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  1. Rubber paddles

    Lol, sorry, I knew it was a joke. I didn't mean to sound serious. Though I am curious what material is considered the worst. I'm guessing Rubber is up there.
  2. Rubber paddles

    Not evil. I just think it would be good to correct bad behavior.
  3. Rubber paddles

    Is this the Devils Braid you have? If so, I think I might get one.
  4. Rubber paddles

    I think I'm going to make a list of all the things mentioned here. For future reference.
  5. Profile Picture

    My profile picture was supposed to be "Spanking" in Japanese. It ended up being "Sing" or "Singing." Epic fail on my part
  6. You know you're a Spanko if...

    That is exactly why I use that. Its nice to know it still elicits the right response
  7. Grounding Rules

    No tv, no internet, limited phone, chores.
  8. Buying a Hairbrush for Spanking

    I'm going to be searching for one soon. I need a wooden brush with bigger handle then the one I have.
  9. Religion and Spanking

    After talking to a few different people on the forums. I noticed that quite a few on here have a religion, or at least a belief in God. I wanted to know what religion you practice and how it affects your view of spanking. IF at all. For me, I grew up and I'm still a practicing Jehovah's Witness. So I tend to care a lot about how everyone around me feels. Even if you are over my knee getting your butt spanked.
  10. I have been thinking about this since I first saw it. I have a mentee now, and I like the idea of helping her and anyone else with issues they have. However I don't see those as the type of relationship this topic is asking for. I think I want a relationship where I find that one woman for me and we would have a domestic discipline relationship, but I would still spank those who need it. If it didn't harm our relationship. I'm still growing in this lifestyle, so this may need to be edited later. That is how I see it now anyway.
  11. You know you're a Spanko if...

    You know you are a spanko, when an old cartoon/movie comes on and you hope its one where someone gets spanked.
  12. New Year Resolution...

    Some things are just worth reaching for.
  13. New Year Resolution...

    Both of you @gingerlee, @candyapplered.
  14. New Year Resolution...

    Angels that sometimes need red bottoms.
  15. New Year Resolution...

    I'd like to give more spankings in 2018.