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  1. Heat spreads from back to front. Action moves to bedroom.
  2. Try https://thelondontanners.com/ H.
  3. As a helpful suggestion, more tags would result in more views. H. P.S. Among us members, what happened IRL after the camera was turned off?
  4. Of course you know best, and there is a limit to which you should let your real life be guided by the advice of random strangers on the internet. Still, Explorify's suggestion makes sense, and you might at least float it with your husband. Getting a bit optimistice here, there is at least a chance that as his comfort level gradually increases with what he is seeing and how you are reacting to it, he might reconsider the issue of punishing you himself. H.
  5. My experience has been the same. Of course, events differ. But at really well-run ones, people can choose the degree of privacy they prefer. And when the punishment takes place in public, whether the partners are in a serious relationship or not, the experience for both of them can be significantly enhanced (as well as being memorable for the spectators). However, as with everything else in TTWD, significant due diligence research in your local area is required to get the detailed and up-to-date knowledge needed to pick the good events. -H.
  6. For those husbands who were regularly spanked for discipline, how did that affect your ordinary sexual relationship with your wife? H.
  7. As with much else about TTWD, I suspect the mix between those two elements varies depending on the situation. I was recently told by a now-middle-aged female friend whom I have known for decades and who is in a DD relationship where the husband is HOH that when she was young she was not all that embarrassed by the exposure aspect but more by being infantalized. Now that she is more unhappy with her body she finds it more of a punishment to be forced to display it, whereas the she has grown accustomed over the years to the parent-child dynamic. H.
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