittle um, wow! What I find most amazing is there are clearly men who think those types of behavior make them seem attractive/desirable. The worst I've encountered is some codependent, needy behavior. That's the craziest I've experienced. I promise I'll never complain again.
  5. @sassylittle I shouldn't be constantly amazed at how different the experiences are for men versus women online but damn, you have had some crazy adventures I can't even begin to understand.
  6. I'm all for whatever helps the spankee. If they're too uncomfortable being bare to focus then it doesn't accomplish much. I'm more goal oriented than process driven 😉
  7. Rhageon

    Utah club

    It's open so feel free
  8. Rhageon

    Utah club

    I just created a club to round up all the spanking aficionados in Utah. Please join if you want to be more easily found and connect with other Utahns.
  9. Congrats on creating a profile! I hope you find what you're looking for.
  10. So much interesting info being shared now, I love it. Thank you @Am123 and @Bramblewine
  11. @Chawsee Interesting,I would describe myself almost the same. I'm constantly trying to improve, especially my emotional intelligence. I'm often too blunt and honestly without kindness is brutality, or so they tell me. I'm hoping others share like you did. Thanks again
  12. Chawsee, I agree 100% on the power dynamic when everything is as it should be. The rest is just the trappings for lack of a better word. I think my title is misleading people because what I was really hoping to see was if all tops would describe themselfs as assertive/dominant or if some would say, when I am not "being" a top I am not, it's a role. I definitely have met more than a few bottoms who are very assertive but choose to bottom under a specific set of circumstances. I really appreciate your input and feedback. Thank you
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