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  1. Devo. "Whip it good." Hell, it would have been a hilarious video just because of the stupid hats, but the whips were awesome.
  2. Eh . . . It's OK. Adds a little humiliation to a good spanking. But for long periods, it would just get boring, as noted above.
  3. So I've never started a new topic before, and I'm kind of new here. Maybe it is covered somewhere else, I don't know. But does anyone ever felt guilty about their need for a spanking? And then felt like the most appropriate punishment their desire for a spanking is a spanking? Is that kind of screwed up? It's how I feel sometimes though. I surely can't be alone. But I've felt like that since I first recognized my desire to get spankings long ago. Thoughts? Theories?
  4. Oh my God. If you'd never have mentioned the "Pink Elephant" I'd never have thought of it. Now I may not be able to get it out of my mind. LOL.
  5. I feel the same way about the coming of baseball season. But it really does not have the place in the American psyche that it did when I was growing up. And I hate how they are trying to "fix" the game (pace of play rules, etc.). There's nothing wrong with the game. The problem is the people . . . they don't have the patience to sit back, enjoy a day or evening at the stadium, appreciate the strategy that plays out, just the people watching, etc. (everyone is too damned busy looking down at their phones). If we are not stimulated constantly, we are "bored" and want to do something else. I've never noticed anything overtly sexual about baseball though. In fact, if you want to avoid arousal as a guy, what do they tell you to do? Think about baseball. Not that I have not seen some fine players out on the diamond, but still . . . .
  6. I can squirm quite a bit when spanked, especially when given several short licks in succession in the same spot. I can't control it. I don't mind the spanker putting his leg over mine to keep me in place or putting his non--spanking hand on my hip or small of my back, and I am sure that helps keeping me under control to some degree. But I am able to control myself to the extent that I don't reach back to block, ever. Noticed the comments above about hairbrushes. Man, I never got it with those as a kid, but dang do they ever sting. Those and bathbrushes. You'd think that a wooden paddle would feel almost like a bathbrush, but for some reason the bathbrush and hairbrush sting more. Why, I have no clue.
  7. Maybe I should try that . . . I just know the site by the little I have read about it . . Thank you for the suggestion!
  8. LOL . . . I never have to look too far to think of something I should be spanked for having done . . . or not done. Disciplinary spankings are it for me. Stress relief has never been a factor for me . . . but that's just me! I'm sure other people see it different ways.
  9. Best of luck tonight! Please let us know how it goes.
  10. You'd be surprised at what you find on craigslist, especially in a big city where you are if you go looking through the personals. But yes, like any other online meetup, be cautious.
  11. Agree with shygurl. You may *think* you are spanking yourself pretty effectively but it is very, very uncommon to be able to take yourself past a built-in pain threshold. I self-spanked on and off for years, but never could get myself past a certain point. My first meeting with a real spanker showed me what I was missing.
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