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  1. 1. In a roleplay scenario I like whatever is most authentic to the scene. 2. In a disciplinary scenario if I am the ‘er, this is discussed with the ‘ee. Given my own preference, it would be for full nudity, which I bring about slowly and ceremonially. 3. In a disciplinary scenario in which I am the ‘ee, I prefer full nudity but the critical point is the the ‘er demonstrate psychological control. This may be by requiring me to face her and ordering me to lower or remove underpants, by making me hold my hands behind my head while she does it (perhaps after being required to request her to do so), or with any number of minor variations. What I am looking for is the sense that this is a critical part of the power exchange, not just a practical task needing to be performed as a prelude to physical impact. H.
  2. A is a switch. B is an ‘er. C is an ‘ee. The three of them live together as a happy thruple. Each has the right to initiate DD in accordance with the terms of a contract. Erotic funishments happen as inspiration strikes. But whenever a punishment occurs, for fun or discipline, they all have to be present. -H.
  3. Perhaps this would be a situation in which a well-vetted professional might be of use. -H.
  4. As a complete outsider to this world, I hope you will forgive my curiousity. Is the idea that you are ok with a vanilla non-marital relationship, but that a DD or spanking one would be different, even though "all of these things are just natural desires."? -H.
  5. I am trying to think of adult scenarios for legs-up spankings. One possibility might be the sultan ordering a ennuch to adminster such a punishment with a long leather paddle or tawse in his presence to a member of his harem who had displeased him. -H.
  6. Well, Denadares, it seems to me that the likely next event is that the offenders are informed on arrival at the principal's office that under a new school rule the punishments are dramatically increased in the case of recidivists. Perhaps the punishments will be carried out at the end of the day in a classroom with any student allowed to attend. -H.
  7. I like the original idea. It wouldn't do anything about the trolls, who wouldn't use it. And I would hate to put that burden on the mods. But the idea of spinning out a few sentences that one isn't going to take the effort to write up into a story and then have others react might be fun. -H.
  8. Maybe if I owned such a property I would post a sign saying: Woodshed available for short-term rental. Then I would charge couples $10 to use it in the way you describe, but only $5 if I got to watch! -H.
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